Oceans Apart (8) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

‘Thanks for coming out to see me,” Bimbo said with a smile.

“You are welcome”, Behi with a straight face.

Bimbo had communicated with Behi for the past few weeks by sending her DMs on instagram. She had actually followed him back when he followed her first. Bimbo was elated. He even told Eno about it. She took a while to respond to his DMs but she eventually responded.  When she finally decided to meet up with him he knew he had her. He just had to take things step by step.

“Okay so I have a lot to tell you Behi…..

She looked straight into his eyes not saying a word.

“Please could you not look at me like that…it’s uncomfortable”

“How…you said you have a lot of things to say so I am waiting for you say them.”

“Well…. I…. but he cut short by the ringtone of Behi’s phone.

She picked her phone and looked at who was calling it was Osas. She knew if she picked up all Osas will try to do is to convince her out of her revenge plan. So she didn’t pick up.

“Hmmm….I wonder who she is avoiding”, Bimbo said with a sly smile

“It’s really none of your business” Behi snapped at him.

Bimbo was a bit startled, The Behi he once knew would have never snapped at him like that.

“Ermm….I am sorry I didn’t mean to pry….so back to what I was saying…”

He told her how sorry he was for all the terrible things he had done when they were together. He also told her that he had changed and that she should please find it in her heart to forgive him.  He told her about his job and how his boss had always commended him because of the way he carries out his duties. While all this was going on, Osas kept calling but Behi didn’t pick up at some point she put her phone on silent.

Behi noticed that Bimbo was actually quite sober but she also knew that he could be pretending. She was angry that Osas had been calling her. She had already made up her mind that she was going give Bimbo a taste of his own medicine. She also told him about work but she did not mention that she had a boyfriend. She tried to be quite uptight so that he would not get too comfortable with her. They finally said their good byes and both went their separate ways.

Less than twenty minutes after Behi got back there was a loud knock on the door. She sighed and went to open it. She already knew who it was

“Sister Revenge, you have started with your plan abi?” Osas said rather crossly

“Your plan is now making you to ignore me abi?”

“I was on an outing with someone and you knew that. You should not have bothered calling.” Behi said in a very cold tone.

Osas was surprised. What is happening to her friend?  She decided to calm down and talk to her.

She sat beside her and said “Behi, trust me this is not going to get you anywhere. You are only going to get yourself burnt. Please drop this whole revenge plan”,

“I will not” Behi said “He should know what it feels like to be cheated on.”

“Bimbo can be very sly and manipulative Behi…before you know it you will fall for his charm.”

“Trust me I can never fall for him “.

“You cannot be too sure..my dear friend please…think about your relationship with Dozie, you both have something wonderful please do not let Bimbo destroy it by letting him back into your life.

“Hmmm some people are now preaching, nothing you say is going to make me change my mind,” Behi said angrily.

Osas was shocked, she was not sure if this was her friend talking. She wondered where all this anger was coming from. She decided to try one more time to talk some sense into her best friend’s head but Behi refused to listen. Osas got annoyed and left the house leaving Behi and her thoughts alone.

She herself did not understand why she was hell bent on getting back at Bimbo.

Behi continued hanging out with Bimbo and because of this, she was not on best terms with Osas.  Somehow she had gotten so consumed with getting back at Bimbo that she began to get distracted and this started to affect her relationship with Dozie.  Dozie knew there was something up and began to get worried.  School had become really hectic because exams were fast approaching and one Thursday he decided he needed to get away for some time to clear his head. He called Eno and asked if he could come and stay with him for the weekend. Eno immediately agreed and after class on Friday he headed to Coventry.

While he waited for his train at the station he plugged in his ear and listened to some music by Elton John to calm him down a bit. Different thoughts ran through his head. What if Behi was seeing someone else and was not interested in him anymore. He didn’t even want phantom that. His heart will be torn to pieces. Maybe she was just busy with work probably some extra duties had been given to her or was Osas putting ideas into her head? He had missed her so much. He saw some couples all loved up in the station and that just made him miss her more.  His train finally came and he had to leave. He slept through most of the journey and was lucky he did not miss his stop.

Eno met his friend at the door and he knew there was something wrong with him.

Eno had known this time will come. He had been communicating with Bimbo and Bimbo had been telling him what had been happening with Behi.  They had been hung out frequently and they had been getting rather close. Eno did not tell him that he knew Dozie and Dozie on the other hand did not know he knew Bimbo. He decided to listen to what Dozie had to say before he will know what to do next.

“Guy you don’t look good at all, come and eat and relax for a while then we can talk.”

“Thanks…been really stressed of late…..I….”

“Guy……come and eat first then we can talk” Eno cut him off.


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