Oceans Apart (18) by Milli

“Wow, all this happened in the space of two hours?”, Amara asked.

“Hmmm, yes o. In fact I don’t even have the full details. I have tried to get the info from him but it’s so obvious he does not want to tell me.” Vivian said

“Most important thing is that he is fine and hopefully he gets back in good time before school resumes.”


They both talked for a little while before Amara hung up. Vivian went to the kitchen to make herself some cereal to eat. She had spoken to Dozie a couple of times after he had been discharged but every time she brought up the topic of them seeing, he always gave her some sort of excuse. The same thing happened when she asked about details about what happened the night he was stabbed. She sighed as she carried her bowl of the cereal to the sitting room. It was obvious he did not want to get close to her. As she put the TV on she decided that she would give him his space. She was done trying to reconnect with him.

Chief Adekoya had gotten all the information he needed too about Dozie. Apparently his mum had gone ahead to press charges for attempted murder. He had to put a stop to this because there was no way his child was going to appear in a court room much more go to prison. He decided that he would visit the mum over the weekend. He had told Bimbo the news and the poor lad was extremely scared. It took him sometime to calm him down. He was going to do whatever he had to put a stop to this.

“I really do hope he’s getting better”, Behi said to Osas as she drove to the hospital where Bimbo was.

“Well he is much better than he was first brought into the hospital.”


As they walked inside the hospital, Behi was a bit nervous. The last she remembered of Bimbo was when he had threatened her not to tell anyone he had stabbed Dozie.

“Are you okay?”, Osas asked.

“Yes I am.”

On getting to the door of his room, Behi was so nervous she did not want to go in.

Osas calmed her down and told her that everything would be fine.

She finally calmed down and they went in. She was horrified when she saw him. He was a shadow of himself. She put her hand over her mouth. He was in this state because of her. Bimbo at the other end of the room could not believe who he was seeing. It was Behi. She had actually come to see him. He really wanted to hug her and apologise for all the things he had done but he couldn’t. Before he knew what was happening, she had put her hands around him and hugged him. Pain shot through his body as she did but he didn’t care because she probably would never hug him again. So he decided to “enjoy” this moment.

“You came…you actually came.”

“Yes…yes…I did….she began to cry.

“Please don’t cry….I have caused you enough pain already.”

Osas silently left the room.

“It’s my fault as well that you are here…you don’t know how happy I am that you survived this accident I would have never forgiven myself if you didn’t make it.”

She finally let go of him and sat down. She looked around the room which was filled cards, some flowers and stuff to nibble.

“You are loved o….see cards everywhere.”

“Yea…literally everyone has been here except for Eno and you of course.”

“I am so sorry Bimbo…I cannot believe things went this far….I have learnt my lesson”

“Same here…I mean I have been in this hospital for almost two and a half weeks and all because of what…”

“It was not worth at all”.

“I am so sorry Behi…I know I hurt you in the past but this time I admit I went too far. I am sorry for hurting you and your boyfriend….please I beg you for the bottom of my heart for everything I have done to you please forgive me.”

“I forgive you and I am sorry as well for lying to you and leading you on just to hurt you. Please forgive me Bimbo.

“I forgive you too. I intend to visit your boyfriend when I am out of here. I want to ask for his forgiveness as well.

Hearing that, Behi sighed. That morning, Dozie had told her that his mum was being stubborn and refused to drop the charges even though the lawyer was not being so responsive. She did not know if it would be appropriate to tell Bimbo about it.

“Why are you sighing?”


“Is he going to punch me in the face?…..because I actually do deserve it. “ He said, laughing.

Behi did not smile.

“What’s wrong?”

Nothing..it’s just that…it’s Dozie’s mum….she…

“She has pressed charges for attempted murder.”

“You know already?”`

“Yes pops told me”


“He’s handling it….I don’t blame his mum though…I went too far”

“Your dad should be able to handle it.”

“Yea…fingers crossed.”

She stayed for a little while and she called Osas to come back into the room.

Getting back into the room, Osas knew from their demeanor that they had ironed things out. She said a silent prayer thanking God for getting her friend through all this.


Chief Adekoya called his driver for the umpteenth time.

“Kayode….where are you for God’s sake?”

“Ma bi nu sir traffic dey too much for here.”

“If you had just gone to drop these things yesterday we will not be in this mess.”

“E jo sir….no vex”

“I am waiting”.

“Okay sir”.

Chief Adekoya waited patiently for his driver and hoped that his visit to Dozie’s house would be a productive one. He hoped his mother was even around. He had gotten in touch with the lawyer Dozie’s mum had hired and had cajoled him to stall the case until he had spoken to Dozie’s mum. Kayode finally arrived and he made his way to the car. It was a smooth ride to the house. When he got there he knocked on the gate and a young lad opened it.

Good evening Oga sir…who you wan see?”

“Good evening please I would like to see Mrs Okechukwu the madam of the house.”

At the point Emeka came out of the house. He saw chief and the gateman talking and went to find out what was going on. Chief Adekoya introduced himself and Emeka ushered him into the house.

“Mum there is someone here to see you.”

“Who?…tell the person I am coming”.

She came and Chief Adekoya stood up, introduced himself and shook her hand.

“You are welcome chief but why have you come here?”

“I am actually the father of the young man who stabbed your son with a screwdriver.”


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