Oceans Apart (9) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

When Dozie and Eno had finished eating, Dozie explained all that had been happening between him and Behi. He was really sad. Eno knew better not to tell him what was going on because he had exams soon. Knowing Behi was “With” Bimbo would really break his heart. He was not even sure what was going on between them.  He made a mental note to call Bimbo to ask him what was really going on between him and Behi. The last they spoke he had told him they were closer than ever and he had warned him not to try and stop him.

The weekend went by fast and Dozie had to return to London. His exams were starting on Wednesday. For that period he knew he had to push away all his straying thoughts about Behi and focus on studying for his exams. She had sent him some lovely messages wishing him all the best and telling him how much she loved him. He was really elated about it but deep down he knew something was wrong. Anyway he was scheduled to go back to Nigeria a few days after his exams but Behi didn’t know about it. He was going to surprise her and he silently prayed that he would not be the one that will be surprised himself.


It was a Sunday afternoon. Bimbo was lying down lazily on his bed with his phone and was checking pictures on Instagram. He had been off it for a while. He decided to check Osas’s page to see what she had been up too. They had not really been on good terms since he had started hanging out with Behi again. She had posted quite a number of pictures at different outings the most recent picture was one showing “I miss U” without a caption. He wondered who she was referring to.

He then went on to check Behi’s page she had posted a few pictures of herself and her colleagues. Of course on her Ig page he had seen pictures of her and the boyfriend. He wondered what she saw in him. As far as he was concerned pertaining to looks he was better looking and had things going on well for him a great job, nice car and a lovely apartment to himself. Dude was probably still leaving with parents. Behi had tagged him in the photo but Bimbo did not even bother opening his page because he felt it was unnecessary.

He had to admit to himself that however, the process of getting her back….well almost back had not been difficult at all. She had followed him on Instagram not long after he started following her and they had started chatting via dms. She was quite cold and uptight the first few times they had hung out but as time went on she became relaxed and opened up more. She always answered his calls and returned them back whenever she had missed them. She even used to send him random pictures of herself at work or at the mall or something. He had her.

However, he noticed she hardly ever talked about her boyfriend when they were together even when he probed she stylishly just brushed the question aside. He figured they had probably started having issues because of the distance. Still lost in thought, there was a knock on his door. He dropped his phone and went to check who it was. They were his friends Chuki and Tomisin. They were good friends with Eno as well but it was Eno Bimbo was closest to. They came in and they greeted and sat down. Bimbo knew they were coming and had ordered some food and got drinks for them. Of course they were overjoyed when he brought out the food and drinks. Getting settled to munch away Chuki mistakenly sat on Bimbo’s phone. He quickly got up and apologized but his eye had seen the picture was looking at. He recognized Behi immediately and said to Bimbo

‘Hmmm, Bimbo how far are you guys now officially back together?”

“Yes o…him and that his former babe…I trust you na. You are capable” Tomisin said

Tomisin and Chuki knew Bimbo had been in the process of getting Behi back. Chuki had told him to forget about her and find someone else while Tomisin always encouraged him to press on.

Bimbo explained that he was yet to officially ask her out but he was confident she was going to say yes. They had been hanging out and things were looking positive. He was proud of himself. He admitted to his friends that he was really immature at first when they were together. He liked her a lot no doubt but the truth was he did not want something so serious. However when he realised she was actually decent he wanted to keep her by the side and still frolic around with other girls. He knew she really did love and care for him but he did not appreciate her one bit. However now he had another chance and he was not going to mess things up this time. His friends teased him about his speech and encouraged him to be the good guy he was not before to her this time.

However Chuki told him that he should be careful with her. He questioned how freely and easily she accepted to hang out with him.

“Just be careful guy, because this one wey she just agree dey go out with you like this after wetin you do am you sure say she no get anything for mind.”

“Ah ah guy….you sha no wan make this come back happen…na Behi na she dey too innocent she no fit do anything.” Tomisin said.

“No mind am jare….better go look for your babe.” Bimbo said. “See eh I don get her back already…no story.”

“Okay o I have heard stories….girls can be something else”…Chuki said.

“Not Behi….she is not one to go hay wire….her head no fit touch.” Bimbo said confidently

“Alright.” said Chuki.

With that, they switched on the Tv and started watching some football.


Behi knew it was time to pull the plug on Bimbo. She was excited about it. She still could not understand why she wanted to get back at him so badly. Deep down she knew she should not be doing this to him. She should just forgive and let things go. It was there in the Bible in 1Peter 3:9: “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.”

She was still really hurt about what he did even after all this time. Apparently he had actually really changed and was not the silly guy he used to be back then. She was excited about it but deep down she actually felt lonely. She could not remember the last she spoke to Osas and she missed her dearly. She was a great friend she had tried to reach out to her but she had been too hot headed because she just wanted to hurt Bimbo. Dozie on the other hand had been busy with exams and she decided to give him some space. The only person that really made her happy if she really wanted to be honest with herself was Bimbo. He made her really happy and had become a true gentleman. She wished he had been like that when they dated at first. She quickly brushed the thought aside she had to act fast so that she would not get distracted. As if right on cue, her phone rang and it was Bimbo. They talked for a while and decided to hang out on Friday that week. After the call Behi said to herself “Friday it is…you will get what you deserve.”


“Bimbo listen to me you need to leave her alone!!!!!” Eno shouted angrily over the phone

“What is wrong with you sef”, I did not force her she made her own choice, why are you so annoyed sef….abi you like her ni or there is something that you are not telling me.” Bimbo snapped back at him.

“She has a boyfriend Bimbo this will not end well….trust me”.

“It has already ended well….

“I have warned you”

There was silence for a few seconds. Eno could not bring himself to tell him Behi just wanted to get back at him.

“Guy come on let us not fight about this now I am so close to getting her back”.

“I have told you it is best to stay away and not go along with what you intend to do takia.”

Eno had been trying to discourage Bimbo from asking Behi out for a while now and Bimbo had blatantly refused to listen. As if that was not enough Dozie had told him a few days ago that he was going to back to Nigeria for summer and he wanted to surprise Behi.  He did not even want to imagine what will happen if Dozie found out that Bimbo and Behi had been hanging out. To make matters worse he was in the middle of all this. What would happen if they both found out he knew what was happening all along? He decided that he would do what he culd to managethe situation as much as possible but deep down he knew this was definitely not going to end well.

The last time Dozie visited him, he had gone through his phone while Dozie was sleeping and had gotten Behi’s phone number, Instagram handle and Facebook name. He had followed her on Instagram and sent her a request on facebook but she never replied any of his Dms or accepted his friend request on facebook. He finally sent her a very long message introducing himself and explaining he was friends with both Dozie and Bimbo and what she was doing was not right. He was sure she would remember her as he had included the few occasions where they had met when she was still with Bimbo.

Behi could not believe her eyes when she saw Eno’s message. She had ignored all the messages he had sent and did not bother to check his profile to see who he was. He had sent dms on Instagram and messages to her on facebook telling her he needed to talk to her and it was really important. She simply taught he was some guy trying to toast her and ignored him. She opened his profile and saw he was really the one. She had met him a couple of times when she and Bimbo were still together he had always told her Eno was his closest friend. Now it turned out he knew Dozie and they were good friends as well. Bimbo had been keeping him updated with what had been happening. He wanted to know what was really going on between her and Bimbo. Were they were really serious or were they just fooling around? Behi didn’t know what to do she stared at the message for a while before she replied.

 She replied, opening up to Eno about what she wanted to do. The game was on Bimbo and she just wanted to get back at him. However she could not just back out now she had Bimbo where she wanted him and it was almost time to strike. Eno tried his best to convince her that she should stop what he was doing. He almost let the cat out of the bag as he almost mentioned that Dozie was coming back to Nigeria but she simply refused to listen. However some part of him did not blame her because Bimbo did not treat her right at all and she did not deserve to be treated so badly. At the same time he knew this revenge plan would not end well. He said a prayer to God to take control of the situation.


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