And so it came to pass that I spent a full week on vacation in Abuja instead of the initially proposed weekend. And then I came home to Zaria and spent another two weeks lounging without doing much. Anyways, it just dawned on me that I haven’t done any serious bit of writing in a very long time. Always procrastinating and making excuses but now I have decided to wake up. If I’m going to transform lives by my writing then I have to get serious about it. In the meantime, I’m sorry for being so lazy. Forgive me? Please? Thank you!
So I titled this “fear moves you out of motion”, sounds a little bit paradoxical yeah? But its true. When you’re scared, all your senses just come to a halt, it’s like someone hit the “pause” button in your life, you can’t think, can’t function. If you think I’m lying, meet a random person and point a gun to their neck and see what happens. (If you get arrested I didn’t send you o!) Anyways, back to the point. There’s all kinds of reasons why people are afraid and its the fear that stops you from pursuing your dreams that I want to address today. For instance, I’m scared that if I start blogging, people won’t visit the site ‘coz am not popular and so I keep all my writing talents buried so deep, no one knows they ever existed. Or I’m scared that if I state my personal values and set boundaries, people will say I’m a nerd and don’t belong here. Or I’m on the chubby and shy side of life so I’m scared that if I try to go chat up this pretty girl she won’t pay any attention to me but rather look over my shoulder to my friend who’s better built and wowing the crowd with his charming smile and witty tongue so I simply swallow saliva, lick my lips and walk past her, staring as though she was the statue of liberty and when she looks at me and smiles, I bump into a wall. Or I’m scared that since the last guy I dated had several of us in his fleet and one of them ended up trying to re-configure my face with acid, thus making me to run for Africa, there’s no point falling in love or trusting again na abi? Afterall, all men are the same! Or am afraid to try something new because I did try once and it went horribly wrong and so I just feel if I try again, it would go wrong again and people will laugh at me.
#phew! Wat a list! If u don’t fit into any of the aforementioned, good for you but believe me when I say the “scaredy cat” list is way longer than the few items I outlined.
Let’s however get down to the issue of solving it. People more often than not will tell you to face your fears but in all sincerity, its way easier said than done. I can honestly say that I’m a very good athlete and so when conditions don’t exactly favour me, I take the “safest” option and run like there was a medal ahead. Funny right? Just so you know, you’re not the only one with fears. Everybody has them. There is no single person on the surface of this earth who has never been scared to do something before. If you think am lying, ask around. It’s only a question of how we handle it. If Jesus Christ was scared that the ones He loved and would willingly give Himself for wanted Him crucified do u honestly think He would have still gone up the cross? I mean think about it, what if He was overwhelmed by the fear that thousands of years later, people would keep making a mockery of His sacrifice on that cross? He would not have died and you and I would not have been redeemed, let alone have any hope of eternal life.
Even I, have my own fears too. You want to know them? I’ll share a couple of them with you
1 sometimes I fear that I may not attract multitudes with my writing… Well I have not stopped writing sha.
2 I just got my heart broken and I’m scared I may not meet someone I’ll click with as much as I did with this guy… Hey, I have chosen to keep an open mind. I have been meeting people and dealing with the fear pretty well.
So let me challenge you today. What is your greatest fear? Face it and you’ll be glad you did. Come on! Seriously! Take a leap of faith. Don’t let fear move you out of motion. Get on your feet! Am waiting! Go do that one thing which you were scared of trying out and I’ll be here waiting to listen and share your joy with you. Who knows? We might even do a little victory dance together.
And if the end result isn’t what you expected? Still let me know and be grateful for whatever result you may get because in truth, you just never know except you try.
I’ll end on this note, a wise man once said, “a wrong decision is better than no decision at all”. I say, facing your fears and coming out with a result you didn’t expect or hope for is way better than never trying at all. Have a swell time y’all. I expect your feedback. Much love!


  1. Lovely piece,
    See the opportunity in every adversity, the calm after the storm. The only the good thing about fear is the euphoria gained after overcoming it. So take the lasting cure, take that leap of Faith, take a step towards that seemingly unachievable feat. Well done U.G, good-luck with the hunt!!!lol


  2. Whao! Wat a nice piece! Am rly proud of U̶̲̥̅̊ gurl. Dnt forget dis- if we actually do all we think of doin, we wl actually astonish ourselves.(TMC class*winks*)


  3. I’ve actually been thinking of the most suitable juxtaposition of words to succinctly ‘adjectivise’ a piece as alluring as this. And over 4hrs later,I’m yet to come out of my limbo of indecision;so I’ve settled with this compromise; this piece is a dose of life-saving hope to those who by the fears of life have been broke(en). Plaudits ma YuGee! (dunno if ah can make dat personalization……..*wink*)


  4. Fear is an immobilizer really. It’s just God’s grace that keeps us and helps us push on to overcome it. Besides how do u know u’ll fail if u don’t first try? And even if u do fail, u know one way NOT to go about it and are even closer to achieving your goal. Nice piece dear.


  5. This is a nice “kick in the behind” for anyone who’s been afraid of launching out into the deep. Inspiring. Every words. And them you’ve mentioned my hometown, Zaria. *dancing*!!!


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