She lay down with her back on the bed and remembered how he had made his way back into her life. It seemed strangely exciting thinking about it now. She had not seen or heard from him in four years and then suddenly, thanks to facebook they had reconnected again. She’d had a major crush on him while they were in secondary school but he’d never known; he’d been a year her senior. She had eventually graduated left that part of the country to study elsewhere and he had remained in that location…
She turned and sighed. Funny how fate works. She was just commencing her final year in the university when they reconnected. He was an amazing person; crazy sense of humour and checked in with her regularly and they would chat from time to time. Thanks to internet services and mobile phones, there were no barriers to their communication, they kept in touch consistently. She didn’t see him in the light of a relationship, he was just a good friend. Well he remained a good friend until about a year later.
She remembered how things had suddenly gone quiet between them for about a month. They hadn’t quarreled or anything of that sort but they had simply not communicated. She had travelled out of the country and the lack of communication didn’t seem to bother either of them.
She returned back home and then they sort of picked up again. She remembered the first time they saw upon her return and his first words to her… “If I’d known that I would see you today, I guess I’d have done everything differently”. She had laughed. His wit was something else.
She had graduated but he was still in school. He was taking exams at that time and so they could not see or communicate as much as she would have loved. But then, she was willing to wait. She knew she her time in town was limited but she just had to accept things as they were.
Before long, his exams were over and communication picked up again. Before she could spell her name though, she was counting weeks to leaving town. National Youth Service Corps was calling.
She thought about it, funny, but she had spent two months in town but they had only seen once. This kind of friend though! She decided to set up a meet and they did see and have a swell time in each others company.
That was the day he mentioned that he was dating someone. He had seemed reluctant to mention it and she wondered why. He had said he felt it would change the way things were between them. She laughed! Or not! I mean, she had just gone through a heartbreak and a relationship was so not in her agenda so whether he was dating or not didn’t change a thing for her. They were still good friends, or so she thought…
At this point in her reminiscing, she smiles to herself, a sad smile. But she let’s her thoughts keep flowing all the same. Cupid could be rather mean though, I mean, so much for being the one with the arrow of love.
They were connecting on different levels. They were both good looking, shared the same talents, tastes and passions. It should have been scary but they found it intruiging. Not a day went by that they did not chat, the closure was heightening and the bond tightening.
A week to her departure and he shows up at her house. Like good friends, they talk, laugh and then dance. The dance, it was meant to be a joke, with both of them pretending to try to figure out who could dance better… But that was when she felt something. He’d talked about a chemistry between them only the day before but she’d treated it like a joke. However, in that moment she knew it was real. She felt an urge to pull him close and kiss him and then she nearly slapped herself! How could she possibly be nursing such thoughts? He was a good friend and someone else’s boyfriend!
#phew! That was close!
The following day, he was at her place again and she could feel for certain that their chemistry was real. They joked over it and came up with several theories as to why their relationship would not work. Yes, he was dating someone else and then they hailed from different parts of the country and their parents would never consent to such a union… It didn’t however stop their feelings from growing, even though they both pretended the feelings were either non-existent or too trivial to be accorded serious attention.
With barely 48 hours to her departure, she had gone seeking him and when she saw him, for the first time, there were butterflies in her tummy! She was shocked!
Was it even possible? Could she be having real feelings for him? She wouldn’t call it love, love was too strong a word. But whatever those feelings were, they were strong and they scared her.
He observed her behaviour all the while they were together that day and it made him uncomfortable. He asked her about it but she would not say anything. This was so not her! She always spoke her mind.
With much cajoling though she eventually spoke up and he could see clearly just how scared and sad she was.
He took her hand and looked into her eyes and his words were gentle and calming. He was attracted to her too, but the reality staring them in the face was what they had discussed earlier- a relationship between them both would never work. Family served as the major deciding factor and then even more importantly, the fact that he was in a relationship.
Another place, another time, maybe in a different world, theirs could have been the perfect love story. But the reality of present day hit them, as much as they were strongly attracted to each other and bonded on several levels, it was never going to happen.
She looked at him and smiled. She respected him because he was honest enough to admit that he had developed feelings and was attracted to her but he was also responsible enough to be loyal to his girlfriend and not do anything about what he felt. He could have kissed her at that moment and she’d have responded but they both dampened the flames and shared a hug instead.
She would be leaving in a few hours and that chapter would be closed because they both knew that it would be months and possibly years before they saw again.
Another place, another time, another world… She turned on her bed, sighed and hugged her pillow tight…


  1. Oooh, i’m so tourched by the story, yeah fings happen ok! She has to let him go and pray that God guides her own husband her way! It could be saddenin though but thats the reality of life for u.


  2. Been here before… Here again at the moment and wish the story ended differently… Nice one Oge… Can’t believe I missed this post when you put it up.


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