Oceans Apart (10) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

Friday was here at last! Dozie was so happy he was going back to Nigeria for two weeks. He had finished his exams and passed them as well. He could not wait to see his parents. His brother Emeka was also going with him as well. He has missed them a lot. Emeka was more excited because it was his first time coming back since he left for his Bsc. He was in his third year now. A couple of hours before eleven, they were on their way to the airport. Their flight was at twelve noon so they would be in Nigeria at six o’clock or some minutes after. Dozie could not wait to see the look on Behi’s face when she saw him. She had no clue he was coming back. Although he felt there was something a little bit off somewhere he was still so excited to see her. He decided he would pay her a visit on Sunday.

Emeka slept for most of the journey while Dozie got busy watching movies. At five minutes past six they had arrived Nigeria. They were elated and well… hungry. They could not wait to get home and eat some food. They were very sure their mum had prepared something delicious. On their way home Emeka “oooed” and ‘ahhed” and almost everything. Everything looked so different to him but not to Dozie because he had only been gone for some months.

“My sons!!!”, their mother exclaimed when she went to greet them at the gate.

“Imela, Chineke….you arrived safely” she said.

“Yes o”, Emeka said and literally lifted his mum off the ground.

They went into the house and met pounded yam and ogbono soup waiting for them.

“Choi, mummy, you are just the best”, Dozie said.

They soon settled down and enjoyed their scrumptious meal.

Bimbo looked at his watch nervously. It was almost seven thirty and Behi was not yet around. He was getting quite impatient. Although she had called earlier to say she was stuck in traffic he still could not keep his cool. He wondered why he was nervous. Asking a girl out had never been a problem. He was not even this nervous the first he had asked her to be his girlfriend.

Behi braced herself for what she was about to do. The time had finally come. She was going to tell him off and tell him this had all been just for fun to get back at him so he could see how he really felt.

“Hello”, she said

He was lost in his thoughts and actually didn’t see her when she walked in.

“Oh hi…you are here finally”, he said with a small smile.

“Yes, traffic was really bad.”

“Looking pretty as always”, Bimbo said and with that he gave her a peck on her cheek.

They settled down and the waiter came to take their orders. They talked about work and other things. They had begun eating when Bimbo reached out to hold Behi’s free hand.

“These past few months have been so wonderful darling…I apologise again for hurting you so bad.” I have really fallen for you these past few months and I really want us to take this to a whole new level….will you be my girlfriend?”

At that point Behi actually felt bad. Bimbo had really changed and he could see the sincerity in his eyes but she had a plan. She loved Dozie dearly and it was time to end this whole revenge fenzy.

“No”, she said with a voice as cold as ever.

Bimbo was not sure he heard right

“What did you say”

“I said no”

‘Wait I do not understand….”

“What exactly was your plan Bimbo, get me to fall for you again so that you can humiliate me like the last time…that was your plan right?” Behi said angrily this time.

“No….no I want to do this right this time…I”

“You what…oh Bimbo please did you really think that I was going to fall for you all over again….well I have you know that while all this hanging out and spending time together meant something to you, it meant nothing to me absolutely nothing. I don’t love you..gosh I could never in my life love you. All of this has just been one silly game so that you know how it feels when someone tears you heart into a million pieces without any form of remorse. This will teach never to mess with me or any other girl. You feel you can get any girl you want? Well this time you could not get me. This time you are the one who got played. Have a nice life.”

With all that said she picked up her bag and walked out of the restaurant.



Sunday afternoon. Bimbo was lying down on his bed slowly recounting every single word Behi had said to him on Friday. He could not believe it. Did he miss the signs? He had no clue she just wanted to get back at him. He felt heart-broken and humiliated. He figured that he had probably gotten so consumed with getting her back that he had no clue what she was up too. He should have been more careful. He looked at the lovely selfies they had taken together on his phone. They looked so good together. He could not believe she had done this to him. Chuki had mentioned that he should be careful but he blew him off.  He had called her a zillion times but she did not pick up. He didn’t know what to do. No girl had ever treated him this way before: Used and dumped him. He was always the one who did that to them. Now he had been beaten at his own game. He recalled Eno trying to warn him as well. Most times when he and Eno had talked over the phone and the topic Behi came up. It always felt as if Eno knew something that he did not know. He did not even have the heart to tell Eno what had happened. Different thoughts ran through his mind and before he knew it he drifted off to sleep.


Osas’s phone was ringing and she fiddled a bit with her bag before she could get her phone out. She was at an eatery and had just finished buying some food. When she finally did, she looked at who was calling her. It was a number she did not recognise but she picked up anyway


“Hello Osas, how are you doing?”

“I am doing well thanks…..please who is speaking?”

“Oh come on just a few months that I have been gone and you cannot even recognise my voice again. Well it is your best friend’s boyfriend. I hope Behi is not near you”

“Dozie!!!”  Osas exclaimed “No she is not here. You are back in town!”

“Yes  I am back in town but Behi does not know this. I want to surprise her.”

Wow” Osas could not believe her ears.

“So I was wondering if…”

“Er..Dozie can I call you back later?”

“Er..please just let me know where she is?…you know the both of you are like two peas in a pod.”

Osas had no idea where Behi was and she did not know what to tell Dozie

“Okay…shes….I’m not actually sure where…we didn’t go to church together today

“Hmmm okay could you help me call her to find out? please don’t tell her I am around. It will ruin the surprise.”

“Sure, no problem will get back to you”.

Osas ended the call almost immediately. She had to inform Behi about this. She secretly hoped that she was not with Bimbo.


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