Oceans Apart (20) by Milli

Behi lay on her bed reflecting on all that had happened in the last few weeks. It had been a rollercoaster of events and it had taught her a really big lesson. All because she wanted to get back at her ex she had almost lost the love of her life. Bimbo had almost lost his life to. She had been putting up pictures and captions about forgiveness on her social media platforms. She hoped it would minister to someone out there. She also thought about how her revenge plan had put a strain on her and Osas’s relationship. She had been her best friend for such a long time and had always been there for her in the good times and the bad. She could have lost her as well and all for what, all for nothing. In all of this, she was glad the drama was over and things had settled down.

Bimbo silently got dressed in his hospital ward. He was going to be discharged soon. He had packed up all his things and could not wait to leave. He was not exactly the praying type but he knew deep down that it was God who had saved him from that terrible accident. He had another chance to live as a better person which he was going to do. He was a different person now. Although he was still going to be using crutches for some time he was so grateful to be alive.  He said a prayer of thanks to God and asked that He help him live a better life. He thanked God that Behi and Dozie had forgiven him as well. He finished dressing up and went down to the reception to wait for his dad. He was walking of these hospital doors a new man.

Dozie was packing up his bags and other things for his journey. He and Emeka were leaving the next day. He was glad the days of drama were over. He had no idea all of this was going to happen when he came. He just wanted to surprise his girlfriend but lo and behold he got stabbed. Sometimes he still could not believe all of this had happened. He was glad Behi had learnt her lesson. He had seen a different side of her he had never seen before. The anger in her eyes when she slapped Bimbo that day at the restaurant was something he never wanted to see again. He felt bad she had not told him about Bimbo in the early days of their relationship but he could not blame her. It was not easy for one to start talking about all that. He folded his last piece of clothing and put it in his box.


“Hmmm….some people are not crying…or should I say wailing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”, Behi asked giving Osas a puzzled look.

“Er…it’s just that the last time somebody was leaving for London I did not hear word. Some people’s tears could fill a bucket”

“Go away jo”, Behi said picking a throw pillow and hurling it at Osas.

“It’s true now”…Osas, said laughing.

“Yes, you are right.”

“So are you following him to the airport?”

“Yea I am”

“You know the last time you couldn’t go because you could not bear it…..chai…me to I will love o”

Behi shook her head, This girl was just a clown.

“What about you though…I mean you haven’t dated anyone in a while”

“Abeg ….I’m not ready jare. Just leave that one. I know you just want to change the subject. Don’t bother because I will not let you rest today.”

Behi laughed. This girl knew her so well. She would meet up with Dozie later that day. He would be gone for about six months after which he would return finally. Osas decided to come stay with her until it was time for her to leave. Osas was truly the best friend ever.

Eno had missed his friend. He was glad he was finally coming back. He was also happy that Bimbo had been discharged. The past few weeks had been something else. Bimbo had really gone through a lot of pain. He actually shed a few tears when Chuki had sent him pictures of Bimbo and the car. He was in a terrible state and the car was a complete write off. A guy who was so jovial and vibrant had been reduced to almost nothing. He had prayed every single day for his two friends and God had answered. He was glad that Bimbo had apologised to Dozie. This accident had really humbled him. He couldn’t wait to now see the new Bimbo. However that will be till Christmas as he planned to go back to Nigeria then. He wondered how things would have turned out if he had told Dozie what had been going on form the start maybe things would not have gotten this bad.  He was glad it had all come to an end.

“Hey boo”, Behi said giving Dozie a hug.

“Hey, how are you doing?”

“Very well my love, I am really happy.”

“You should be sad…I’m leaving”.

“Yea but you are coming back…..or aren’t you?”

“Er…I don’t know…might stay and marry some Bri-ish lady”….. Dozie said in a funny accent

“Okay o…..I will just pretend as if I didn’t hear what you just said”

“Hehehehe….you know I can never leave you, he said pulling her into his arms”


“I am so glad we were able to get through this boo….I am sorry for everything again.”

“It’s all in the past now baby you don’t have to apologise”

With that, he gave her a kiss. At that point Emeka walked in

“Hey, please o…I don’t want to spoil” , he said laughing.

“Are you all set?”

“Yes, I have put all the boxes in the car.”

“Alright guess we are good to go. Let’s go in and see mum one last time”

They all went into the house and their mum prayed for them and blessed them.

The drive to the airport was fun as they relived the good times they had had in their relationship and teased Emeka about not having a girlfriend. He told them he still was not ready to get into a serious relationship but said that he really loved what they had and was very happy they were able to get through the whole ordeal.  When they got to the airport Behi helped the brothers with their bags and waited with them a bit.

“So tell me something, were you afraid or should I say jealous when I said I would stay back and marry a British lady?”

“No…I wasn’t”


“Okay…maybe a little”

“Hehehe…I knew it. Six months isn’t a long time baby. I’ll be back and we will take our relationship to a whole new level. Please don’t just hide anything from me again alright?”

“I promise I won’t”

“I love you very much”

“I love you too baby”

He hugged her tight and gave her a quick kiss.

“Dozie…we need to go o…we cannot miss this flight again”, Emeka said tapping Dozie’s shoulder.

“Take care Behi we will miss you”, said Emeka giving her a hug.

“Bye loves”

She watched them walk away until she couldn’t see them anymore. She walked out of the airport back to where her car was packed enjoying the cool breeze of the evening on her face.  As she entered her car she said a prayer for the boys. Everything was fine and everything will even be better when Dozie got back. She was one lucky girl. She drove home as happy as ever thinking about the wonderful days she and Dozie had ahead of them.

Yes!!!! Ocean Apart has finally come to an end. However I want to say a very big thankyou to God Almighty for giving me the strength to write this series trust me it was not easy but He was faithful. Thank you to Ogechi Nwobia, who used her blog as a platform for me to share this series. We have never met but she is an amazing person and an amazing writer as well. Thank you to every single person who has read this series and has encouraged me in one way or the other. To those who leave comments as well I say thank you for taking time out to do so. To those who give me constructive feedback I say thank you as well. I promise I won’t stop writing. I hope you all were able to learn something from this.

God bless you all.

Oseremen ‘Milli’ Okpere


12 thoughts on “Oceans Apart (20) by Milli

  1. Wow….finally the series came to an end..am going to miss all this characters especially behi and dozie…The greatest lesson is the ability for forgive others
    Well done Milli

    Liked by 1 person

  2. God bless u for this write up, more ink to ur pen dear. I really do learn from this series .
    Expecting more of this intrigued series. Until then stay blessed


  3. Thank you for entertaining us Ose. I never knew you wrote, so I was excited to read what you had to write. Your writing all through the series improved. You definitely have a bright future with writing. I’m glad I could read every piece you put out, even though one time, I read like 4/5 pieces at a go. Looool!!! All the best in your future endeavours.

    Niyi B


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