How Low Can You Go?

It starts out as a feeling of tiredness. Mild fatigue. Then it’s accompanied by thoughts of things that didn’t go your way in the course of the day. 

And because you’re so tired, you do not have the energy to battle the thoughts so you let them engulf you. 

Then it’s followed by a certain type of hunger. Your stomach is empty and you need to eat but you have no appetite. Plus you can’t get yourself to leave the bed anyways. 

But the hunger gets the better of you and you leave to eat something. Everything tastes bland but you stuff yourself still. Because your brain keeps insisting that you need to eat. 

You have a heap of unfinished tasks but you can’t bring yourself to act. You climb back into bed and allow the fatigue get the best of you again. 

It engulfs you entirely and you make no efforts to fight. Because you know if you let it run its course, it’ll eventually pass and you’ll go back to normal; aka bubbly, full of life and troublesome. 

But in the meantime, this is a low and you’re just gonna go with the flow. 


The Other Me


Hi Guys!

We’re a little late to this party but better late than never no?

Tomi Adesina released her second short film early this week and it is my pleasure to share it with you.


A young man with Autism, Olamide,  decides to take the love of his life, Sharon, on a date. What is meant to be the best day of his life turns out to be his biggest nightmare.

The Other Me is produced by BlueHouse Films in association with Phalanx Pictures. It was written and directed by Tomi Adesina, a Screenwriter and Fiction Series Blogger. It stars Taiwo Adeboboye and Adebukola Oladipupo among others.

To watch, Click here:

Have a good weekend!

The Other Me (Short Film); Coming Soon

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Olamide, an autistic young man prepares for the biggest day of his life; a date with the love of his life, Sharon. Due to his condition, what seemingly should be his most exciting day becomes a nightmare.

Written and directed by Tomi Adesina, The Other Me is a compelling short film on Autism which raises awareness on the condition and speaks against discriminating people living with it. It was produced by Tomi Adesina and Michael Tayo Babalola’s BlueHouse Films in association with Omobolaji Opakunbi’s Phalanx Pictures.

The film stars Taiwo Adeboboye and Adebukola Oladipupo, among others.

On World Autism Day, April 2nd, 2016 awareness would be raised by various people on Autism. BlueHouse Films and Phalanx Pictures would be doing same with this project.

The date for the official release of the short film is yet to be announced.


For sponsorship; please contact: 08139263829 or 08039446273


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Twitter: @bluehousefilms #TheOtherMe #AutismSpeaks

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Okay, first off, I need to apologize. This post is late by over a week. Given that it’s a chain something, I feel pretty bad but it was due to several circumstances beyond my control.
That said, I’d like to say a big thank you to my dear friend Seun Odukoya for tagging me in this blog tour. I thought I had wahala until I met him. But regardless of all his trouble, he’s a wonderful gentleman, a very bright mind and tells really good stories. He blogs here and if you have not read his blog, mention me on twitter so I can give you your lastma cap.
That said, I have been given four questions to answer on my writing process. And after answering those questions, I am to tag three wonderful writers who will in turn answer these questions on their blogs and tag three other amazing writers and so on and so forth.
To the questions.
At the moment, I’m working on several things; which is one of the reasons this post is late. I am currently running a fiction series #RumorHasIt on my blog. I am co-writing a family web series; Family Man which is to be aired on Africa magic and Iroko tv sometime this year. I am also working on the movie adaption of #RumorHasIt. A nice director, Mr. E wants to make a film based on the blogstory and I am working on the screenplay. Permit me at this point to say that Screenwriting differs a lot from normal story-telling and it is not beans. I duff my hat to all screenwriters out there. Na una try pass. And finally, I am working on the movie adaptation of #SimplyComplicated as well. Shhh. It’s not official yet but if I get it right, Simply Complicated will go to the big screen as well. So see? A lot of writing projects going on at the same time.
I think I’m the wrongest person to answer this question. I would hype myself and give you a million reasons why I think my work is unique or amazing and bla bla bla. But really, I think my readers are in a better position to say why they think my work differs from others they have come across.
Errm. No particular reason. Writing is fun, writing is my life, writing is what I do. So I write my stories because I enjoy them. And more importantly, I’ve got amazing people who read my blog. When I look at my blog stats each week, I see a reason to keep writing because people are reading. So to my readers, thank you for reading. You truly are something special.
Hian. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I knew. And here’s why. Each time I think of a story, no matter how random, the characters take shape and come alive in my head, telling their own stories by themselves. I kid you not. Most of the stories I have written, I did not have all the details but somehow the characters produced them. Even some of the twists people see in my series are totally unplanned for. So I do not exactly have a particular process, I just write as the Spirit leads and as my characters lead.

Now to the amazing writers.
Nonso Iwuchukwu is a fun, sharp-witted young man. A budding writer, amateur black and white niche photographer and an amazing singer with a voice that’ll send you to heaven. He is an exciting person to be around. His blog is a very hilarious memoir of his dreams, hopes, aspirations and experiences at work, home, church and buses in the Lagos metropolis. He blogs at

Uchenna Walter Ude writes stories and essays which have appeared online, including in the anthology, So We Do Not Forget. He dabbles in poetry, and was awarded the accolade of the Amateur Poet of the Year 2003 by the International Society of Poets. He was a participant of the 2013 class of the Farafina Creative Writing Workshop. He describes his blog as a smorgasbord of stories, news tidbits, opinions and entertainment snippets.
He blogs at

Tee Abraham(_
Oludapo Tolulope is an addicted God lover and a man of diverse passions. He currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Covenant University and is also an avid enthusiast of the creative arts such as poetry, photography and graphics design. He loves to make new friends. He blogs at

I encourage you to check these blogs. I assure you, you will not regret it.
Follow them on twitter @ItsNonsoAgain @Walt_Shakes @tee_Abraham
Read their works, send in feedback and spread the word about writers.
Thank you again Seun Odukoya, one of the very few persons wey get craze pass me. Hehe. God bless ya!


A couple of people will see this title and rollover with laughter even before reading the post. That’s because the title is that significant.
I’m sure a number of you wondered what I was doing for two whole weeks for which I had to stay off the blog and deny you your lovely series. I’m really sorry about that. Things like that happen when you have an only sister who is so precious to you and she decides to go and get married. I was away for my sister’s wedding. The time out was wonderful. You know how these things go; the house is full, you hook up with old friends and relatives you haven’t seen in ages and if like me you happen to be the only sister of the bride without a ring on your finger, everyone keeps chiming “you’re next in line.” From the ridiculous sing-song “you are next in line” to the prophetic “we will come for you own by this time next year.” I got tired of countering them and eventually, all I did was smile and say “don’t worry, as soon as the card is out, you’ll know.” That kept people off my case.
Back to the main story. This wedding was fun for several reasons, so many random incidents occurred and it’s one of such remarkable ones that I have chosen to bring to you today. We called it the “flyover event.”
Emeka, my very good friend was coming to Zaria for the wedding, all the way from Abuja. The trip should last about 3 hours ideally, you know, fast car, light traffic, under good conditions sha. But worst case scenario, 4 hours. So when we spoke at about 4 and I learnt he was just leaving, I was not too comfortable because I did not want him travelling late, especially as he had never been to Zaria before. Regardless, I told him to keep coming, I would be waiting to pick him up upon his arrival.
We kept talking as he made progress and at some point, I asked him to find out from a passenger where they were precisely. That would enable calculate the distance yet to be covered and have an estimated time of arrival. But my very fresh Emeka decided against that. It was late, he was travelling in the north, showing any signs of uncertainty might be a security risk. I tried to understand. Eventually I said “when you get to Zaria, drop at the flyover. There’s a Total Filling station close by. Wait for me there.”
That was the same description we had given to every single person coming from outside of town. A few minutes past 7pm, he called to say he was there. I was excited. Finally! I got my cousin and another friend to join me go pick him up. On getting to the “flyover”, I called him. He described where he was and I began walking in that direction. A few minutes of searching and I could not find him. I called again, asking for a better description of what he could see around him. He said he could see a sugar cane seller. I sighed. It was the north, everybody sold sugar cane. Still I walked and found a conglomerate of sugar cane sellers but I could not find Emeka. He mentioned a shoe seller. I found the guy but still could not find Emeka. At this point I was tired. It had been a long day and the aimless walking about was not helping me at all. Eventually, I asked him to find out from someone around the name of his exact location. It took him a while to get the information and by the time he relayed it to me, I almost passed out. Emeka was in Kawo! Kawo is Kaduna state, still 45 minutes away from Zaria.
Apparently, he had told a passenger beside him that he was dropping at flyover, without adding that the flyover was in Zaria and the passenger said he was dropping there too. So when the man alighted at the flyover in Kawo, he followed suit. I was weak. Luckily enough, there was another vehicle loading Zaria and he got into that one. This time around, he gave the phone to the driver so I could talk to him and give proper descriptions of where exactly he should be dropped.
He got in safely eventually and after we’d picked him up and gotten home, we could all laugh over the incident. Everyone teased him about it all through the weekend and he became “Emeka flyover.” The wedding was fun altogether but I’ve got just one lesson to share from this. When in doubt, always ask. Really, it doesn’t get any easier than that.
I missed being on the blog, I suffered writing withdrawal, but now I’m back and I promise you amazing stories in the coming weeks. I must say you guys are awesome though. Lots of my readers and followers kept checking up on me and asking when I would be back. I love you guys, you’re simply the best. I write only because you’re there to read. So thank you for always being there. Have a wonderful time ahead.
Yours always,


I usually would not do this. Well, not on my blog anyways. But I needed to rant and pour out my vexation. What in the world is wrong with these government institutions?
I went to ICPC earlier today to dispatch mail at the chairman’s office. I handed in my phone and got a tag at the first reception and at the second one; I was “given directions” to the Chairman’s office. The guy said “take the staircase to the second floor and turn right.” I did. And then when I made the right turn, I walked into a corridor with four doors, all blank. No name tags, titles or even numbers on them. I walked to the end of the corridor, expecting to find one that would say “registry” or “chairman’s office” but did not find any. So I randomly opened one door and when I walked in, everyone there was looking at me funny. I walked up to a guy behind a desk and stated my business then he told me to go out and use the next door.
I did as he said, dropped off the mail and went back downstairs. When I got to the reception, I noticed for the second time the sign that read “no loitering” and I asked myself; “How would I not loiter when I did not know where I was going to?” the doors had no titles or numbers, so how would I know?”
I thought it would be wise to tell the men at the front desk and so I politely made my observation. The man’s response was “it’s for security reasons.” I bit back the desire to snort and just said “Even if you don’t put titles, put numbers or something.” All the while thinking, what security reason prevents you from tagging a door “mail room” or “chairman’s registry” like I have seen in several other institutions. And then he replied “oh that’s a good idea. Maybe you can put it in our suggestion box.” My reply was “if something as basic as names on a door needs to be put in your suggestion box before it is implemented, then, I really do not know what you guys are up to…”
I looked around for a suggestion box and found none. I told the guy and he said “oh, it’s at the other reception.” I smiled politely and walked out. Your guess is as good as mine. I got to the “other reception” and there was no suggestion box there. I simply retrieved my phone and walked out.
If you don’t want people loitering about in your organization, shouldn’t there be basic signs to show them around? I thought it was just silly. And no one there had observed anything off about that?
Well, that’s welcome to Nigeria for you I guess. Too many things are just wrong. It’s how I went to the office of the Accountant General of the federation some months ago; beautiful as the building looked on the outside, the toilets were falling apart on the inside and were lacking toilet paper. I can bet my right arm, allocations were made to that effect.
Nigeria, SMH. #EndOfRant