Oceans Apart (7) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

“Vivian!!!” Amara shouted as she went to hug her friend. “I have missed you”.

“Aww I have missed you too hun…its been so long”.

“Yes it has, its so great to see you.”

Vivian and Amara exchanged pleasantries and started gisting on the way back to Amara’s place.

“How is Nigeria?”

“It’s there jare…I hope you are ready for me because I am so going on a shopping spree here.”

“Don’t worry, I know where to take you to.’

“This your accent sef that somebody cannot even hear what you are saying”.

“No be my fault now”. Amara said as she tried to speak pidgin English.

“Choi….abeg abeg please don’t ever try to speak pidgin English again …you sound terrible.” Vivian mocked Amara.

“You are not serious”.

They continued to talk and gist all the way home. When they got back Amara had prepared some food and Vivian was impressed. The food tasted really nice and she commended her.

“So when do you plan to meet up with Dozie.”

“Hmmm….well one of these days sha.

“Let me know o….at least let it be a day when we do not have plenty classes.


“But babe…you dulled o….how could you have such a guy as your friend and still be dating all those your useless boyfriends that were always misbehaving”

“My dear….I did not realise on time. I was just carried away and did not know I had someone good right there beside me. Now he has a girlfriend so I can’t even…

“And so?”


“He has a girlfriend…so what?”

“Babe….don’t go there.”

“Listen to me Vivian this might be the only opportunity you have, good guys are hard to find.”

Vivian could not believe Amara was saying this.

“Are you saying that I should try and steal Dozie away from his girlfriend?”

“Yes my dear that is what I am saying.”

“Amara I will not do such”.

“We really do not have so many classes on Friday is that day okay for you guys to hangout?” Amara asked pretending like she did not hear what Vivian said.


“Will let him know.”

Vivian was not exactly happy with Amara. Dozie was a good guy and yes she admitted to herself that she had missed an opportunity but there was no way she was going to try and steal him away. She knew he really loved his girlfriend and did not want to come in between them.


“So you will be meeting with Vivian by 6pm today at Nandos in Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Amara said happily.

“Yes Ma”, Dozie smiled. He was actually looking forward to seeing Vivian it had been so long.

At 5.30pm he left the school lounge and made his way to the shopping centre. Vivian had buzzed that she was already on her way. They had talked on the phone for the first time the previous day and it was so nice to hear her voice. Luckily he got there before her. He waited for about fifteen minutes before she arrived.

“Dozie!!!” Vivian literally screamed. She was elated to see him.

“Darling” Dozie said and gave her a big hug. “How are you?”

“I am fine o”, she said as they settled down into their seats.

Vivian looked at Dozie and he looked way more handsome than the last time she had actually seen him.  He had gotten bigger and looked more ‘manly’. He really looked good.

They caught up on each other’s lives. Vivian explained was working in one of the telecommunication companies and was earning a good salary, she was single as well and had stopped dating silly guys. Dozie also told her about school and Behi and how much he missed her. He also told her a couple of girls had been on his case and she teased him about how the ladies had always and still liked him. They talked for a long time until Vivian decided to call it a day.

Dozie also took some time to look at Vivian as they talked. She looked really beautiful and seemed to have put on some good weight. She had always been quite slim. She wore a black turtle neck blouse and blue jeans which really showed her nice figure. He had to admit that she really looked good.  He quickly flashed back to when he tried to make a move on her but quickly discarded the thought. He really didn’t want to start getting funny ideas.

Dozie had escorted Vivian to her bus stop and they said their goodbyes.  They decided to see one more time before Vivian left for Nigeria. As she sat in the bus on her way back to Amara’s house, she felt a wave of regret. Dozie was the perfect guy and had actually tried to make a move on her but she buzzed him off. Being the respectful guy he was he never tried again it again. Why had she not noticed how sweet and kind he was. They had been friends for so long. She was so tired of dating silly guys . She remembered what Amara had said earlier that week.  Some part of her actually considered it she tried to brush off the thought but she couldn’t help it. Was this really her opportunity? Could she really get Dozie to fall for her? How could she even do it? She pondered on all this on her way home.


“I am going to miss you hun” , Amara said. “Same here dearie, thanks for having me, I had a great time,” said Vivian.  It was time for Vivian to head back to Nigeria. They were both packing her things into the cab at Amaras house.

“ I hope you are still not feeling silly about the other day,” Amara asked with pitiful look.

“Please don’t remind me,” Vivian said with a sigh “It’s all your fault…I shouldn’t have listened to you.”

“Come on, I was only trying to help…just wanted you to see the good in front of you.”

“Okay, please lets not talk about it…I want to go back to Nigeria happy. Vivian smiled

“That’s my girl.” Amara said and gave her a high five.

Deep down Vivian still felt quite humiliated and embarrassed. She had decided to take Amara’s advice and make a move on Dozie and it was a total disaster. She had convinced him the next time they were to see that he should come to Amara’s and they could have dinner over there. Amara had also planned to go out that evening so they will have the house to themselves. Dozie did not see anything wrong with the proposal because he thought Amara was going to be there.

Vivian made some food, dressed really nicely and greeted Dozie with a warm smile when he came in through the door. Dozie noticed how lovely she looked as commended her. She had given him a peck on the cheek when they hugged. Dozie felt a bit startled but quickly brushed the feeling aside. He called for Amara but Vivian told him she had gone out. Dozie immediately felt uncomfortable. The last person he really shouldn’t be alone with was Vivian. After that night they saw he had been thinking different thoughts. What could have been if they had actually got together. She was pretty and smart and had a great personality. At some point he even found himself comparing her with Behi. He spoken to Eno about it and Eno had told him to refocus his thoughts on Behi and Vivian was just a distraction.

Now here he was alone with Vivian. He said a little prayer to God for self control. They sat down to eat and Dozie was thankful that Vivian sat across him and not beside him. The food was delicious and for a split second he found himself comparing her and Behi’s food. He quickly snapped out of it. They gisted and Dozie found himself looking at Vivian in ways he should not be looking. To be honest Vivian was beautiful his mind began to think funny thoughts few seconds later, Vivan stood up to sit beside him. She smelt so nice and womanly. At that point Dozie knew he had to do something fast. He quickly excused himself and went to the bathroom.

Vivian had noticed the way Dozie was looking at her and that was why she went to sit beside him. This was a good idea she smiled to herself. She patiently waited for him to get out of the bathroom.  In the bathroom, Dozie knew he had to make up some sort of excuse to leave if not he would end up crossing the line. When he got out he quickly told Vivian that he had to go.

“I have to go now V, something just came up, will explain you later”,

“What happened”, Vivian said surprised and little disappointed

“Will see you later V….”

“I leave for Nigeria in a few days.”

“I’ll make it up to you..I promise”  Dozie says and he starts looking around for his jacket.

Without thinking Vivian reaches to Dozie and kisses him…. a short kiss. There is an awkward silence for what seems like forever.

‘”Im sorry, Vivian says and immediately moves away from him.”

Dozie stares and her for a while Vivian cannot quite read his expression…he says goodnight and leaves.

He had not called or messaged her since then.

“If its meant to be it will be everything will be fine dear”, Amara said.

“Thanks babe”, Vivian said with a small smile.

In a few seconds they were on instagram watching some funny videos and laughing away.


5 thoughts on “Oceans Apart (7) by Milli

  1. Way to go Dozie I pray your s of control doesn’t fail you sha. As for a Behi I pray she doesn’t get caught up in her revenge plan. I really wish she will just let go, she has a good guy and might lose him.


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