Oceans Apart (2) by Milli

Still waiting for his flight Dozie continued to recall how he had met his lovely sweetheart Behi…….. Their eyes had met in the theater and almost immediately she stood up and walked out. He suddenly felt the urge to follow her and acted on impulse and stood up from his seat. Vivian who had now dropped her phone saw him hurriedly standing up to go out.

 “Where are you going” she asked

“I’ll be back soon”…. He said quickly

He walked out of the theater and looked around for her but there was no sign of her. He was a bit disappointed and started to walk back into the theater when lo and behold he saw her. He could see her very well this time she was slim, kind of tall but not too tall and looked quite simple with a pair of jeans and tank top. She had braids on which was wrapped in a bun on the top of her head which made her look taller. She was on the phone and when she got off the phone she put it back in her bag. He quickly walked up to her and said

“I am really sorry about your glasses I can tell you were really upset when you walked out of the theater”

She looked at him and said ,“It’s….. okay had an extra pair in the car”

“That’s good…erm can we see after the play I feel I really owe u a better apology….maybe I could take you out for a drink or something”

Behi was tempted to say yes. She could see the dude who knocked off her glasses very well now. She had to admit that he was handsome and was much taller than she was. She sighed in her mind. She had just gotten off the phone with her ex…. Bimbo…. whom she hadn’t exactly gotten over. He was calling to well…. check up on her. She had told herself a million times she wouldn’t pick his calls but oh well she couldn’t stop herself and the most annoying part was that he knew she wasn’t over him. The dude in front of her now seemed like a good distraction so she accepted his after play drink proposal.

“Ok that’s cool” she said

He smiled and introduced himself “Thanks” he said “I’m Dozie by the way”

“Behi” she replied back.

“Think the show is finally about to start lets go in I’ll see you after the show”

And with that they both walked back to the theater.


Behi had finally said those three words to Dozie. He actually deserved to hear it. He wasn’t just her boyfriend but her best friend also. She could tell him anything and everything but she always had a problem saying those three words because to her they were sacred and should not just be used anyhow except the time was right. She never felt the way she did when she was with Bimbo though. She never really felt comfortable around him as to tell him anything and everything. He was a good guy for a while until he messed up.

She had finally decided to go see a movie with Osas instead of saying home and feeling sad. Her parents were out of town and her sister was in Dubai for a conference.  Osas decided to come and stay over which she was really thankful for. While dressing up she didn’t really feel the need to make up and look all pretty.  Dozie wasn’t around who was she looking all pretty for. Osas was waiting for her downstairs. As she emerged from the stairs, Osas took one look at her and shouted.

“Behi Ighodaro…do not tell me this how you want to leave this house”

“What’s wrong” Behi asked pretending she didn’t know what Osas was referring to.

“Babe come on I know Dozie is leaving but that does not mean you will start looking like a house girl please go put some makeup on and let your hair down.”

Behi sighed her friend was right. She was a lady and she had to look presentable. She didn’t know Dozie’s absence would affect her this much. She had seen him earlier that day and had cried her eyes out. She didn’t even have the heart to follow him to the airport. That would have been too much for her. She went upstairs put on some makeup and came back down to meet Osas. Osas finished up her friend’s look by letting down her hair. She had never seen Behi so sad and down and all because of a guy. Well they both loved each other dearly and she was happy that it was one of her plays that made them meet each other. Anyways her friend was sad and she being an edgy chic was determined to lift her friend’s spirit tonight. She had plans for them to go for a friend’s party after the movie and hoped Behi would agree. With that thought they both left the house and drove off into the night.

Well you know what they say the city comes alive at night and Lagos was not an exception. The Palms was full of people one would wonder if they didn’t have better things to do. Behi had already told Dozie she was going out with Osas. It wasn’t like he didn’t like her but to him she was kind of wild and he didn’t want his precious Behi all about town with some wild chic. Anyways they had been friends before he came into the picture and Behi had never become what she was. So he just told her to enjoy her movie. After all she shouldn’t be all sad because of him.

The boarding gate for Dozie’s flight was finally open. Things were becoming clearer to him now. He was really leaving Nigeria. All he could think about was Behi…. his precious Behi.

After the play that evening he took her and Vivian to a nice spot. He had explained to Vivian what had happened earlier so she understood and later left both of them alone. After she had left Dozie studied the lady sitting down beside him. She was okay with a nice smile but men those eyes were so beautiful. He was actually getting lost in them when she asked

“Erm…are you okay”

Startled he replied “Er yes…sorry was a little distracted…your eyes…are so gorgeous”


“So did you enjoy the play?”

Her eyes lit up…his heart literally skipped a beat

“Yes it was lovely my friend was one of the actors”

They talked a lot and he really enjoyed her company. He definitely wanted to see her again. They exchanged phone numbers and blackberry pins. They hung out a couple of times he was somebody she was really comfortable with and to him she was well…different from other girls he had met. Well he finally asked her to be his girlfriend and the rest is history.

Behi really enjoyed the movie “Best Man Holiday” which was a reunion of the cast of “The Best Man” an old movie she and Osas had watched a couple of times when they were much younger. She had no idea a new movie with the same cast was out and was shocked and happy at the same time when Osas told her that was the movie they were watching. The movie was a sad/happy movie Behi was really touched by the movie but all Osas did was talk about how hot Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs were…… typical Osas always drooling over the hot guys Behi admitted the same. Osas was about to tell her about the party she wanted them to go for when her phone rang it was Dozie.

“Hey baby, are you done with your movie now?”

“Yes love I am”

A little smile formed on his lips when he heard the word “love”

“Ok baby…just wanted to let you know that I’m on board now”

Behi couldn’t believe her ears he was really leaving her heart sank

“Ok baby” she said

“Sweetie I love you very much and I promise I would come back for you”

Osas being  a smart girl didn’t need anybody to tell her what was going on she could see the tears forming in her friend’s eyes already as the cinema lights were back on and quickly led her out of the cinema to where the car was parked.

“I love you too baby and I believe you. I would be right here waiting for you when you get back…safe journey”

“Thanks sweetie I will call you immediately I land and settle down take care of yourself for me okay?”

“Okay baby…bye”


The line went dead followed by the tears. Osas held her friend in the parking lot and comforted her while she cried. She loved Behi so much and had to be with her at such times as this. Behi was quite fragile. After she cried she wiped her eyes and told Osas to take her home. But Osas said

“No way. We are not going home”


“We are going to groove utunu” she said with a wide smile

“Not in the mood I just wanna go home”

“Hmmm….that’s what you said about the movie see as your face change when you saw Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs”

Behi laughed a little….”Yea why wouldn’t it…I mean didn’t you see those packs”

“I saw it oh my dear…anyways a friend of mine is having a get together and said I could bring someone….”

Behi cut her off saying “Who is the friend”

This was the question Osas had been dreading all night. It was Bimbo. Behi’s ex. Yes he and Behi had broken up some years back but they (Osas and Bimbo) were still friends.

“Don’t worry dear….let’s just go…I don’t just want you to go home and start brooding over Dozie again”

“Just tell me who the person is I wouldn’t beat you”

Osas never had the heart to lie to Behi and in a defeated voice she said “It’s Bimbo”

Behi couldn’t believe her ears. “Osas seriously???? Of all people??? you have been great today in trying to cheer me up but I don’t think going to Bimbo”s party is the best thing right now”

“I know. I’m sorry babes”

“It’s okay”

“Alright I know you don’t want to go home so why don’t we go get some pizza and ice cream…my treat” Behi said with a smile

“Pizza and ice cream….nah I’m watching my weight” Osas said with a straight face

Behi hit her playfully and her lap and said “You are always watching your weight”

Osas laughed and said ‘Lead the way my dear”

They drove out of the parking lot and after a bit of traffic they were off to Lekki phase one to get pizza and ice cream. The place wasn’t so full and soon it was their turn. They took their pizza orders and then off they went to get some yummy coldstone ice cream. It was truly the ice cream of life. Behi then went to pick up their pizza from downstairs. As she turned to head back up to meet Osas, she heard someone call her name.


She literally froze. She knew that voice anytime, anywhere even in her sleep. She turned around and to look at the forever familiar voice. Your guess is as good as mine. It was Bimbo…..her ex.

Stay in Your Process

Two years ago, I began a journey to obtain a law degree in a foreign university and right now, I can honestly say it’s one of the most challenging things I have ever done but I enjoyed every single moment of it- ish.

Let me explain. There were days I got tired of studying. Days where I just said “come and read book is not come and die” and I tuned off from studying or doing anything remotely academically related. There were nights I kept vigil at the library, battled assignment deadlines and struggled to memorize tons of case law in preparation for exams. There were also days where I battled terrible lows and just disconnected from the world because in the famous words of Erin, “I just can’t do life today.”

I think every student can relate to this. But this post isn’t necessarily about going to school and obtaining a degree. This post is about staying in your process, regardless of what journey you’re undertaking.

I use the phrase ‘stay in your process’ a whole lot. And my close friends are more than familiar with it by now because anytime one of them is going through a rough patch in any endeavor, I remind them that it is all part of arriving at the big picture. Nobody likes unpleasantness, so if we have our way, we would get through storms in a flash and soak in the sun for days unending.

If we had our way, we would not have fights with loved ones, we would not encounter difficulties in business, we would not fail exams or essays, we would not make mistakes… In fact, we would not entertain any bit of difficulty whatsoever.

But here’s what I want to share with you today. On the journey to achieving your dreams, you will go through a breaking and making process. Own it and stay in it. When potential investors bury your proposal under a heap of others gathering dust in their office, stay in your process of building. When you fail that course you studied so hard for, stay in your process of building. When you have that fight with your new lover, stay in your process of building, when you hit that brick wall in that product you’re developing, stay in your process of building, when you get rejected by that publisher, stay in your process of building. When your blog gets very minimal hits in the first few months of running it, stay in your process of building.  When you lose that online or offline competition, stay in your process of building. When you pull a muscle while training for a marathon, stay in your process of building. When you fall off the fitfam train on your weight loss journey, stay in your process of building.

Challenges are an opportunity to build capacity. It’s why I welcome them. But truth remains, some days I am too tired to fight and I just want a smooth sailing. So this is as much for myself as it is for everyone else. And just so we have a permanent reminder, Romans 5:3-4 (NLT)

“We can rejoice too when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation”

I completed my 2 year program and now have a law degree. 

But I don’t in any way think it’s the end of the journey. Naah. I am quite ambitious so there are many more dreams and goals ahead. But I am determined to own my process and stay in it, no matter how rough the roads get. Success is a never ending journey which is why Paul says he forgets those things which he has attained, and keeps reaching forward for something higher ahead of him.

So here’s to you and your journey. Your roads may be rough, but may you remain resilient, steadfast and immoveable, always abounding in your hustle, knowing that your persistence and capacity will be rewarded with sweet, sweet success.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


Oceans Apart (1) by Milli

Hello everyone, this new series as earlier mentioned is courtesy one of my amazing readers here. I hope you enjoy it. And please give all the love and support you usually do! Cheers.


I’m leaving on a jet plane….don’t know when I will be back again……

Dozie looked back at the airport crowd one last time. For a brief moment he observed more vividly what was going on around him: people telling themselves goodbye, people struggling to get their luggage checked in, security trying their best to seep through peoples’ luggage to find anything ‘illegal’ so they could get some ‘token’… “Naija will never change” he thought to himself.

The day had finally come. He was leaving his beloved country to go and further his education in the United Kingdom. He had gotten admission into one of the universities in London to study Business Information Technology. He still had mixed feelings about leaving. During his NYSC his parents thought it would be best for him to leave the shores of his fatherland to go get his Masters degree when he was done with the service year. His brother and sister were there already. Emeka had left a couple of years back for his Bsc while Nneka had left a few months ago for her masters as well. He had missed them a lot and was looking forward to seeing them but the one reason he still felt a little bit of sadness was that he was leaving his sweetheart behind Behi. She had been his girlfriend for some time now and he never knew he would be in a relationship for this long. He had grown to love her much more than he could ever imagine. It was still quite funny how they met it was a year and a half ago.

There was a play showing at the Muson Center in Lagos and there was a crowd of people at the venue which made the whole place quite disorganized. Trying to make his way past the crowd into the theatre, he accidentally bumped into her and knocked her glasses off her face. The horror in his eyes was unbelievable when before he knew what was happening, someone pushed him from behind and he stepped on the glasses. “Snap!!” one of the lens broke. He looked at her and he wasn’t sure but he thought he saw tears form in her eyes.

“Look at what you have done….can’t you be more careful?”

“I’m really sorry I didn’t do it on purpose…”


“Oga!!!!!!!! move na”

Dozie snapped back to reality realizing that it was his turn to get his luggage checked in. He quickly told the man who was quite elderly at his back he was sorry and moved briskly to the security guard to check his luggage. He would be flying British Airways obviously (that is the only airline he had ever flown if he was travelling out of the country). He had been to London a couple of times for summer holidays but this time was different. He was going to school and not only that but in January when winter was at its peak. He shuddered at the thought of how dreadful the cold would be. He had heard a number of stories of how cold it was at that time of the year. If only Behi was coming with him…

“You can go now sir”


His luggage had been checked in and he went away and headed straight to immigration. His thoughts drifted back to Behi. Oh yes…. he had apologized for knocking off her glasses and immediately offered to buy her a new pair. Nothing money couldn’t take care of. However he was shocked when she told him he shouldn’t worry and walked out of the crowd towards the exit of the building….he couldn’t believe it. Well in the state of all that was happening he did notice that she had pretty brown eyes. Why wear a pair of glasses over those eyes…he thought to himself. Anyways he decided that he would look for her after the show at least to buy her a drink or something and really apologize for the glasses hopefully she wasn’t leaving the show…


In the midst of all the hustle to enter into the theater for the play he was very sure he heard his name. He was right as he felt a tap on his shoulder. The crowd was starting to lift and he was able to turn around and see who it was. It was Vivian. They had decided to go see the play together as they were into stage plays and acting.  He had met Vivian in secondary school and they were in the drama club. She was a cutie but he never saw her as the kind of girl he could have something with. She was more like a little sister who always brought all her troubles (mostly about boys) to him. Although he had tried to make a move on her but it did not work. They had managed to keep in touch well after secondary school even though they didn’t go to the same university. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and was dating someone else barely a month after so she was going through the heartbreak phase. Being the “big brother” he was, he heard of a play that was showing at the theatre. The name of the play was “Kakadu” and he surprised her by giving her a call that he had gotten tickets for them to go see the show together.

“Finally…I have been looking for you. Thanks for making me come for this I really needed to leave my house”

“No problem dear” he said and gave her a big hug.

They finally entered the theater and settled down into comfortable seats to watch the play. Dozie silently prayed it was worth it as he had heard so many good things about the play. He looked at Vivian by his side and wanted to ask her how she was but she was busy with her phone chatting away. He felt like playfully snatching the phone away from her but on second thought that would be inappropriate because the play hadn’t started. His eyes drifted back to stage and he began to observe how it was setup. Brown calabashes and traditional decorations were used to decorate the stage. He hadn’t been on stage in a while and he admitted to himself that it felt good to be in a theater again though he wasn’t acting. At some point he felt rather uncomfortable…. for some reason he wasn’t just at ease. He looked around the theater back and forth for some time and there she was: The girl whom he had knocked her glasses off staring at him furiously.


Behi sighed loudly as she looked at one of the many pictures of her and Dozie on her phone. She couldn’t believe he was going away for about a year plus. Thoughts swarmed into her head about what the days ahead would be like. Would they be able to survive this long distance? A little smile crept at the sides of her mouth as she recalled how they had met.

She had gone for a play which her best friend had invited her for because she was one of the actresses. She was very reluctant to go as she really wasn’t into plays but Osas was her best friend and she decided to go and give her some support also, she didn’t have to pay for the ticket because Osas had gotten one for her already. According to Osas she had struggled to get the ticket for her. Her contact lenses were due for replacement so she couldn’t wear them and had to wear her glasses. She had often deceived herself that she didn’t need them but who was she kidding? If she didn’t wear them she wouldn’t even see the road well enough to drive talk less of watching a play in a dimly lit theater. So off she went wearing her frames and lo and behold on getting there and struggling in the crowd some dude had knocked her glasses off her face and before she could realize what was happening he had stepped on it and smashed one of the lenses. She was more than furious she didn’t want to come for the play and now she came and her glasses had gotten broken. How was she supposed to watch the play?! The guy who knocked her glasses off looked quite sympathetic but she was still so furious. In order not to let her anger get the better of her as she was already asking him rather harshly why he couldn’t be more careful, she told him not to bother and walked away to get her other pair from her car. Thank God it was there. It wasn’t as strong as the one that just got broken but at least she could still see with them. Luckily for her, her seat was in front so she could see the stage but not as well as if she had the other pair on. She became furious again but decided to look around the hall. There were couples, teenagers, elderly people…and there he was…the dude who had knocked off her glasses. He was sitting beside some girl who was really engrossed in her phone. She was really mad at him as he kept looking back and forth until their eyes met. She froze for some seconds immediately it happened suddenly feeling uncomfortable she felt she had to use the bathroom and then looked away from him and stood up and left the theater.

“Hey babe….wassup”

Her trip down memory lane was interrupted as Osas popped her head into the room.

“Nothing…..just chilling”

Osas stepped into the room and it didn’t take her up to two minutes to see that her friend wasn’t happy and of course she knew the reason. Dozie was leaving for the United Kingdom for his masters.

“Have you heard from him yet” she asked

“No…he would be busy checking in I’m sure he would call when he passes through immigration”

“Baby G don’t be sad ok… you people love each other so much and I believe you guys would survive this”

“Thanks hun I hope so too….”

“By the way there’s this new movie I want us to go and see if that would lift your spirit”

“Hmmmm don’t really think I want to…just want to wait for Dozie’s call”

Osas saw the look in her friend’s eyes… gosh she was so in love with him. She went up to her and gave her a big hug and suddenly remembered one gist she was yet to give her.

“Ah eheen….I have gist o”

Behi looked at her rather suspiciously and said “Hmmm aunty what have you done this time?” Osas always had one story or the other about her escapades

“It’s not about me this time now…haba”

“Then who?” Behi asked her eyes lit up as she was suddenly interested.

“It’s about Princess and Ogo.”  She started chatting and Behi listened to the gist her friend had for her.


Finally gotten past immigration and all the other check points Dozie decided to get something to eat from a store while waiting for his flight. He quickly brought out his phone to call his sweetheart Behi.

“Hey baby how are you” he asked when she when she picked up

“I’m fine” she said and he could tell she had been waiting for his call

“Finally done checking in just waiting for the flight now”


He could tell she wasn’t happy at all. After all the time together it wasn’t hard for him to know when she was happy or sad or…

“I miss you terribly already”

“I know baby I miss you too”

“Do you think we can do this…I’m scared for us”

“Baby we can…I know It’s going to be difficult but we can pull through”

“Ok baby…I believe you…I…I…I love you”


“I love you too baby so very much…”

“I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to say this and I’m sorry it has to be over the phone.”

Dozie couldn’t believe his ears…she had finally said those words with her lovely voice. He knew she did love him but it had been so difficult for her to say it. He could feel the sincerity in her voice and then he felt his eyes get watery. Whoa was he really about to cry in this airport? he had no idea she had such an effect on him. He pulled himself together and said

 “It’s okay baby I’m so happy you said this. The only thing is that I wish I could see you and look into your eyes when you did. I promise I would do whatever it takes to make things work out”

“Okay baby I will do the same you have my word”

“Will call you again when I am about to board okay”

“Awwww sweetie  don’t go now…” he could hear the hurt in her voice

“Okay baby I’m still here”

They talked for a while before they finally hung up.

Blog Update; New Series Alert

Hi guys. So it’s been a really long time off the blog and I have missed writing so much! I have equally missed you guys on here! 

The reason I’ve been away for so many months is because I was tidying up my law degree. God has been faithful and it turned out really well and right now, issa graduate! Yay! There’s still a bit of studying in the horizon but I think I miss writing too much to care. Lol. 

Anyways, I come bearing good tidings. 

One of my wonderful readers here has written a series and has offered to share it here every week. And seeing as the blog has been dormant for a while, I am only too happy to share. 

The title is “Oceans Apart” and the author is Milli. It will run every Friday at 8am. Please read, comment and share. It’s always encouraging to have feedback.

Asides that, I’ve been working on another series which I’ll begin sharing in a few weeks. There’s also a collabo going on behind the scenes. That actually has me most excited. I can’t share details about it yet. But I’ll let you guys know more once I’m able to. 

So see you 6pm tonight with the first episode of Oceans Apart. 

Love and Light! 


Ojay Aito’s Debut Novel; ‘Night of a Red Moon’

NoaRM Cover

Hi guys!

I can imagine the level of dust and cobwebs in here. Chai, I need to return with a broom and other cleaning agents. But soon, I promise.

In the meantime, in exactly, 10 days, something gripping would be coming your way.

Do you guys remember the series “Two Lives and a Soul”? It ran here for a few months last year. Now the author is back with another compelling story but this time, in form of a novel. I am so excited to share this press release with you. Peep details below


Nigerian fiction writer, Ojay Aito, announces the launch of his debut novel ‘Night Of A Red Moon’ for the 18th of June, 2017.  The novel, a historical thriller set in Ago-Iwoye, a little town on the edge of Ogun state, Nigeria focuses on the socio-political drama that ensued between the indigenes and the students of the town’s premier tertiary institution – Olabisi Onabanjo University exactly twelve (12) years ago.

“It took God six days to create the world. It took me three years to create one night. One red moon-night,” says the author in a recent interview.

“Every day we breathe, we live our lives like normal people. Yes we are normal people, but with an experience that has lived with us for twelve years, and scars we will bear till our last breath,” says Wale, a victim of the massacre.

“It’s been twelve years now. Wow, twelve years. I miss Yemisi,” says another bereaved victim.

Night of A Red Moon was created from an epic straw of undocumented history, bringing to life the pain, pleasure and power of a people who although now dispersed across the world, remain bound by the experiences of a certain moon-night. Against a backdrop of cultural inheritance, it narrates how human relationships transform in the heat of a dire moment.




Femi, a university student has been killed by overzealous men of the Oodua People’s Congress in the little town of Ago-Iwoye, sending a cloud of fear and uncertainty over it.

But it is the retaliatory violence which begins as a ‘peaceful protest’ that turns the town into a war zone, leaving the king dethroned, his palace in flames and innocent students at the mercy of enraged indigenes.

There is bloodshed, rape and more bloodshed that envelopes the night, even as four friends and their girls, attempt to see the night out, including pen-lovers, Tubor and Temmy, whose first meeting quickly becomes a desperate survival adventure.

They would soon discover that they had only been pawns in a big chess game, and that sadly, many of them, try as they may, would not make it to the light of the morning…

Night of a Red Moon is a gripping debut novel that would send your pulses racing, and put you in places you would rather safely imagine.


Ojay Aito writes fast-paced thrillers which revolve around current religious, social, and economic issues in Nigeria and Africa. His popular unpublished comedy series ‘Life of a Barrack Boy’ is one work of fiction that has featured in more than a dozen literary blogs, acclaiming him as one of Nigeria’s most adaptable writers; with the atypical enthralling series ‘Two Lives And A Soul’ (a futuristic sci-fi) taking the notch one level higher. Ojay lives with his family in Lagos, Nigeria.


Connect on Social Media

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#NOARM #NightOfARedMoon @Ojay_Aito

Visit http://www.ojayaito.com


So stay tuned for more. I’ll be back here sometime soon with details on why I’ve been MIA for so long and something new for your personal consumption.

Thank you for sticking with me. Be back soon!

Happy New Year, Ogechi!

This is what happens when you have friends who think the world of you and ascribe the highest value to you.
This moved me to tears and I am so honoured and overwhelmed by this. I am wealthy in relationships and I do not take that wealth for granted.
Thank you!

Seun Odukoya

How you dey?

So because plenty of us have so much to say, ‘somebody’ decided to do this…

Me, I am just watching from the sidelines, hella proud to know someone like you.

Happy New Year, dear.


            A Public Holiday signifies a “day off” for “everyone” but not “everyone” observes the spirit of the holiday, because to some it is nothing more than a “day off” work. So Christians celebrate Easter while Muslims enjoy a “day off” and in the same way Muslims celebrate Salah and Christians enjoy the free time. Of course there is an exchange of ram and chicken here and there but all public holidays are in essence “privatized” based on the reason for the season.

We the “FRIENDS OF YOUGEE” (FOY from hereon) declare April 18th today and for all ages to…

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25 Shades of Awesome


I woke up this morning and I was 25. It’s such an amazing feeling. And I’ll be honest, 2, 3 years ago, I didn’t imagine I would feel this great on my 25th. I thought I would feel apprehension or fear because life was happening too fast or because I hadn’t hit certain landmarks personally but this feeling that I have this morning- it’s anything but negative vibes.

The last few months leading up to today have been great for me. I have found inner peace, contentment and rest on every side. So when I woke up this morning, I had nothing but gratitude for the life that I have, for the numerous people that colour it and for the 25 different shades of amazing that it has been. I can honestly say right now, in this moment, that I have EVERYTHING I want and need and my contentment derives from that.

So because 25th birthday, I’d like to share with you my precious readers, 25 random things about me. Enjoy!

  1. I have such a high energy level, I’ve had people question me about drug usage before because they couldn’t fathom the source of my never ending ginger. It’s not drugs I promise, it’s something in my blood. Lol!
  2. I love dancing. If you didn’t know this, then we probably aren’t friends. Because all my friends have at some point or the other been embarrassed when I suddenly break into a dance in the middle of a street to music playing only in my head. Hehe.
  3. I don’t like jollof rice. I honestly don’t get the hype so I rarely ever cook it. Can count on one hand the number of times I have cooked it in my life and will likely not run out of fingers.
  4. I love travelling. One time I changed my last name on Twitter to Ajala. Hehe. Always in the mood for an adventure.
  5. I love writing so much but I fear that if I had to do it mechanically for a long time that I would get tired of it.
  6. When I do the same thing over and over for a really long time, I get bored and restless. For something to hold my attention for a long time, it must have some dynamic elements.
  7. I can’t work a 9-5 for too long. Again with the restlessness. If I am in the same role or carrying out the same tasks for too long, my mind shuts down of its own accord. But I refuse to see this as a ‘bad’ thing sha. I guess it’s just what it is.
  8. My ideal job would involve a lot of travelling, writing, public speaking and dispute resolution.
  9. My friends are my greatest wealth and I am privileged to have a great deal of them. They always come through and that is why I am so effusive anytime a close one has a birthday.
  10. I’m allergic to honey. This was a weird discovery but honey makes me sick sometimes so I avoid taking it. Still don’t understand how or why that happens.
  11. I have a weird ‘condition’ with my knee. Still haven’t been able to figure it out but sometimes, the knee just twists and gives way and I fall then it twists right back to its normal position. It could happen while I am sitting, standing, walking, running or even lying in bed. The freakiest thing ever. It’s why I gave up athletics on a competitive level. Who knows, I would have probably been at the last Olympics. LOL. But it’s been happening since I was a kid and I have chosen to not let it get in the way of my other high energy activities. And that brings me to my next point.
  12. I am a huge fitness fan. Dancing, running, working out, lifting weights, anything to break a sweat, you name it and I’m in.
  13. My biggest fear is losing the ones I love the most. It’s why I serenade them all the time. Whether publicly or privately. I let them know just how much they mean to me so if I were to ever lose them, I would not have any regrets.
  14. Flowing from that, I have absolutely no regrets in life. If I could go back in time, there is absolutely nothing I would change about my choices. Even the seemingly bad ones have led me to this- a woman I am so proud of. So yeah, no regrets.
  15. My finger nails have two layers. It’s so weird. I don’t even bite my nails. But I peel them sometimes and it’s a little weird to look at. Don’t ask me to show you my nails if we meet. It’s a little embarrassing and I’m trying to keep them as normal as possible.
  16. My faith is the singular most important thing to me. I have walked a few rough roads and I have shared a few blazing furnaces with friends and loved ones. The only reason we came through solidly was because of faith. So it is the singular most important thing to me.
  17. I am firm believer in capacity building. Push yourself, grab every opportunity you get to grow and do not despise any task assigned to you.
  18. My basic motto for life- learn, grow, build capacity, maintain relevance.
  19. Leadership to me simply means service so the few times I have been privileged to lead, it was more a call to service and I wish our leaders shared the same sentiments.
  20. I love long walks. Walks in the park, walks by the beach. Walks anywhere. I’ve been called a professional trekker before. Lol.
  21. I love handwritten letters. It’s the fastest way to my heart.
  22. I love surprises! Getting random, unexpected gifts, a random burst of serenading, surprise visits surprise parties, etc. As long as it’s something unusual and unexpected, you have won my heart.
  23. I don’t know how to whistle a tune. This makes me sad, but I don’t know how to. Each time I purse my lips and try, it never comes out right. The sounds I make are actually laughable.
  24. I love, love, love dogs! Especially puppies. They are sooooo cute!
  25. I love hard and I am such a romantic. Happy is the man who gets to wife me. Hehe.

I just turned 25 and it is abso-freaking awesome!!!