Oceans Part (11) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

Behi was watching a movie on her laptop when her phone rang. It was Osas. She was so happy she had not heard from her in such a long time. She picked up the phone happily and hoped that Osas would not start scolding her. That was the last thing she needed right now.

“Bestie….I have missed you”

“Yea, yea…now answer me immediately…where are you?”

“Ah ah….I am at home”

“With who?”

“Nobody I am home alone”

“I am coming over now”


Osas got to Behi’s about fifteen minutes later and explained everything that had just happened. She did not even believe Osas until she called Dozie to tell him where she (Behi) was. He was put on speaker phone and Behi heard his voice loud and clear. He said he would start heading over soon.

“Omg!!! He’s here! He is actually here!!!”.Behi said happily after the phone call. She literally ran round the house screaming. ‘My baby is back!!!”

“I need to get all dressed up”, she said suddenly checking out her appearance

“Babe, listen to me, if you do that he will know you had a clue that he was coming, you are supposed to act surprised”.

“Okay maybe I’ll just change the top to a nicer one…this one is dead…why didn’t he tell me anything though?”

“Erm…he wanted to surprise you…duhh”, Osas said.

“I feel so loved!!!,Behi said smiling

“Yes, you are one lucky girl….anyway I just did this because you are my best friend and I love you very much. You know we still have stuff to talk about?”

“Yes I know hun….. I really didn’t have to right?”

“What do you mean…wait you have told him the whole truth?”

“Yes..told him I just wanted to give a taste of his own medicine and all that and I walked out on him…on Friday.”

“See me thinking I would still be able to convince you” Osas said sounding very surprised.

“I have one question though…do you really feel better?”

“No…I feel worse”

“My darling” Osas said as she moved closer to hug her dear best friend

“You know how he hurt me so much..I just thought…I just…” her voice trailed off as she began to cry. Osas comforted her for some time and she felt better. She then quickly changed her top and freshened up a bit and they both sat and waited patiently for Dozie to arrive.


Bimbo could not take it anymore. He had to talk to Eno. He was very devastated and he figured talking to Eno would make him feel better as he was not one to judge. However he also felt like Eno was hiding something…something that he did not know about. He decided he was going to ask him.

He picked up his phone and dialed Eno’s number. Eno’s heart actually skipped a beat when he saw who was calling. He tried to be as calm as possible when he picked up the phone to answer the call.

“Hey, my guy!!!” ,Eno said rather cheerfully

“Hey..how you dey?” Bimbo asked

“I am fine” Eno said. Happy that Bimbo was sounding alright.

“Good…can you talk now, I need to have an important conversation with you

“Erm…okay…I am listening….

Bimbo told him everything that had happened on Friday night between him and Behi. As the conversation went on,Eno replied with phrases such as “Wow..are you serious?”, “You mean she really did that” and so on. After all this, Bimbo asked the question Eno had been dreading. He knew Bimbo was a smart guy and it would not take him long to figure out he knew Behi’s plan all along.

“You constantly warned me about this whole Behi thing, now please I am going to ask you one thing and please just tell me the truth. Did you know this was her plan all along, was that why you were constantly warning me?”

“Well…Eno began talking

“Did you know or not!!!!” Bimbo shouted

“Yes I did and that was why I tried to warn you…but you didn’t listen”.

“Bastard!!!!” Bimbo shouted

“Don’t you dare, Bimbo Adekoya, don’t you dare insult me”, Eno replied back rather angrily.

“I tried to warn you, told you she had a boyfriend but no…you just have to get everything you want right…well turns out her boyfriend happened to be a classmate of mine back in secondary school. We were on the same flight when I was leaving Nigeria. I never even told him I knew and when you told me what was happening between you and Behi, I reached out to her but her mind was made up. You turned that innocent lady into one hardened one. Next time you should treat ladies with more respect. You have finally had a taste of your own medicine…infact..”

“Enough!!!” Bimbo shouted. I know…okay…I know I was a terrible person in the past but I was willing to change for her. I realised my mistake…

“No you didn’t….if you had you will not be trying to steal her from someone else.”

Bimbo laughed. “You know what, I am going to get back at her….whatever it takes.

“No….let this go…just let this go”,.

“No…you know me..Bimbo Adekoya always gets what he wants she will pay dearly for this”.

With that he cut the line before Eno said anything else.

Dozie called Osas and told her he was close to Behi’s house. Osas told him she was there as well but she was not close to Behi. After the phone call Osas told Behi that Dozie was close by and reminded Behi to act all surprised when she saw him. While they were still talking there was a knock at the door. Behi flew to the door before Osas could stop her. She was filled with so much excitement. Osas told her to go and sit and compose herself so she would be the one to open the door. Behi obeyed and went to sit down. Osas opened the door and Dozie walked in majestically into the house. Behi actually screamed when she saw him. Osas was even surprised herself when she heard her scream.

“You are here…you are actually here”

“Yes my love” and with that he lifted her off the floor and spun her around and gave her a deep kiss.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming”.

“I really wanted to surprise you.”

Osas looked at the two love birds and smiled. They looked so happy. She was happy her friend had not fallen for Bimbo’s charms and was more than grateful Dozie had no clue what had happened between them. She made a mental note to still salvage the situation.

With that her phone rang. The two love birds were so engrossed with each other that they didn’t even hear her phone ring. It was Bimbo that was calling. Osas quickly slipped away to answer the phone call.

Immediately she picked up these were Bimbo’s words. “I know you knew what your friend was up to all along. Just tell her that she has started a war and trust me Osas, I am going to win this one.”

Not giving her a chance to say anything he cut the line immediately.


8 thoughts on “Oceans Part (11) by Milli

  1. What’s wrong with Bimbo? Acting all salty? He should go and chop mess joor. Would like to see how this ends. I love it Ose!!! Weldone!


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