Big News Coming


Hi guys!! It sure has been a while! Please forgive me. LOL. Michael will come and tell me now that I’m always saying sorry for disappearing. Haha. But this time around, it is for a good reason, I promise.

I have exciting news that will hopefully make this period of absence worth your while.

You guys remember Hunter’s Game yes? With Leela and Uzo and Ijeoma? You do? Lovely!

I’ve got great news! I’m taking Hunter’s Game to screen! Whoop whoop!

6 weeks ago, I had a meeting with an incredible friend and told him I wanted to take Hunter’s Game to screen and I wanted him to direct it. He was crazy enough to believe in the idea and in a very short time, we put together a fantastic team of cast and crew together and we got to work.

I had some amazing friends and family come together to help me raise the 7 figure sum that I needed to pull off a pilot and just like that we did it. I have been marvellously helped of God on this project through the super humans He has placed in my life and I am so so excited for this season.

Now we have shot the pilot episode, written and produced by yours truly and I cannot wait to share it with you guys. It will take a bit of time to put the final product out there but I assure you, it will be worth the wait. I’ve got some of your favourite actors in it and they are literally bringing MAGIC to your screens.

So tell your friends, family, enemies, frenemies etc Haha. Hunter’s Game is coming to screen and I hope you guys are ready.

More details will come over the next few weeks and months and you will get to meet the amazing cast and crew who were crazy enough to go on this journey with me. But I have had such an exciting and fulfilling weekend and I just had to share.

But here’s a little something for you dear reader who has journeyed with me so far:

Your dreams are truly valid and you must do everything you can to chase them tenaciously. So here’s to audacious ambitions, to valid dreams and doing it afraid.

I hope you win!


Love and Light,



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