Oceans Apart (12) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

The next two weeks were simply the best of Behi’s life. Her boo was in town and they were having the time of their lives. Osas had kept mute about what Bimbo told her because she did not want Behi to worry. Social media had become Behi’s second best friend while Dozie was around. She had put up most of their pictures online telling the world he was just the best boo ever. From movies to parties, stage plays, award shows, dinners and of course lots of gifts, cuddles and kisses she was the happiest girl in the world. Dozie was elated as well. For him, if Behi was happy, he was happy. All the worries he had about their relationship had vanished as well. He wondered why he was even ever worried in the first place. Behi was definitely the love of his life.

Bimbo on the other hand had been monitoring the love birds’ every move. Behi had the perfect timing. Dumped him and then before he knew it, her boyfriend was back from London for holidays. Her Instagram page told him all he needed to know. The silly girl did not block him at all. Well he had his plan already it was quite simple. He knew Dozie’s Instagram handle as well and when the time was right, he would simply send him some of the pictures he took with her while they were hanging out with a simple message. “What your darling girlfriend was up to while you were away”. The pictures to be sent were the ones in which they were extremely close. He did not know when Dozie was leaving but he hoped he could send the pictures maybe a day or two before he left. Eno had called him a million times but he did not answer any of his calls. He knew he would try and stop him from getting back at Behi.


Eno had failed in getting through to Bimbo and he was really worried. He had no clue what his friend was up too. When Bimbo got angry or hurt when someone had offended him, he always took it to the extreme.  He decided he would reach out to Behi and tell her to be careful as Bimbo could be really dangerous. He had been talking to Dozie as well and he and Behi were in a very good place. He was coming back in three days a very happy guy. It seemed Bimbo had not done anything yet but he knew his friend was up to something. He decided to try Bimbo one last time and picked up his phone to call him. To his surprise, Bimbo actually picked up.

“Yes can I help you?”, Bimbo said.

“Why have you not been picking my calls?”

“Hehehehe…didn’t feel like and before you say anything, don’t you even bother to talk me out of getting back at Behi. If that’s what you called for just cut the line and don’t bother wasting your time and credit.”

“It’s not worth it Bimbo…this will not end well”

“I knew it…cutting the line now…bye..”

Before he cut the line Eno quickly said

“If you had listened to me in the first place all this will not have happened, be wise and take my advice this time.”

There was silence for a moment

‘Let’s be sincere Bimbo…you said you have fallen her and all..if you really have why do you still want to hurt her. After you probably mess up her relationship with Dozie do you think she would run back to you?”

“I don’t care”

“She will only hate you more dear friend, do not let your hurt and resentment get the better of you. Let this go. All of this is simply because you can’t have her. I know you well. Once you cannot get what you want it’s a problem…a big problem.

Bimbo had to admit that his friend was right. Apart from how she had played him earlier, He had become consumed with jealousy because she was with someone else. However he mind was made up…there was no going back.

Eno tried his best again but to no avail. Immediately the phone call ended, he dialed Behi’s number. She picked up after two rings.

‘Hello who is this”…she sounded a bit down.

They had only communicated via social media messages so she did not have his number.

‘It’s Eno…is Dozie with you?”

“No he is not….Eno you have to help me”

“What are you okay?”

‘It’s your friend Bimbo”

“That’s exactly why I am calling”

Before his phone call, Osas had told Behi about her last conversation with Bimbo. Behi then told her how Eno had reached out to her. Osas knew Eno as well but she had also had no clue he and Dozie knew each other. Apparently while Behi and Bimbo were still together he liked her and had tried dating her but she was a handful, a bit too adventurous for him. He had always wondered how she and Behi could be best friends.

Behi told Eno what Bimbo had said to Osas. The three of them were confused because they did not know what he was planning. Putting Eno on speaker phone, the conversation continued,

“Okay we need to think….does Bimbo have anything on you..anything he can use to set you up?” Eno said

“Hmm that’s true..pictures…videos…erm you guys didn’t go all the way right” Osas said as she  looked at her friend rather suspiciously.

Eno at the other end did not want to believe that such could have happened.

“We didn’t do anything of that sort!!!!” Behi said with a raised voice she was annoyed that Osas would think that.

“Well you cannot blame me Behi I warned you but…” Osas shouted

“Oh please Osas your scolding is the last thing I need right now” Behi shouted back

“I’m trying to help you out here and you are talking to me this way. Maybe I should never told you Dozie was coming around I…”

“Girls girls…please!!!!!! Eno shouted “We have a situation here and you both think this is the best time to start fighting. Please calm down”.

“I’m sorry Osas…..it’s just….I mean…you know what Bimbo did to me…he took advantage of me…he took advantage of my innocence….he…”

“Behi its okay…I know the story..let’s just try and handle this.”

“It’s okay Behi”. Eno said.  ”I admit that Bimbo was not good to you at all. He…”

“Pictures…” Behi said.

“We took quite a number of pictures on our outings….he has a couple of them on his phone”.

“Okay…what else…”,Eno asked.

“That’s all… just pictures”.

“Behi, what kind of pictures” Osas asked slowly.

“Pictures of us all loved up together…wait…I hope he does not know Dozie is in town”.

With that she quickly grabbed her phone and blocked him on instagram. Unfortunately she was too late. Bimbo knew everything.

“Behi…I’m sorry to say but he knows Dozie is around. Apparently he has been stalking your page.” Eno said rather sadly

“I am so silly! How could I have forgotten?” Behi cried.

“You were probably so excited Dozie was coming you forgot about everything else.” Osas said putting her hand around her shoulder.

“Behi..the best thing would be to tell Dozie everything” Eno said.

“Tell him everything before Bimbo strikes right.”

“Yes Behi, Osas said. “The truth is all he needs to know…I’m always here for you if you need me.”

“He’s going to think I am a terrible person.” Behi said devastated.

“Things might probably be shaky for a while but if there’s one thing I know. He really loves you…It might take a while for him to understand but he will come around.” Eno said.

“Okay, Osas and Eno thank you so much…I don’t know how I would have handled this if I was alone.” With that they said their good byes. Behi was supposed to see Dozie the next day to help him out with packing and any other thing he needed to do last minute. She decided she would use the opportunity to tell him.

Meanwhile…Same Day 11.00pm

Bimbo had carefully selected the pictures he was going to send to Dozie.  He opened up Instagram and did the needful. Five pictures sent with the caption. “What your girlfriend was up to while you were away. P.S Eno knew all about this…goodnight.” and pressed the send button. The events to follow after this would be quite interesting he thought to himself with an evil smile. He put his phone away and went to sleep.


10 thoughts on “Oceans Apart (12) by Milli

  1. Waiting 4 Bimbo’s bombshell n d way Dozie is goin to react to it. What wud Behi do now dat d chick re out of dia shell b4 mama chicken hatches dem. What is goin to b Eno’s reaction n how wud he talked himself out of dis mess since he was named as an accomplice. Nyc write up Milli, Oge, tanks so much.


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