Oceans Apart (16) by Milli

Three Days Later

Behi was devastated. She had not heard from Dozie since their last conversation at the hospital. She slowly recalled everything that had happened.

It was about 9:00am the day after the incident when Dozie opened his eyes. Behi had gone to freshen up and had gotten back to the hospital around 8:00am. Osas had said she will come in much later. She was actually drifting off to sleep when Dozie called her name.


She sat up and looked at him. Seeing that his eyes were opened, she ran to his side and said

“My love!!! you are finally awake”, she said, giving him a forehead kiss

“Why am I in the hospital…what happened…how….”, his voice was quite low.

“Sssh….sssh…baby don’t say anything…just relax”

“I don’t understand…how….

“Dozie…please relax”

It took him a while to sit up and that was when he felt the pain in his back. In a flash he remembered everything that had happened the day before. He knew someone had done something to his back that made him cry out in pain before he fell to the floor.

“Who did this to me..Behi…who hit me from behind?”

Behi did not know what to say. She had already lied to his mother and brother. She could not imagine lying to Dozie again.

“Dozie let me go and call the nurse you must be probably hungry…..”

“Behi please who attacked me?”

Behi took a deep breath before she answered him

“Bimbo…it was Bimbo

“What!….no….I want to believe you are joking”

“He stabbed you with a screw driver…I am so sorry baby…this is all my fault”

Dozie stared into space processing what Behi had just told him. This Bimbo dude had gone too far. What if the injury had been so bad and had damaged some tissue in his body or something? He said a silent to God for saving him. However this time he was really angry with Behi. This revenge frenzy had caused a lot to happen. He just wanted her to leave. He wanted to be alone.



“What…Dozie please”, Behi said and dropped to her knees by his bed side

“Please..Behi…I just want to be alone right now.”

Behi didn’t move

Seeing she didn’t move, Dozie laid down on the bed and turned so that his back was facing her.

Behi felt terrible. He was giving her the silent treatment. This would not be the first time. Whenever he did this, it meant he was really angry. She got up and walked to the door. When she opened it, she looked back at him and said, “I love you Dozie, I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen”. With that, she left his room.


Present Day 5:00pm

Osas called Behi for the umpteenth time but she still did not pick her phone. She wanted to tell her she was leaving the house to the hospital. It had been difficult to get through to her these past few days Dozie had been in the hospital. She had not had time to visit him since Sunday because of work and made up her mind to do so today.

She hoped Dozie was alright. While driving out of her house she decided to stop by and get a card and probably some red grapes for Dozie at a nearby super market. Less than five minutes after she had entered the supermarket, she heard her name.


She turned to see who was calling her. It was Chuki, Bimbo’s friend.

They exchanged pleasantries and after talking about their lives for a while, Chuki asked her if she had gone to visit Bimbo at the hospital.

“I don’t understand…why is Bimbo in the hospital”

“Osas he had a terrible accident like three days ago”

“No way….I…is he alright?” Osas asked, she actually became worried because she knew it was the same night he stabbed Dozie.

“He’s in a pretty bad shape. He still has to stay in the hospital for a while. “

“What hospital?”

“Reddington at VI”

“Okay…thanks for the info…take care of you”


Osas brought out her phone and dialed Behis number again. Still there was no answer. She assumed she was in the hospital. As she drove, she thought about Bimbo. He had behaved terribly but she knew there was some good in him somewhere. He was not a bad person. When she got to Dozie’s room, Emeka was just about leaving. She was surprised when she saw that Behi was not there.

“How are you feeling Dozie…brought some things for you”

“I’m better…how is your friend?”

“Erm…I thought she has been here and has left

“Well I told her to leave…we have not spoken for a few days”

Osas could not believe her ears and from that she was able to figure out that her friend was really sad.

“No wonder…It has been difficult reaching her these past few days. Dozie, please forgive her I am sure she is regrets this and had learnt her lesson”.

“Why didn’t you stop her? Her silly, immature behaviour made that useless Bimbo guy stab me”, Dozie said raising his voice.

“Dozie please I never expected him to do that….”

“Osas”, Dozie said cutting her off.

“You are going to sit and tell me every single thing that happened between Behi and this Bimbo guy because I am still clueless and yes thank you for lying to my brother and mother.”

At this point Osas felt really hurt.

Dozie…please just relax when you get better we can talk about it

“I’m waiting Osas” Dozie said looking straight into her eyes.

Osas knew from his look that she could not get out of this one.

“Bimbo is her ex boyfriend…..”

Osas told Dozie everything she knew about Bimbo and Behi. He actually felt bad for her. This Bimbo really was not a nice guy at all. However she had gone too far.

“You know at this point Osas I don’t even know what to do. My family could press charges…”

“No Dozie don’t even think about it…Bimbo’s father is a powerful man and has strong connections”

“He stabbed me for crying out…who does he think he is..he just feels he…”

“He’s in the hospital as well”​`


“He had an accident and I am pretty sure it was the same day he stabbed you.”

“Wow…is he getting better?”

“Heard he’s in a pretty bad shape”

“Hmmm two guys in the hospital because of a woman.”

“Well you have to admit that this one is a rare breed”. Osas said smiling.

Dozie laughed a little. Hearing Osas say that made him calm down. Behi was his everything.

“I really love her you know”

“I know you do”

The stared at each other a while and finally Dozie said, “Fine I will call her…Emeka has given me back my phone.”

“Yay!!! Let’s just close this Bimbo chapter in our lives.”

Dozie knew it was the right thing to do but a part of him really wanted to beat the life out of Bimbo. He was a terrible human and had treated his Behi like she was a piece of trash. He did not know if he could ever forgive him for stabbing him.

“I have to go now dear” Osas said standing up. “Please call her…I am sure she’s devastated. She has not picked any of my calls all day”

“I will”

“I apologise for everything that has happened..I know it is hard but please just let it go.”

“Hmmm…..I will try”

“Bye Dozie”

“Bye dear”

Dozie did not want to forgive Bimbo. “You can’t just go away scot free”, he said to himself. ‘I am going to get back at you”

“There is no need for this”

Dozie knew who was talking to him.

“I gave my son for you”

“Lord I know you saved me from this ordeal but I don’t know if I can just let it go”

“If you don’t ..you are doing the exact same thing Behi did”

He was right. It was exactly the same thing Behi did.. just in another way.

“Dear lord please give me the strength to let this go…I beg you…I cannot do it on my own”

With that he picked up his phone and called Behi.

She picked on the first ring


“It’s fine Behi…it’s okay….Osas has told me everything and I forgive you..let’s just try to move past this.

“Thankyou…thank you so much Dozie..you don’t know how much this means to me”.

“However you need to do something.”

“Anything Dozie…just tell me and I will do it.”

“You have to tell my mum and Emeka the truth. They deserve to know.”

Behi’s heart sank when she heard those words.

“Are you there?”

“Yes….yes I am”.

“So you will do the needful”



“I will”

“Fine…I will talk to you later…bye”





Oceans Apart (15) by Milli

NNPC Hospital, Muri Okunola 11:55pm

Behi sat down on one of the long hospital seats with Emeka and his mum. All three were silent, not saying a word to one another. They were all lost in their thoughts while they waited for the doctor to give them an update on Dozie’s condition.

Dozie’s mother thought about him and kept on praying to God that he would be okay. He was her first son and she could not fathom the thought of losing him. She would never be the same again. She wondered why someone would do something so cruel and terrible. Dozie was a peaceful boy and did not look for anyone’s trouble. Why was he the target of the hoodlums that attacked him? She thanked God silently that nothing had happened to Behi. That would have been worse. She tried her best not to question God and kept on praying to God to take control of the situation.

Emeka thought about his older brother. He had always been the wild one while Dozie was the calm and responsible one. He had covered up for him numerous times when he had gone partying but at some point Dozie began to make him see and understand that life was not all about having fun but about making something meaningful out of it. He had also encouraged him to attend church more frequently and to be honest it had made him a better person. If not for Dozie he would have turned out to be a useless chap. He wondered why this thing had happened to him. They were supposed to be going back to London the next day but clearly that was not happening. He felt angry that such a thing should happen to such a good person. He looked at his mum and then at Behi. The both of them had cried their eyes out earlier and he had comforted them. He tried his best not to cry. His mum’s eyes were closed and he knew very well that she was praying. Behi was just staring into space. He didn’t know if he should move towards her and assure her once again that everything would be fine. She really looked like she was lost in thought so he decided to leave her.

Behi thought about her sweetheart Dozie. All she felt was guilt. Everything was her fault. If she had not started this whole revenge plan all this would not have happened. One silly stupid urge to get back at Bimbo had caused all this. She was devastated. Only Osas knew the truth: Bimbo stabbed Dozie in the back. She had to tell Osas to leave the hospital and go home. She insisted she would stay but Behi told her she had done enough for one day. Vivian stayed a while in the hospital as well. She exchanged numbers with her and asked to be kept updated. Another thing that made her feel terrible was that she had lied to his mum and brother. She told them they were attacked by some robbers. She was crying while telling them and Osas helped her complete the lie explaining they came out from nowhere and attacked them. Dozie was proving stubborn so they stabbed him and ran away. Behi could just not tell them the truth for now.

She could not believe that Bimbo had done such. He was a heartless fellow. She recalled how he had literally chased everything in skirt while they were together. On two occasions she had caught him at home in bed with another girl. He was her first boyfriend and she had really fallen hard for him. He was quite the gentleman and yes he had enough money to splash around. Things started out really well between them and she had even imagined them getting married, having a fancy wedding. However as time went on, he changed into a totally different person. One thing she hated herself for was that she always forgave him and stayed in the relationship. He had this charming smile that always melted her heart. He always bought her expensive gifts as well and always made her feel like a princess with his words. She eventually ended up sleeping with him because he pressured her to do so making her believe it was because she wasn’t doing so that he was cheating. However even after that he didn’t change one bit. She would forever regret doing so. She had tagged it the biggest mistake of her life. She admitted that she was naïve and it was her sister who finally pushed her to break up with him. She had endured his misbehavior for two good years.

Dozie was a hundred percent different form Bimbo. He was like a breath of fresh air. She had been a bit skeptical about dating anyone after Bimbo but Dozie proved himself to be worthy of her. She could tell him anything and everything and he never for once judged her when she did something silly. He always went the extra mile for her and made sure on one messed with her. He made her a better person. She had to admit that she was really selfish. In all of this, she never thought about Dozie and how he would feel. Now he was lying down on a hospital bed because of her.

Emeka decided to go sit closer to Behi. He held her hand and said. 

“He will be alright… I am sure he will pull through.”

“I hope so…Behi said as tears filled her eyes.”

“But what really happened?”

“Someone…one of the robbers stabbed him with a screwdriver”

“I know but why would anyone want to do that?”

“I have no idea.”

Emeke and Dozie looked so alike and his face only reminded her of Dozie’s.

Finally the doctor came out of the room where Dozie was and all three stood up waiting for his response.

“Please tell me my son is okay!!! Dozie’s mum cried

“You son is now stable and is doing fine. We were able to remove the screwdriver from his back successfully.” He has not woken up yet but I am sure he will do so soon”.

“Thank God…Imela Chineke please let me go and see him.”


Reddington Hospital , Idowu Martins, 1:30am

“Deji!!!!!…hmmm….nothing must happen to my son o!!!! Mrs Adekoya cried out to her estranged husband pulling his shirt.

“Erm Kemi can you just calm down and let us wait for the doctor to update us.”

“E me ke!…calm down?! My only child is in a critical condition and you want me to calm down…”

“Please Kemi this is a hospital. There are other people here. Please just try and calm down.

Kemi sat down and kept quiet. Bimbo was a handful just like his father but she loved him so much and did not want anything to happen to him. She had been separated from his dad for a while and she knew it had affected him a lot. He had always been given what he wanted just to compensate for the time she had not been there for him. Deji also did the same as he always had one meeting or conference to attend out of town. She had to admit that they had not been the best of parents to him. He had always been in the middle of all their fights and arguments until he finally made the decision to move out of Deji’s house which was well…her former house. She wondered what he had been doing that made him have such a fatal accident. The car was a write off. She was really thankful that he was still alive although he was in critical condition. She prayed that he would be alright.

Chief Deji Adekoya sat silently in the chair thinking about his son. Bimbo was a strong willed young chap just like him. When he and Kemi started having issues in their marriage, she moved out of the house but Bimbo decided to stay with him. He had always told him to be persistent if he really wanted something and although this was somewhat good advice it usually caused major fights between them. He silently hoped it was not his strong will that made him have such a terrible accident. He admitted he had not been the best father because he was hardly around and Bimbo had to make certain important decisions by himself. He vowed in his mind that when Bimbo gets out of this he would be a better father to him.

“Chief”, the doctor called coming out of Bimbo’s room.

“Ah my good friend…Williams..please how is my son doing?”

Doctor Williams had been their family doctor for a long time.

“Ah….doctor please I hope he is still alive o….please tell me he is still alive” Kemi cried

Deji got a bit irritated. Did she have to be so loud all the time? he thought to himself.

“Kemi, Deji, Bimbo is stable now although he legs were quite damaged.”

“A ye mi o” Kemi cried.

“Kemi please” Deji said using he hand to tell her to calm down.

“He may not be able to walk for now and may have to use crutches and his wounds would take quite some time to heal…we have to keep him here for some time he still needs to be monitored.”

“Thankyou Doctor Williams the most important thing is that he is alive.”

“Exactly…Deji I will do my best to make sure he recovers as quickly as possible”.

“Thankyou Doctor”

“I suggest you go home and get some rest Chief”


“Behi you can come home with us…don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon.”

“No I rather just stay here.”

“My daughter please you need to rest”

Behi felt a wave a guilt when she heard those words

“It’s okay ma…I will stay”

“Okay but please make sure you leave by day break okay?”

“Okay Ma, Thankyou ma”

When they left, she just stood looking at Dozie…couple of wires were stuck to him and his eyes were closed.

She took his hand and tears formed in her eyes again. “Baby I am so so sorry, you really did not deserve any of this. She kissed his hand and dropped it on the bed. It was 2:30am and she was tired. She sat down on the chair and sent Osas an update of all that had happened. Before she knew it she drifted off to sleep.


Reddington Hospital, Idowu martins, 7:30am

Bimbo opened his eyes. He did not know when he was. He looked around and then after sometime he realised he was in a hospital. He tried to sit up but he could not do so. He was in a lot of pain especially around his lower body. The events of last night quickly flashed through his mind. He suddenly became agitated. He had to get out from there. What if the police were looking for him? He tried to get up again but the pain was too much to bear. He thought about Dozie and actually hoped he was alright. He hoped he was not dead but the thought of him being dead kept coming to his mind. He lay down on the bed again and closed his eyes. “I am done for” he thought as a single tear rolled down his cheek.






Oceans Apart (Update)

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Oceans Apart (14) by Milli

“You are here….like here… in Lagos”. Vivian said. She really couldn’t believe it.

“Yes I have been around for some time…waiting for someone”

“Oh…okay..erm…I came to hang out with some friends.”

“Oh that’s nice.”

“Some of them are here already but I could sit with you until the person you are waiting for gets here”

Dozie really didn’t want that. Talking would probably lead them talking about what had happened in Amara’s house the last time and he could already feel some uneasy tension.

‘Nah…that won’t be necessary you can go and meet your friends.”

Bimbo parked his car and walked into the restaurant he was able to recognise Dozie’s face. Apparently he was talking to a girl. He walked up to them and introduced himself to them.

“Good evening… Bimbo Adekoya” he said stretching his hand towards Dozie. Dozie was actually relieved that he came just in time so Vivian could leave. Dozie did not shake his hand and simply said. “Good Evening…look I really do not have time let’s just get straight to why we are here. At this point, Vivian was confused. Dozie noticed the puzzled look on her face and apologized. “I’m sorry Vivian it just has not been a very good day for me.”

“Okay…I’m going to meet my friends now”. We can talk later if you want.”


“Hmmm…she is a pretty one.” Bimbo said smiling

“I know… I am not blind.” Dozie said rather coldly. “Can we just get straight to the point?”

“Let me order some drinks first”. Bimbo said, smiling.


Behi and Osas were outside the restaurant. They had seen Dozie and Bimbo’s cars parked outside.

“Now listen to me. You are going to go in there, walk up to where they are sitting, interrupt them if possible, take Dozie away and tell him everything.” I will wait in the car.” Osas told her friend.

“Huh you are not coming with me…please I need support”, Behi said sadly as she held Osas’s hand.

“I am here for you but you are going to have to do this on your own.


She took a deep breath and walked into the restaurant and looked around and saw the Dozie and Bimbo sitting together. Dozie did not look happy at all however Bimbo was all smiles. He was such a mean person. She had to fight for her relationship. She was not going to let Bimbo ruin it. She walked up to them and said:

“Hi Bimbo…I need to talk to my boyfriend right now.”

“Wow look who is here”. Bimbo said.  

“Behi…what are you doing here?” Dozie asked. He was surprised.

‘”I need to talk to you now Dozie”

“To tell him what Behi, please quit pretending you are nothing but a cheat”

“I still don’t understand what is going on, but do not talk to my girlfriend like that,” Dozie said rather coldly and sternly to Bimbo.

“Hmmm you are still calling her your girlfriend after all these pictures.” She probably lied to you every single time she was with me…I mean she couldn’t have told you she was with another guy right. She’s a cheat man, I know it’s hard to believe but she is not different from all those Lagos sluts out there.”

Behi had had it. She was extremely angry and she was not her best when she was. Acting on impulse she raised her hand and gave Bimbo a slap in the face. “Dozie all I would say is that if you believe anything this arrogant fool says I will be extremely disappointed in you.” With that she walked out of the restaurant. Bimbo still had his hand on the cheek where Behi had slapped him. He was in shock. Dozie still sat down. He was as confused as ever. He had never seen Behi so angry in his life before but a part of him found it rather feisty and he could feel a smile creeping around his lips.

Bimbo finally removing his hand from his cheek said, “Is that the kind of girlfriend you want to have.”

“Let me hear what you have to say,” Dozie said trying to conceal his smile.


“Babe please what happened in there,” Osas asked. Behi had come into the car very furious.

“Please let’s just go home.”

“Er…no you are going to tell me what happened in there…I know how you can be when you get angry.”

“Fine….. I lost it, because that Bimbo insulted me in there…who the hell does he think he is…”

“And Dozie?”, Osas asked, interrupting Behi.


“Dozie….what did you tell him?”

“Well I…I told him if he believes what Bimbo says then I will be very disappointed in him.”

“Hmmm Nice”,

“And yes I slapped Bimbo”


“I said I slapped Bimbo”

There was silence for a few seconds

“You go girl!!!!!! Osas said and gave her friend a high five. “He needed that slap a long time ago”.

“Yep…you said it. Okay fine, we would wait till they come out and then I will tell him everything”, Behi said.


Dozie was not exactly listening to what Bimbo was saying but he had picked up a few things. He was thinking about Behi. He could tell she was really angry and furious. He really needed to listen to her. Bimbo just made her look bad. Apparently he mentioned Behi had other boyfriends she was seeing and even said he had caught her twice with two different guys and different times and all that. Deep down he already knew Bimbo was a phony and just wanted to get back at Behi but he just didn’t know what the reason was. He didn’t believe a word Bimbo said. He should have never indulged him in the first place. When Bimbo was finally done, he said “You really need to let her go. You don’t deserve such.”

“Yea I will think about it.”

“When are you going back to London”.


“Okay was nice meeting you, I’m sorry we had to meet this way.”

“It’s fine.”


Vivian had been watching what had been going since she had left Dozie to sit with her friends. As Dozie walked out, she immediately excused herself, left her friends and quickly followed him.

Less than a minute after he walked out of the restaurant, he heard his name. It was Vivan…again.

He turned around and well he had to admit she looked really pretty,

“I just wanted to know if you were okay, I couldn’t help but notice there was an issue in there.” She said holding his hand.

“Everything is okay now thanks for asking.”

“So…erm when are you going back….

Dozie was not ready for any conversation but he had actually not been so nice to her since the last incident. He didn’t call or chat her up and on the days she did, he replied with one or two word answers so he decided to stay for a while.


Behi had seen Dozie walk out of the restaurant and seen the girl who had quickly run out to catch up with him. What annoyed her the most was that she was holding his hand.

“Ooohhhh who is this one now and why is she holding his hand?” Behi said irritated.

Osas couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s jealousy. ‘It’s obviously someone he knows now.”

“I’m going out to meet them…I need to talk to Dozie.”

“Babe…chill…..” Osas tried to stop Behi.

Before she finished her sentence, or could drag her back, Behi was already out of the car.

“I will be leaving soon…tomorrow actually….” Dozie said. He was still talking with Vivian.

“Oh…I see….erm I wanted to… erm…someone is walking towards us.” Vivian said as Behi walked up towards them.

“Hi..I am Behi..his girlfriend…sorry to interrupt but I need to steal him away for some time.”

“Its’s fine.” Vivian said with a small smile

“Erm this is Vivian…my friend I was with the day we first met….at the play..where I broke your glasses…..remember?” Dozie said.

“Really, Oh wow..Vivian”. With that she gave Vivian a big hug.

“Nice to see you again Behi…erm..I guess I’ll go back in now.”


Vivian walked back into the restaurant.

“Can I talk to you now?” Behi asked Dozie.

Dozie looked at her for some time and started laughing.

Behi was confused.

“That slap was epic…never knew you had it in you.”

“Well I was really angry.” Behi said relieved that was the reason he was laughing and started laughing as well.

“I know we have a lot to talk about and I know your friend is around somewhere. No matter what I hear from this moment I will still take you back home tonight. I don’t want to you and her going home all by yourselves by the time we are both done here because it will be quite late by then. So tell her she can go home.”

“Still so sweet and protective after all this drama”, Behi said and gave him a hug.”

Dozie couldn’t imagine himself pulling away from her and hugged her tightly too.


Bimbo was happy with himself and even stayed back to watch some football game showing on the TV. However he could not believe that Behi slapped him. She had really overstepped her boundaries. He finally decided it was time to leave. He stepped out of the restaurant and walked to his car. He noticed two people not too far off from his car all loved up and shook his head. He then took a closer look and noticed it was Dozie and Behi. He froze and opened his mouth in surprise. No way….this couldn’t be happening he thought to himself. First she made him look like a fool and dumped him then she slapped him in a public place and called him arrogant. He felt the anger building up within him. After all his stories her boyfriend still wanted to be with her. No she was not going to get away with this. She had to pay. Without thinking he opened a compartment in his car and brought out a screwdriver. He stared at it for some time breathing heavily. Then he walked slowly towards them trying to be as quiet as possible.


Behi’s head was buried in Dozie shoulder so she didn’t see when Bimbo crept behind Dozie. He felt a sharp pain as the screwdriver went into his back and let out a loud cry and fell to the ground. Behi screamed and Bimbo put his hand over her mouth. “Don’t you dare tell anyone I did this.” With that, he ran away quickly and left her screaming for help. He quickly got in his car, started the engine and drove out of the restaurant parking lot onto the express road.

He sped crazily on the road because he was actually afraid that someone might have seen him or someone was chasing him. A million thoughts were running through his mind.

“What if I actually killed Dozie”, “It was just a screw driver”, “Would Behi tell anyone”. He said thinking out loud. He could feel his body shaking. He had gone too far this time.

“Calm down…Bimbo….you need to calm down.” He told himself.

At some point he had to slow down a bit because the car in front of him was not moving fast enough. He honked a couple of times but the driver of the car didn’t increase his speed.

Bimbo became irritated and decided to overtake the car but unfortunately he did not know that a truck had been packed on the other lane which he wanted to get to. He did not see the truck and before he knew it he crashed into it.


Big thanks to everyone who has been reading this series. However Oceans Apart will be going on a two week break. See you all on 6th of October.



Oceans Apart (13) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

Next Morning

Dozie looked at his phone for the umpteenth time. He was feeling all sorts of things. Anger, disgust, betrayal, hurt and so on. Pictures of Behi with some dude in different places. She looked really happy in the pictures. In fact the Bimbo guy had put the date and time each picture was taken. He had gone through each picture very carefully. He didn’t reply or send anything to Bimbo. Another message had come in this morning saying if he wanted to know more they could meet up. An address and phone number was there as well. He felt like he was in a movie. He could tell two of the pictures were recent because she had the same hairdo she was on when he had surprised her.  He didn’t know what to think. Another thing that really hurt him was the last line “P.s Eno knew about this.” How could Eno have known such and not said anything. Behi was coming around soon she definitely had a lot of explaining to do.

Behi looked at herself in the mirror one more time and said a silent prayer to God asking Him to forgive her and help her through the whole ordeal. She also prayed that Dozie would be able to understand the whole situation. After the prayer she took a deep breath and left for Dozie’s house. She wore a bright coloured top and a pair of jeans with very light makeup. On getting to the house she knocked and Emeka opened the door.

“Hey dear…Dozie is upstairs in his room.”

“Okay thanks Emeka… hope you are fine.”

“Yes I am… although I already miss mama’s cooking”

Behi laughed.

“I wish I had a girlfriend too o…I’m doing all my running around myself.”

“It’s you that is not ready …”

“Girls my age have plenty wahala…maybe when I’m Dozie’s age…let me not keep you waiting jare he’s waiting for you.”

“Okay dearie..cheers”

Emeka was such a nice cool guy Behi thought as she went upstairs to Dozie’s room. Maybe she could hook him up with one of her younger cousins. She decided she would tell Dozie and seek his opinion.

She knocked on the door and Dozie told her to come in.

“Hi booboo,” she said sounding all cheerful and moved towards him to give him a hug.

“Hi”, Dozie said rather coldly not making any move to hug her.

“Ah ah….why are you sounding like that, abi you are feeling homesick already?” Behi said teasing him.

“Care to explain the meaning of all this?”,Dozie said giving her his phone.

Behi looked puzzled and took the phone from him. Her eyes opened in surprise when she saw it. Bimbo had struck, he had sent the pictures they took together to Dozie.

“Dozie I can explain…I….”

“So while I was away you were having the time of your life with someone else….who is he? you better start talking now!!!”

Tears welled up in Behi’s eyes. She could see the big picture now. She had no clue that this silly revenge plan was going to mess up her relationship.

“I’m waitng…”

“It’s not what you think my love..it’s…it’s….”

“You can’t even talk….I feel so betrayed right now…”

“Dozie please”… She could not even find the words to speak

“Obehi if you are not ready to talk then you might as well get out of this house…I’m going to that address to meet up with the person so he can tell me more about your frolicking around. I thought you were different…I really thought you were.”

With that he snatched his phone from her took his keys and left.

Behi broke down and cried her eyes out.

Getting downstairs he dialed the number that was sent to him.

“Hello it’sDozie”

“Why I thought you will never call” The voice over the phone said cheerfully.

“Where did you get those pictures from and who is the guy in the picture

“The guy in the picture is me”


“Yea…I am Bimbo…Bimbo Adekoya….you see you supposed girlfriend and I have a little history…just meet me at that address and I will tell you everything you need to know she is not the person you thought she was.”

“You know I rather you tell me now…over the phone”.

“Oh comeon…lets meet up and talk over a few drinks…that address I gave you is actually the address of a nice hang out spot…let’s talk about what was really going on while you were away”. You see a nice guy like you deserves to know..don’t you think?”

“Look…I will call you back later”.  Before Bimbo said anything else he hung up the phone.

Dozie sunk in one of the chairs beside him. Behi was still upstairs. He didn’t know what to do. Was he really going to meet up with some stranger to tell him what she had been doing or was he going to hear Behi’s side of the story first…he was so angry…he looked at the pictures one more time and the time each had been taken. They were mostly between the hours of 8 and 9pm and four of the pictures were taken the same period while he was having his exams. During that period she had decided to give him space to study and while he was doing that she was with this Bimbo dude. This meant she had lied every time she said she was home or when she said she was working late.

He was enraged. He had been so silly. He stormed upstairs and opened the door. She was sitting at a corner of the bed. She looked up at him and he noticed she had cried her eyes out. At the moment all the anger he felt somehow faded away and he felt the urge to hold her but he couldn’t bring himself to. She didn’t deserve to be comforted right now. In all of this he hated seeing her when she was sad. He walked towards her and sat down beside her. He held her hands in his. He knew there was some sort of explanation for this.

“Behi…I am giving you one last chance to explain what these pictures are all about if not I am going to leave you and go and hear it from Bimbo himself.”

“What did he tell you…please don’t believe anything he says…I beg you..he just wants to get back at me.” Behi pleaded.

“He has not told me anything…except for well…he said you are not the person I think you are.”

At the point her phone rang. It was Eno and Dozie could see the name clearly.

“Eno…hmmm…He knew all about this right?”  Dozie said raising his voice a little. He could feel the anger welling up in hum again

“Dozie …please understand…he was just trying to protect you.”

“Wait…how did he even get your number?” Dozie asked with anger and confusion in his voice.

“He got it from your phone…he really needed to talk to me”

“You know what I rather listen to a stranger’s side of the story…I am sick of all this. He knew you were with someone else and did not mention it.”

“Dozie he didn’t want you to be worried.”

Dozie took his phone and dialed Bimbo’s number.  When he picked up he said, “This evening by 7pm… no funny games”

“7pm it is”. Bimbo said.

“I’m going out to clear my head but honestly I really do not think I want to see you here when I get back…bye Behi.” With that he walked out of the room.

Bimbo could not be happier. Dozie really wanted to meet up with him. The next plan was simple: Tarnish Behi’s image by saying horrible things about her. He would simply just reverse the roles of what had happened between them in the past. Things were working out perfectly well.


Eno was distraught. Behi had told him everything that had happened. It was unfortunate Bimbo had gotten to Dozie before she did. She was crying over the phone as they spoke. He tried to calm her down and advised her to also go to the address Bimbo had sent to Dozie. He told her to go with Osas. Knowing Bimbo very well, he figured he would probably make up some silly story about her. Behi thanked him and proceeded to call Osas to keep her up to speed with things.

Same Day  6.35pm

Dozie sat down and waited patiently for Bimbo to arrive. He really felt like he was in a movie. Earlier when he left Behi he braced himself up to be able to take in what Bimbo had to tell him that evening. All sorts of things had run through his mind but he shoved them off. In all of this he knew Behi was sorry but he had to get to the bottom of things first.


His thoughts were interrupted and he turned around to see the female voice that had called his name. It was the last person he expected to see.

It was Vivian.

Waiting for Ileri


Ilerioluwa has been gone for 10 months, 9 days, 8 minutes and 7 seconds. You know that because right after that final hug at the airport in Lagos, a timer had gone off on your phone, curating the length of time he would be gone for.

If anyone ever told you you could stay that long without seeing him, you would have laughed at the absurdity of the thought alone. You were not a long distance type of girl and with all your previous relationships, the moment distance jumped into the equation, you were quick to jump out. But something about Ilerioluwa gives you hope and strengthens your heart.

Perhaps that something is in his name- Promise; Ileri’s love is a promise of consistency, sufficiency and contentment. His heart feels like home. So even though he leaves often you rest assured that he will always come back to you. He takes a part of you with him every time he leaves, yet leaves you hopeful that someday, all your parts will be made whole again. And in the past 2 years he has kept that promise. Your parts usually come together again in a matter of weeks.

But these 10 months, 9 days, 8 minutes and 27 seconds have been the longest and your heart feels like it cannot take another extra second away from home. So when he calls tonight, you rend his heart with your doubts which have lately been overwhelming. You decline his request for a skype call because you do not want to have to look into those brown eyes that will be guaranteed to drown your fears. You have made yourself at home with doubts and there appears to be no room left to indulge hope.

“I need you to trust me baby.” Ileri pleads.

But you see, trust is fragile and so is your heart, and distance becomes the weight that forces a crack on both.

“When are you coming back?”

“I don’t know my love. Getting time off work has been impossible. The projects keep dragging. Everyone is frustrated.

Will you go see my mum? Spend a weekend with her?”

The prospect is tempting. Iya Ileri is a cannonball of happiness. Surely a weekend with her will help rid you of the blues. Her destiny trapping ayamase will soothe your aching heart and her cuddles will make you feel whole again, if only for a few days. You contemplate in silence and because Ileri knows you well, he seizes the moment.

“Please baby, go spend some time with her. And then bring back gist of your most scintillating gossip.”

You laugh. Iya Ileri always fills your itchy ears with tales from Ileri’s childhood; tales of how his curiosity landed him in trouble multiple times or how his wagging tongue earned him countless lashings from his strict disciplinarian father. Tales of how he chopped off his older sisters’ beautiful curls in their sleep because they had beaten him earlier in the day. For every visit, there was a new story or an old one with some new detail.

When the weekend comes and you show up at hers, it is a tale of lost love and the girl who crushed Ileri’s heart by refusing to wait for his return from his Master’s degree. Iya Ileri sees through your soul and even though you say nothing of the doubts you entertain, she tries to dispel them with her warmth and effusive love.

“I miss him too you know,” she begins

“And I often feared that he would marry someone I couldn’t get along with. Someone who would take him away from me forever. But with you, I no longer have that fear. I know he will always come home.”

You smile and hug her. Your tummy is bulging from the heavy meal it has been blessed with but even while your arms are wrapped around her, she calls for Suwe, the little kid who lives with her to bring you some goat meat peppersoup. Iya Ileri is the very definition of killing someone with enjoyment.

“Mummy, I am full, I promise. There’s no space again.”

“Just small,” she insists. And to the kid she yells, “sare sare!”


Later that night, as you drift off to sleep cuddled in Iya Ileri’s arms, you hear her whisper.

“Ileri will come back to you dear daughter. He is nothing like his father.”


Song of the Day: ‘Wait for Me’- Johnny Drille

Oceans Apart (12) by Milli

Oceans Apart-1

The next two weeks were simply the best of Behi’s life. Her boo was in town and they were having the time of their lives. Osas had kept mute about what Bimbo told her because she did not want Behi to worry. Social media had become Behi’s second best friend while Dozie was around. She had put up most of their pictures online telling the world he was just the best boo ever. From movies to parties, stage plays, award shows, dinners and of course lots of gifts, cuddles and kisses she was the happiest girl in the world. Dozie was elated as well. For him, if Behi was happy, he was happy. All the worries he had about their relationship had vanished as well. He wondered why he was even ever worried in the first place. Behi was definitely the love of his life.

Bimbo on the other hand had been monitoring the love birds’ every move. Behi had the perfect timing. Dumped him and then before he knew it, her boyfriend was back from London for holidays. Her Instagram page told him all he needed to know. The silly girl did not block him at all. Well he had his plan already it was quite simple. He knew Dozie’s Instagram handle as well and when the time was right, he would simply send him some of the pictures he took with her while they were hanging out with a simple message. “What your darling girlfriend was up to while you were away”. The pictures to be sent were the ones in which they were extremely close. He did not know when Dozie was leaving but he hoped he could send the pictures maybe a day or two before he left. Eno had called him a million times but he did not answer any of his calls. He knew he would try and stop him from getting back at Behi.


Eno had failed in getting through to Bimbo and he was really worried. He had no clue what his friend was up too. When Bimbo got angry or hurt when someone had offended him, he always took it to the extreme.  He decided he would reach out to Behi and tell her to be careful as Bimbo could be really dangerous. He had been talking to Dozie as well and he and Behi were in a very good place. He was coming back in three days a very happy guy. It seemed Bimbo had not done anything yet but he knew his friend was up to something. He decided to try Bimbo one last time and picked up his phone to call him. To his surprise, Bimbo actually picked up.

“Yes can I help you?”, Bimbo said.

“Why have you not been picking my calls?”

“Hehehehe…didn’t feel like and before you say anything, don’t you even bother to talk me out of getting back at Behi. If that’s what you called for just cut the line and don’t bother wasting your time and credit.”

“It’s not worth it Bimbo…this will not end well”

“I knew it…cutting the line now…bye..”

Before he cut the line Eno quickly said

“If you had listened to me in the first place all this will not have happened, be wise and take my advice this time.”

There was silence for a moment

‘Let’s be sincere Bimbo…you said you have fallen her and all..if you really have why do you still want to hurt her. After you probably mess up her relationship with Dozie do you think she would run back to you?”

“I don’t care”

“She will only hate you more dear friend, do not let your hurt and resentment get the better of you. Let this go. All of this is simply because you can’t have her. I know you well. Once you cannot get what you want it’s a problem…a big problem.

Bimbo had to admit that his friend was right. Apart from how she had played him earlier, He had become consumed with jealousy because she was with someone else. However he mind was made up…there was no going back.

Eno tried his best again but to no avail. Immediately the phone call ended, he dialed Behi’s number. She picked up after two rings.

‘Hello who is this”…she sounded a bit down.

They had only communicated via social media messages so she did not have his number.

‘It’s Eno…is Dozie with you?”

“No he is not….Eno you have to help me”

“What are you okay?”

‘It’s your friend Bimbo”

“That’s exactly why I am calling”

Before his phone call, Osas had told Behi about her last conversation with Bimbo. Behi then told her how Eno had reached out to her. Osas knew Eno as well but she had also had no clue he and Dozie knew each other. Apparently while Behi and Bimbo were still together he liked her and had tried dating her but she was a handful, a bit too adventurous for him. He had always wondered how she and Behi could be best friends.

Behi told Eno what Bimbo had said to Osas. The three of them were confused because they did not know what he was planning. Putting Eno on speaker phone, the conversation continued,

“Okay we need to think….does Bimbo have anything on you..anything he can use to set you up?” Eno said

“Hmm that’s true..pictures…videos…erm you guys didn’t go all the way right” Osas said as she  looked at her friend rather suspiciously.

Eno at the other end did not want to believe that such could have happened.

“We didn’t do anything of that sort!!!!” Behi said with a raised voice she was annoyed that Osas would think that.

“Well you cannot blame me Behi I warned you but…” Osas shouted

“Oh please Osas your scolding is the last thing I need right now” Behi shouted back

“I’m trying to help you out here and you are talking to me this way. Maybe I should never told you Dozie was coming around I…”

“Girls girls…please!!!!!! Eno shouted “We have a situation here and you both think this is the best time to start fighting. Please calm down”.

“I’m sorry Osas…..it’s just….I mean…you know what Bimbo did to me…he took advantage of me…he took advantage of my innocence….he…”

“Behi its okay…I know the story..let’s just try and handle this.”

“It’s okay Behi”. Eno said.  ”I admit that Bimbo was not good to you at all. He…”

“Pictures…” Behi said.

“We took quite a number of pictures on our outings….he has a couple of them on his phone”.

“Okay…what else…”,Eno asked.

“That’s all… just pictures”.

“Behi, what kind of pictures” Osas asked slowly.

“Pictures of us all loved up together…wait…I hope he does not know Dozie is in town”.

With that she quickly grabbed her phone and blocked him on instagram. Unfortunately she was too late. Bimbo knew everything.

“Behi…I’m sorry to say but he knows Dozie is around. Apparently he has been stalking your page.” Eno said rather sadly

“I am so silly! How could I have forgotten?” Behi cried.

“You were probably so excited Dozie was coming you forgot about everything else.” Osas said putting her hand around her shoulder.

“Behi..the best thing would be to tell Dozie everything” Eno said.

“Tell him everything before Bimbo strikes right.”

“Yes Behi, Osas said. “The truth is all he needs to know…I’m always here for you if you need me.”

“He’s going to think I am a terrible person.” Behi said devastated.

“Things might probably be shaky for a while but if there’s one thing I know. He really loves you…It might take a while for him to understand but he will come around.” Eno said.

“Okay, Osas and Eno thank you so much…I don’t know how I would have handled this if I was alone.” With that they said their good byes. Behi was supposed to see Dozie the next day to help him out with packing and any other thing he needed to do last minute. She decided she would use the opportunity to tell him.

Meanwhile…Same Day 11.00pm

Bimbo had carefully selected the pictures he was going to send to Dozie.  He opened up Instagram and did the needful. Five pictures sent with the caption. “What your girlfriend was up to while you were away. P.S Eno knew all about this…goodnight.” and pressed the send button. The events to follow after this would be quite interesting he thought to himself with an evil smile. He put his phone away and went to sleep.