Writing is what I do, it’s what I love and no one can take it away from me. Speaking is my passion, imparting others is my life, making a difference, challenging the status quo and helping others believe they can even when the whole world thinks otherwise is what I live for. Hey! I am Ogechi Nwobia and I am set to change my world. It’s not about spotlights and paparazzi, it’s not about fame and money, it’s not about fans and television or newspaper features, it’s not about me, but simply about the others. It’s about the other student in class who does not understand what the lecturer is saying, it’s about the other person in the next room who has not eaten a decent meal in days, it’s about the other person that doesn’t have any friends, it’s about the other person that no one believes in, it’s about the other person who doesn’t think there is a reason to live, it’s about the other person that wears the same pair of trousers every day because he doesn’t have a choice. It’s about the other girl who got dumped by her boyfriend and thinks she can’t love again, it’s about the other guy who got jilted by his girl and thinks he doesn’t have what it takes to make a woman love him, it’s about the other person who is being judged by the world because they made a mistake… it’s simply about the other person.

Writing is who I am, it’s what I love, speaking is what I do, it’s my passion and no one can ever take my pen or my voice away from me!

18 thoughts on “DEFINING ME

  1. Good to know u r doing this now. Hope this grows to b an amazing project for us all. Looking forward to working with u in the near future. Shine… Ace


  2. I’m so proud of u my president… I know dis’ll definitely grow bigger dan jus mere eyes..I look forward to partnering wiv u..cheers!!


  3. A noble course and the passion to drive it, let those thoughts grow to words penned in action, building character and fulfilling a destiny to help others. May His Grace sustain u as u develop skill follow your dream!!!


  4. Oge…it’s nice to meet a great pen pusher like you…just started blogging (after stalling for whatever reason) this month.Going through your blog is enough *go on* inspiration for me…


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