Escape From Bamako by Ghandi

I still remember the day Ghandi said “I have something I want you to read.” That something turned out to be the first draft of his novel that completely blew my mind. The story held me spellbound from the beginning until the end and I doubt I have read anything that intriguing in a while. So because I am nice and I don’t sell fish, I am here to share the goodness that is Ghandi’s writing with you guys.

Escape from Bamako contains all the right amounts of adrenaline pumping action and plot twists to keep you glued to each page until the story ends. And best believe when it ends, you’ll be begging for more. Now this is the plot:

There’s a rebel uprising in Bamako, Mali and the international community gets really antsy and pressures the Nigerian President to intervene and settle both parties.
He gets there and after what everyone considers to be successful peace talks, he stays back for a state dinner organised in his honour.

The rebel leader is also invited but declines the invitation, citing fatigue. He drives out of the Malian presidential palace supposedly to go rest.

While the Nigerian President and his Malian counterpart are still at the state dinner, the rebel leader launches a full scale attack on the capital in a bid to take over the government.
News filters into the palace and back home in Nigeria and everyone is in a race to get the Nigerian President out of Bamako before the rebel leader takes over Mali.

This story really features some Hollywood action type stuff. Guns, aircrafts, espionage, fast and furious driving, explosions, the whole works.

Now that you have read the plot, I am fairly certain you are itching to read the book. It’s quite simple to make that happen, really. If you wish to purchase the ebook with your Nigerian account, you can visit the website and click on the “buy from our store” button. It’s N1,100.

The book is also available on Amazon (Kindle) at and on Kobo at

Don’t hesitate to get your copy now.

You’re welcome!

Ps. I have been working on something interesting and I really can’t wait to share it with you guys. I am back to blogging now and I am so grateful to you guys for sticking around. But bear with me a little. It won’t be much longer now.

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Tomi Adesina’s George’s Pieces of Me

Good morning!

Here’s an official invitation to the launch of Tomi Adesina’s new novel! IMG_20170724_203123_939.jpg

About the Author

Tomi Adesina's Picture.jpg

Tomi Adesina was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a fiction blogger and screenwriter.  In 2013 she won the Nigerian Blog Awards for her blog fiction series and in 2015 her screenplay on cyberbullying (Feisty John) won the Homevida Prize. She also won the Nigerian Writers Award for Best Young Writer in 2015 and her short stories have been featured in magazines across Africa. She lives in Lagos where she is working on a new novel.


The book, George’s Pieces of Me is a collection of poems and short stories exploring the complexities of human existence, an unending search for homes in people and journey towards redemption.

We already have advance praise for the book;

“In George’s Pieces of Me, Tomi Adesina styles poetry and prose with imagination, mischief and charm. Her vignettes are more than just stories: they are wistful commentaries on existentialism, triggered by social expectations. Adesina prompts the reader towards self-assured social rebellion, and then pulls us back to stoic acceptance of the vicissitudes of life. The thoughts in this book will stay with you long after the pages are closed.”

Ayo Sogunro, Author of Everything in Nigeria is Going to Kill You

“The stories explore loving, loss, internalizing the pain of loss and finding home. Tomi’s voice is clear in this piece of work, without drowning the voices of her characters who we meet briefly but whose stories will linger with us for a long time.”

Tunde Leye, Author of Guardians of the Seal

“Adesina’s work is a reflection of hope, love and the burden of fate. She twists the tale of old age to reveal an eternal spring of life’s realities. Here is a writer with compulsive and engaging stories to tell.”

Hannah Ojo of The Nation


If you’re in Lagos, please make it a date!

Ojay Aito’s Debut Novel; ‘Night of a Red Moon’

NoaRM Cover

Hi guys!

I can imagine the level of dust and cobwebs in here. Chai, I need to return with a broom and other cleaning agents. But soon, I promise.

In the meantime, in exactly, 10 days, something gripping would be coming your way.

Do you guys remember the series “Two Lives and a Soul”? It ran here for a few months last year. Now the author is back with another compelling story but this time, in form of a novel. I am so excited to share this press release with you. Peep details below


Nigerian fiction writer, Ojay Aito, announces the launch of his debut novel ‘Night Of A Red Moon’ for the 18th of June, 2017.  The novel, a historical thriller set in Ago-Iwoye, a little town on the edge of Ogun state, Nigeria focuses on the socio-political drama that ensued between the indigenes and the students of the town’s premier tertiary institution – Olabisi Onabanjo University exactly twelve (12) years ago.

“It took God six days to create the world. It took me three years to create one night. One red moon-night,” says the author in a recent interview.

“Every day we breathe, we live our lives like normal people. Yes we are normal people, but with an experience that has lived with us for twelve years, and scars we will bear till our last breath,” says Wale, a victim of the massacre.

“It’s been twelve years now. Wow, twelve years. I miss Yemisi,” says another bereaved victim.

Night of A Red Moon was created from an epic straw of undocumented history, bringing to life the pain, pleasure and power of a people who although now dispersed across the world, remain bound by the experiences of a certain moon-night. Against a backdrop of cultural inheritance, it narrates how human relationships transform in the heat of a dire moment.




Femi, a university student has been killed by overzealous men of the Oodua People’s Congress in the little town of Ago-Iwoye, sending a cloud of fear and uncertainty over it.

But it is the retaliatory violence which begins as a ‘peaceful protest’ that turns the town into a war zone, leaving the king dethroned, his palace in flames and innocent students at the mercy of enraged indigenes.

There is bloodshed, rape and more bloodshed that envelopes the night, even as four friends and their girls, attempt to see the night out, including pen-lovers, Tubor and Temmy, whose first meeting quickly becomes a desperate survival adventure.

They would soon discover that they had only been pawns in a big chess game, and that sadly, many of them, try as they may, would not make it to the light of the morning…

Night of a Red Moon is a gripping debut novel that would send your pulses racing, and put you in places you would rather safely imagine.


Ojay Aito writes fast-paced thrillers which revolve around current religious, social, and economic issues in Nigeria and Africa. His popular unpublished comedy series ‘Life of a Barrack Boy’ is one work of fiction that has featured in more than a dozen literary blogs, acclaiming him as one of Nigeria’s most adaptable writers; with the atypical enthralling series ‘Two Lives And A Soul’ (a futuristic sci-fi) taking the notch one level higher. Ojay lives with his family in Lagos, Nigeria.


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#NOARM #NightOfARedMoon @Ojay_Aito



So stay tuned for more. I’ll be back here sometime soon with details on why I’ve been MIA for so long and something new for your personal consumption.

Thank you for sticking with me. Be back soon!

Crux of the Matter now on Tv!

crux of matter

I have celebrity friends. If you didn’t know it before, know it now. I have celebrity friends. Don’t talk to me anyhow please. *flips weave*

Hehehe. Hi people! Just a little something from my home girl Elsie Godwin.

Check it out!


‘Crux of the Matter’ talk show debuts on the 5 th of April, 2017 on R2TV.  Hosted by Elsie

Godwin, the Relationship, Dating and Sex based talk show will objectively tackle various

issues bordering on relationships between men and women with interesting guests.

Produced by Royal Roots Communication Limited and Mind-Mastik Media Collage, the

show is a thought provoking and insightful program which dissects the aforementioned

issues in the Nigerian and African context with a no holds barred approach.

“A lot of us would not come out to discuss sex openly in order not to be viewed as being

morally bankrupt or accused of not conforming to societal norms,” says Elsie Godwin,

the host of the show. “There is also a particular category of people who would rather

discuss or give their opinions on such issues only on social media platforms, but act or

speak contrary in reality,” she added.

According to Elsie, Crux of the Matter will neither be held back by those theatrical

conventions, nor swayed by other people’s perceptions, criticisms or the so-called

“societal norms” as regards relationship, dating and sex. Crux of the Matter will bring to

the fore sensitive issues most of us would only want to deal with in our closets.

Elsie Godwin, who is a Relationship, Literature and Lifestyle blogger, is familiar with the

topics as she also hosted the show on radio for one year before moving to TV.

“I am excited that the discussion is moving to TV after one year on radio. It gives me

great joy to have these conversations in order to uplift and enlighten people.”

Guests on the show will include – but will not be limited to – Celebrities, Public

Influencers, Relationship Consultants, Health Advocates, Bloggers and people with first-

hand experience or knowledge of whatever topic is being discussed.

Crux of the Matter, designed to enlighten and entertain both the young and old, also

aims to uphold the value of family, love and acceptance in the society.

Crux of the Matter airs every Wednesday on R2TV (GoTV Channel 112) at 9:30pm


Watch the first montage below:

Youtube link –



Cash her on TV, how about dah?




I have likely had more peppersoup in the last 3 months than I have had in my entire life put together. Why? Because when life shows you pepper in the form of recurring flus, you simply make pepper-soup. Hehe.

I got an email sometime back about a collection of short stories that had been put together by some firebrand Nigerian women and I was excited to read it.

Peppersoup is one work of fiction that left me feeling all kinds of emotions. I laughed, came near tears, felt trepidation, went to mush and then came right back to normal again. The stories speak of faith, strength in adversity, chaos, doubt, hurt, healing and new beginnings. Like your perfect bowl of peppersoup, it’s got a balance of all the right ingredients to get you all up in your feels but still keep you grounded in ‘reality’. And I say ‘reality’ because everyone’s reality is different.

If I had to pick my favourite, it would be “Doing Just Fine.” The story tugged strongly at my heartstrings but I refused to cry (because hard girl. LOL). But Doing Just Fine got to me, truly. First, the author’s style was different from the usual. Then I started out thinking I could predict the end but I was so wrong. And then the story in itself was powerful and emotional. I read it more than once.

Full Circle left me smiling through almost tears. You go through some rough patches and end up feeling like damaged goods but somehow, the storm passes, the morning comes and the sun seeps in to brighten things up again.

I won’t say any more about the other stories, go and read them for yourself. *tongue out*

In reading these stories, one thing is certain. You will see bits of your life reflected in them or the lives of people you know. And that one’s thing I loved about the book. The stories are absolutely relatable. Now while the contents of the 12 stories might be different, the underlying theme is the same- we can have happy endings, no matter how chaotic life gets.

So go get yourself a copy on Okadabooks. Actually, click this link

Read, laugh, cry, but above all, be encouraged. If life is showing you pepper right now, simply grab all the ingredients, make yourself a nice bowl of peppersoup and by all means, have the last laugh.

Enjoy the weekend!

Lẹ́bẹ́: Sneak Peek

You know Seun Odukoya, of course you would, seeing that I’m always going on and on about him.

Well Seun has done it again. Read the excerpt of his new book below to see what I’m talking about.



There were no stars in the sky that night; Chibuzor could tell that much from his position as his vision seemed to dim and brighten alternatively. He was conscious enough to regret not backing up the latest designs for the clothing line company he and his girl were setting up; conscious enough to know the police could see what was happening to him but refused to do anything; thinking about how he was alive with nothing worse than a headache and ripped pants to show for his ordeal. He could hear the clatter of plastic on tarmac and tried to sit up.

A light-headed feeling rushed in on him; his stomach rebelled – he quickly lay on his back once again. From the sounds, it didn’t seem the thieves had noticed him.

Another thing to be thankful for, he decided.

He lay still, feigning unconsciousness, wishing they would just go away. They were mumbling, but for reasons he wasn’t sure about, he couldn’t hear what they were saying.

“Wetin una dey do dia?” said a voice.

Chibuzor’s eyes flew open; the police had come! He stretched his hand, groping for the iron grating of the compound. He found it and pulled himself up, at the same time forcing his swimming vision to focus long enough and seek out who it was that had spoken.

What he saw however made him freeze halfway up.

A figure, a tall and dark figure stood not too far away from the left of Chibuzor. It was what this man was wearing however that made Chibuzor freeze. It was impossible to tell what he looked like because his head was covered with a hood, leaving his face in shadow. He was wearing a dark-colored hooded shirt with a huge, white skull and crossbones printed on the front of it. His hands were wrapped in white bandages; like a boxer would have on before putting on his gloves. Dark-colored jeans and ankle-length black and white Converse sneakers completed his ensemble.

He looked out of place considering the evening heat; there was nothing friendly about the way he stood, in the way darkness somehow clung to him.

The thieves looked at each other and then the self-elected spokesman for the group said, “Oga, waka dey go o. Na we reach here fest. We don even obtain am finis, tomorrow fit be your – “

Chibuzor wasn’t sure what happened. One moment the tout was trying to discourage the stranger, next moment he was staggering backwards trying to keep blood in his nose with his hands. The hooded guy was standing in front of Chibuzor now.

“Oya, drop everything wey you collect back!” the man snarled.

The other touts jumped forward, the smoker pulling out a kitchen knife from the waistband of his jeans, the second wielding a plank. Hooded guy slowly moved backwards, drawing them away from Chibuzor who couldn’t believe his eyes.

God! I must have banged my head real hard, he thought.

Nevertheless, he watched as his savior sidestepped the descending plank and hit its wielder with a left uppercut. Chibuzor winced as he heard the clear crunch of teeth clashing together in a not-so-nice way. The plank wielder went down and screamed through mashed lips and blood-soaked hands. The one with a smashed nose straightened from his crouch and, grabbing the plank, joined the knife-swinger who just sent the knife towards the hooded guy’s midriff in a stabbing move.

A left forearm knocked the knife-holding hand aside and a right jab to the throat put him out of the fight permanently. The knife fell to the tarmac with a clatter and he held his throat with both hands and staggered, thudding loudly beside Chibuzor, breath rattling in his throat.

The loud blaring of a horn drowned out the coughing sounds and a danfo screamed past. “See dis mumus wey dey fight for night!!!” somebody, probably the conductor, yelled.

The plank wielder and the hooded guy circled each slowly, like boxers looking for an opening – and then the plank went up. At that moment, a sound interjected and Chibuzor realized that a phone somewhere was vibrating. The next moment he was once again focused on the tableau before him, forgetting what he’d heard.

He watched as the hooded figure moved aside to avoid the plank with a smoothness that reminded of Michael Jackson moonwalking. He blinked – and the hooded figure was close enough to the plank wielder to hug him. Instead of a hug however, the hooded figure hit him with a swift right-left combination that would have made many a professional boxer envious. In this case however, the street lights were enough illumination for Chibuzor to see the tout’s face change color – and then, he turned his head away as the tout threw up.

The tout fell to his knees and continued to throw up, blood dripping from his nose and mixing with the puke.

Chibuzor was disgusted.

“How you…are you alright?”

Chibuzor stayed against the wall, frightened into immobility. He stared as though hypnotized at the man’s face – at least, where a face was supposed to be. The man’s voice was gruff, uncultured…not too different from what the thieves had sounded like. Chibuzor didn’t move, his heartbeats thunderous in his ears.

“E for beta if you begin dey go o, because dem go wake soon,” hooded guy said, waving in the direction of the touts who were slowly moving again, holding parts of them that hurt. The tout throwing up had stopped, but he was bent over on his knees holding his stomach, rocking back and forth and making moaning noises. Chibuzor left the wall and staggered a bit, feeling for and finding a lump on the back of his head, aware his headache was now a distant pain. He looked at his savior with disbelief.

“What are you, Daredevil…or what…?”

The hood swung his way – and even though he couldn’t see inside it he felt a burning stare.

“Carry your tins dey go,” the voice from within the hood said.

There was a cold finality to the sentence that started Chibuzor moving. He looked around, and spotted his valuables scattered amongst the groaning bodies. Quickly he darted between them and scooped up his laptop, phone, wallet and twenty naira one after the other. Stashing them into his bag, he turned towards the hood who was pointing back towards the busier side of Opebi – the left side from where they were standing.

“Selfie?” Chibuzor asked.


Click on link to buy Lẹ́bẹ́ now!

Read Lebe


I disappeared from the blog without warning, I’m sorry. I was drowning and needed the time out but all is right with the world again now. See you guys next week! In the mean time, buy Lẹ́bẹ́!


Book Review: #BOOOOOM! by Seun Odukoya


Late last year, Seun Odukoya and I were catching up and he told me he was working on another project. I was excited because since I started following his writing keenly in 2014, I had never been disappointed. It could be because I am slightly biased or that he is simply good at what he does. Nevertheless.

On the 1st of February 2016, the ebook #BOOOOOM was live on his site. Having observed all the posters and even the trivia contest attached to the release, I was quick to download the book and read it, and of course I was not disappointed.

In the novel, Seun captures within 91 pages, events that have plagued several parts of northern Nigeria for about 5 years now. We follow the stories of 12 characters whose lives although distinct in their nature are somewhat entwined together by a certain event. You know how you go through some days and they seem regular and mundane or some days are filled with activities that you either journal or share with a loved one? That was how it felt for me reading the stories of these characters. I could have been one of them going through a regular day in my life.

Seun dispels stereotypes and throws in twists that you most certainly will not anticipate. And I must also add that at the end of the book, you may likely not find closure for some of the characters or even any of them but that in itself speaks to the reality of certain people.

If you haven’t read the book, I encourage you to. It is something you can complete in one sitting. You can find the download link here.

Please feel free to read, share and send your feedback by any means possible.