Oceans Apart (17) by Milli 

Bimbo sat on his hospital bed scrolling through the phone Tomisin had given him. His own phone was a write off because of the crash so Chuki helped his retrieve his number and Tomisin dug out one of his old Samsung phones so he could use it for now. The past week had been something else. It was difficult to do everything. It was difficult to eat, to bath and to move around with the crutches it was even difficult to sleep.

As he scrolled further down the “get well soon” messages, he thought about all the people that had come to see him. Close friends, friends, colleagues even his boss had come as well. The table in the room was filled with cards and chocolates. He really liked chocolates and to be honest he really felt loved. However he could not stop thinking about Osas, Behi and Dozie it was not like he was expecting to see the last two but he thought Osas would have stopped by at least. Chuki had told him how he ran into her at some supermarket Eno had called him a few days back as well and she was the one who had told him he was in the hospital so she was aware of his condition.

He really wanted to know how Dozie was doing and Osas was the only one who could tell him that. Then again, why would she even come he stabbed her best friend’s boyfriend. He lay down on the bed again. Doing that was painful as well. This past week had given him a lot of time to think and he had realised that everything he had done was not worth it. He was in the hospital in pain all because he wanted to get back at Behi. Dozie had done nothing wrong as well. He actually felt bad. Yes he knew that he was quite arrogant to be honest but this experience had made him as humble as ever.

“I have to make things right once I am out of here.” He said out loud. “This was not worth it at all”. With that the door opened and his father walked in and sat down beside him. Bimbo did not bother trying to sit up and he had just laid down a few minutes ago.

“How are you doing today?”

“Well I am still in pain but it’s not as bad as it was last week”

“That’s good. Your mum told me she was here yesterday.”

“Yes she was.”

“Are you ready to talk to me now?”

Bimbo was silent.

“I have told you…I was in a hurry to get somewhere.”

“Bimbo I am not a child…I want the truth.”

“Why…you never really cared about anything going on with me so why now?”

Those words pierced Chief Adekoya’s heart like a sharp knife because they were actually true.

“I know I haven’t been the best dad but I am ready to make amends. When I got a call that you were here as any normal parent should be I was worried and then when I came and actually saw you I couldn’t believe my eyes son. My heart sunk. You looked terrible. The cuts on your body seemed uncountable. You looked lifeless but I just had to comport myself. After I went home, I sat to think about a lot of things and I realised that I have not been a good father to you my son. I know it’s not too late. I know we can build that relationship we used to have when you were much younger before your mum and I started having issues. Please son, give me another chance.”

Tears welled up in Bimbo’s eyes. He could not believe that his dad had just said those to words to him. He wanted to make amends. These last few years they had hardly said anything to each other. All he did was send cash even when he had told him he didn’t want his money anymore. Despite the pain he was in, he sat up and reached out to give his dad a hug.

“I am so sorry son”, Chief Adekoya said.

It’s okay dad. I am sorry too.”

When they left each other his father said. “Are you ready to tell me everything now?”


Bimbo told every single thing that had happened. When he finished the first thing Chief Adekoya did was laugh. Bimbo was surprised.

“What is funny?”, Bimbo said rather annoyed this time.

“So technically you are in the hospital because of a woman”, he laughed again.

Bimbo frowned. ‘Please tell me something I don’t know”.

Bimbo’s father said he would get someone to track Dozie’s family down and would go and apologise by himself. He knew the boy was definitely alive. Also form the way he son had spoken, he knew he was sober and had learnt his lesson and he was grateful that his son had given him a second chance.


“He was discharged two days ago”, Behi said. Osas took another slice of pizza and asked, “ That’s great so when are you going to do the needful.”

“Tomorrow…I don’t even know what to expect”.

“I don’t know either.”

“I am just happy that Dozie is back home.”

“Me too”.

“I mean if someone had told me all this was going to happen I wouldn’t have believed it. Like I have so learnt my lesson. This will never repeat itself .”

“I am glad you have….so ..erm…Bimbo is in the hospital.”

“Ah ah…what happened….is he sick?”

“No he had an accident the same day he stabbed Dozie.”

“Oh no…no…no…all this is because of me………two of them are hurt because of me.”

“Is he alright…please tell me….I need to know.”

“I haven’t seen him yet but he’s recovering little by little.”

At this point Behi was angry with herself. “I was so stupid and heartless…I am a terrible person Osas.”

“No you are not, the most important thing is that you have realised your mistake and you need to make amends. Trust me everything would be fine okay”

“Okay but Osas we need to see him…I need to see him…I need to apologise for what I did.”

“I know babe…we will but deal with Dozie’s mum and brother first.”

“Okay”. Behi said cleaning the tears that were forming in her eyes.

Next Day

As she drove to Dozie’s house, so many things were running through her mind. What if they don’t take things well and tell Dozie to end things with her? His family was wonderful and they had accepted her just the way she was. It was really wrong for her to have lied to them. Even when Dozie was away his mum used to call her to check up on her. She was really afraid and at some point she felt like turning back and heading home. She said a silent prayer to God to give her strength to do what she had to. She felt better when she had prayed and then felt a sudden urge to stop at church to pray as well. She didn’t know where this feeling had come from but she decided to follow through with it. She stopped by and went into the prayer room of the church. It will be the first time because she had never entered the room before. It was a small room with a really big bible on a stand that was in the middle of the room. The bible was opened. She walked towards the bible and her eye fell on a particular verse. It was Psalm 28:7

“The Lord is my strength and my shield. He helps me and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving”

The words made her drop to her knees and she thanked God for leading her here and asked for forgiveness. She prayed for Bimbo as well and finally prayed that God strengthens her and gives her the words to speak when she gets to Dozie’s house. She knew God had definitely led her here. When she was done praying and she stood up, she felt some sort of calmness. The feeling of fear and uncertainty were gone and she felt more confident. When she got to Dozie’s house, she knocked and Emeka came to open the door.

“Hey Behi”

“Hi dear…hope you are fine”

“Hmm…I am o…just happy to have my brother back home”.

“Emeka!!! Who is that?”, his mum shouted form the kitchen.

Behi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard her voice

“It’s Behi”

“Hey….my Edo princess”, she said as she came out of the kitchen

“Good afternoon ma.”

“My dear…God will bless you…Dozie told me how you always came to visit him every single day. I couldn’t have asked for another girl for my son. God will bless you for the amount of time you sacrificed to go to that hospital everyday Chineke ga-agozi ma na – edebe gi. I know it was not easy for you to sacrifice all that time. In fact, I don’t know why he has not asked you to marry him….”

She went on and on and Behi could feel her eyes getting wet already. How was she supposed to start explaining to this woman that she had lied to her and besides she had not seen Dozie anywhere. As if Emeka knew what she was thinking he said “Let me get Dozie…he’s upstairs”. Behi nodded.

Few minutes later Dozie joined them on the dining table and his mum went on and on about how Dozie should make sure he treats Behi well and vice versa. They both sat across each other and kept glancing at each other as she spoke. Dozie could see the sadness in Behi’s eyes. They gave her away all the time. She needed reassurance. Few minutes later they both excused themselves and went out of the house to talk for a while. He reassured her that everything would eventually be alright and that she shouldn’t worry. They went into the house and Dozie said “Mum Behi would like to tell you something”.

“Ah ah….I hope all is well.”

“Yes it is.”

All three sat and down and Behi told Dozie’s mum every single thing that had happened and the person that stabbed Dozie adding that he was still in the hospital. She finished by asking for forgiveness. Dozie’s mum was speechless at first she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. After a while she said “Revenge is never the answer…you allowed your hurt push you to do unthinkable things but I am glad you have learnt your lesson but as for that Bimbo he is not going scot free I am going to press charges. He cannot hurt my son and get away with it.”


Chineke ga-agozi ma na – edebe gi. – God will bless and keep you.




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