Oceans Apart (19) by Milli

“Wait… I am not sure I heard you correctly…please can you repeat what you just said?

“I said I am Chief Adekoya…the father of the young man who stabbed your son. You have a very lovely house by the way”

Dozie’s mother could not believe what she just heard. How dare he come to her house..how did he even find her? Anyway he was wasting his time if he had come to make amends. She was not going to drop the charges matter what.

“Get out!!!!”


“I said get out…leave my house…I cannot believe that you have the audacity to show up here after what your son did. Who even gave you the address to this place?”

Emeka ran upstairs to get Dozie.

“Someone is in the house and mummy is really upset please you need to come”.

“Who is the person?”

“Just come now…you will know when you get downstairs.”


They both quickly went downstairs and saw their mum screaming and shouting at Chief Adekoya.

When she saw them…she told Dozie who the man was. He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard it.

“Good evening gentleman”, Mr Adekoya said,…I beleive you are the one my son stabbed.”

“Yes I am”. Dozie answered rather coldly,

“I just want to talk to your mum for a little while”.

“I am not talking to you…leave my house or I will call the police!!!”

“Mummy please…. listen to what he has to say.”

I said NO!!!….infact I am going upstairs..when you are ready to leave Chief whatever you call yourself you can leave” with that, she stormed upstairs.

“I guess it’s you I have to talk to I cannot blame your mum for acting this way ..can I have a seat please?..I have been standing since I got here..I’m not very young you know”,  Chief Adekoya said smiling.

Dozie was a bit puzzled at Chief’s calmness. I mean he was supposed to be begging for forgiveness but instead, he was smiling and asking for a seat.

He signaled to Emeka to leave them alone.

“Sure…… you can sit down”

“Thank you. First of all I want to apologise for what my son did to you he let his strong will get the better of him”

Dozie did not know how to react. This guy was very calm while he spoke. He began to wonder if he was really understood the gravity of what his son did.


“I’m also aware your mother has pressed charges and I have come to ask her to drop them on my son’s behalf. When he is discharged from the hospital he will come and tender his own apologies.”

“Erm…from what happened some minutes ago, I am sure you are smart enough to realise that my mum is not going to drop the charges.”

“Young man I know my son stabbed you but you should still give me the respect I deserve”.

“Your son stabbed me for crying out loud. Instead of you to be sober, you are here talking to me about respect.”  His anger was rising.

I am sober…If I wasn’t trust me I would not be here. Please tell your mother to drop the charges.

“She will not”

“It’s for her own good because the truth is, she will not win.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because one phone call from me, and the case will be completely wiped out like it never existed….I mean I could have done that without coming here and every single lawyer your mum goes to will turn her down but out of respect I came to speak with her. I know you are a smart guy. Convince your mum to drop the case and let bygones be bygones.

With that, he stood up, dropped his card on the table, and said, “Keep me posted on your mum’s response thank you for your time. I will be waiting for your call. By the way not many people have the number on this particular card… so be wise” .

Dozie was dumb founded and watched him as he left the house.



Bimbo was elated. He was getting better and the pains had drastically reduced. Best news of all was he was going to be discharged soon. He could not wait. He told Eno the good news and he was so happy for him.  One thing that still troubled him was that he needed to see Dozie. He needed to apologise to him. He had learnt a really big lesson from all this drama. He closed his eyes and without wasting time he fell fast asleep.

“I guess Emeka and I sorted out now…we have overstayed our welcome, Dozie said.

“Yes you are my love,” Behi said.

He had just finished booking tickets for their trip back to London.

“So are you still going to see him?”

“Yes I am….will drop you at home before I head over there.”


Dozie had decided that he was going to see Bimbo. That seemed to be the last thing for him to do so that he could put all that had happened behind him. He dropped Behi at home and headed to the hospital where Bimbo was. Osas had told him his room number.

Bimbo was trying to open a bar of chocolate when Dozie knocked and entered the room. Bimbo could not believe his eyes. He just stared at Dozie without saying anything.

“Hope you are getting better?”, Dozie asked.

“Er…er….yes..yes I am…sorry it’s just you are the last person I expected to see”

“I know…I’m happy you are  getting better. Honestly I just want to close this chapter. I…”

“Please …let me talk first. Dozie I am extremely sorry for what I did to you and Behi. Honestly it was not worth it I…. almost lost my life. I did have a good…. chance with Behi some years back but….. I am sure she has told you I was pretty messed up back then. I have always believed that you can get…. anything or in this case any girl… you want but I went about it the wrong way. I should have simply… left her alone. I also…know that….my dad got involved and that’s …why your mother…dropped the charges. Dozie please for all of this…forgive me. I beg you. I think I have been punished enough. You have no idea what the first few weeks were like.

Dozie was touched. It was obvious he had some difficulty in talking which made him a bit slow when doing so but he still pushed himself to say all he did. He also saw from the look on his face that he was sober. It was time for him to do his own part and accept his forgiveness.

“Well spoken….I forgive you.”

As soon as he said those words he knew deep down in his heart that this drama was finally over.

Stay tuned for the Series Finale which comes up on the 24th. Don’t miss it.


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