I want him to notice me, I want him to fall in love with me, I want to be the center of his world, so I go all out- change my hair-do, wear heavy make-up and because my clothes are “not-good-enough” I begin to borrow money to purchase new ones. Perhaps I do have a little money so I starve myself to get new fashionable clothes.
Temporary measures…
I do all these and then he does notice me. Now because I’m wearing a tight skirt, my waist is suddenly good enough to hold, because I’m wearing a nice lipstick my lips are suddenly good enough to kiss and because on a general note I’m appearing totally different and a little “perfect”, I’m good enough for him to carry around and show off like some accessory.
All these are short lived…
He got attracted. He came close to me but only close enough to see what I am on the outside, the physical me. Rather unfortunately, there is a “me” on the inside that he knows absolutely nothing about. Soon enough some other girl comes along with an even greater figure- “hour-glass” they call it- and then he forgets my name. She’s got greater graces, better looks and a perfect walking step. I begin to feel I’m “not good enough”, probably take off the whole act of “a new me”, end the charade and return to the old me who is miserable, sad and depressed and I keep wondering why I was not good enough for him.
And my point is…
It is very important to look good on the outside, but not half as important as it is to look good on the inside. Physical beauty should not be your primary focus. What should be top priority for you is developing yourself on the inside, building a strong personality and having a genuinely good heart. Physical beauty will pass away but genuine inner beauty will be there forever. If he doesn’t see and fall in love with the real you on the inside then it’s his loss and not yours.


  1. hmmmmm!!! ugy i must confess!!! this is soo professionally articulated..i love the way you were playing with words and also your sceneraio was cool keep it up Dear… would get a million audience just by your presentation…loye ya


  2. Ooooh! I love this especially the last line….that’s a statement of somebody with a healthy self esteem. he should want you and you want him too. What will make him cleave to you for life and not trade you for anything is that inner beauty…the value you add to him, the worth you bring to his life…when you become indispensable someone he can’t do without…


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