Clean Slates and Marathons

There’s something about starting off the New Year with a frenzy that never gets old. We tend to feel like we have a fresh slate, a new lease on life to start again and so inadvertently we put ourselves under undue pressure to run and achieve and before the first quarter is over, we find ourselves burning out.

I’d been thinking of putting out a few tweets but my restless mind wouldn’t let me articulate properly so I settled for a blogpost instead.

First of all, breathe. It’s a New Year, yes but you can leave some of the pressure behind.

At the end of last year, so many people wrote reviews (I did too). Some had had a fantastic 2017 with countless accomplishments, some had a not so great year and if you’re human like me, you may have felt a pinch reading some of the reviews and asking yourself why your year could not have been as great or why you could not achieve as much. Again, breathe.

Now the New Year is here and there is a measure of pressure to accomplish so much so you can also write about them. But slow down for a minute and think on this. Life is in seasons, and there are phases for our journeys so you must be patient with the process. I have written about the need to stay in your process before and this post is to reiterate that specifically for the New Year.

You must pace yourself out. Refuse the pressure to succeed overnight at anything. Refuse the pressure to suddenly get married or make babies or get a job or buy a car or own your house or even landed property. I know this is easier said than done but see, your peace of mind is so important! I say refuse the pressure because if you aren’t careful, you will find yourself measuring your progress with the scale of others’ journeys whereas you do not know all the details that make up theirs. Take some time off social media for a bit if you will. I promise it helps ease the pressure. Because if you can’t see some stuff, then you can’t be envious. Pace yourself out.

Towards the end of last year, I came across this brief thread by @Gbemisoke on Twitter, it had to do with her personal experience and it resonated deeply with me.

See, while you are in your process, people will attain the things you desire  even before you do. Find courage to be genuinely happy for them without malice while you stay in your process of building, trusting and waiting. Because there is the law of seed time and harvest and some seeds take a greater time to grow than others. But by all means nurture patiently till your harvest comes.

As we venture into 2018, here’s a friendly reminder to you to:

  1. Stay in your process. Embrace your journey. Own your process and love it.
  2. Mind your business. Comparing yourself with others will nearly always leave you feeling inadequate. But you don’t even know what makes the other person lose sleep at night. Every rose garden has got its thorns.
  3. Take care of your mental health. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking depression isn’t a thing. Be deliberate about what you feed your mind with and the people you let into your space.
  4. Invest in a journal. If you use an iPhone, try the DayOne app. It is so efficient for documenting your journey and for measuring growth. iPhone or not, invest in a journal and be dedicated to it. You can thank me later.
  5. Embrace an attitude of gratitude for all that you have while waiting and working for all you desire.
  6. Choose to be happy. Be deliberate about this. Indulge in your favourite past times on occasion. Choose your happy. Do not leave that to chance.
  7. Set SMART goals and be strategic and deliberate about executing them.
  8. Consciously reject pressure brought on by the experience of others. It can be such a drainer.

The New Year is a marathon and if you know anything about running, you’ll agree with me that you don’t use the same pace for a sprint as you would a marathon. Again, pace yourself out, be deliberate about your journey and enjoy your process.

May the New Year be kind to you, but more importantly, may you be kinder to yourself in the New Year.

Love, Light and Good Vibes only.



For Wukeh; The Friend that sticks closer than a brother

Meeting and being friends with you changed my life.

You are the gift that keeps on giving.

You have blessed my life’s journey with your kindness and your warmth.

You overwhelm me with your love in the way and manner that Jesus would.

And you have facilitated some of the deepest and greatest connections I now have 😉

I remain thankful for you with every passing year.

Thankful for the Jesus-expression that you are.

Thankful for your solid counsel through every chaotic season.

Thankful for your unyielding and unwavering faith when doubts assail me.

Thankful for every random act of kindness you have sent my way.

Thankful for your assurance that you always have my back.

I remain thankful for you and your essence.

I could write an entire book on your person and how you love people so tangibly. An entire book would not even suffice to share on how you inspire, motivate and encourage. You give yourself so freely to everyone in need and somehow you never seem to run out of steam.

I could write an entire book and maybe some day I would. But for today, let a short blogpost suffice.

You are amazing Wukeh and I’ll never stop telling the world about you; the incredible human that transformed my life.

You’re my favourite person for all season and I love you so!

Happy Birthday my precious 💜💜

Oceans Apart (19) by Milli

“Wait… I am not sure I heard you correctly…please can you repeat what you just said?

“I said I am Chief Adekoya…the father of the young man who stabbed your son. You have a very lovely house by the way”

Dozie’s mother could not believe what she just heard. How dare he come to her did he even find her? Anyway he was wasting his time if he had come to make amends. She was not going to drop the charges matter what.

“Get out!!!!”


“I said get out…leave my house…I cannot believe that you have the audacity to show up here after what your son did. Who even gave you the address to this place?”

Emeka ran upstairs to get Dozie.

“Someone is in the house and mummy is really upset please you need to come”.

“Who is the person?”

“Just come now…you will know when you get downstairs.”


They both quickly went downstairs and saw their mum screaming and shouting at Chief Adekoya.

When she saw them…she told Dozie who the man was. He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard it.

“Good evening gentleman”, Mr Adekoya said,…I beleive you are the one my son stabbed.”

“Yes I am”. Dozie answered rather coldly,

“I just want to talk to your mum for a little while”.

“I am not talking to you…leave my house or I will call the police!!!”

“Mummy please…. listen to what he has to say.”

I said NO!!!….infact I am going upstairs..when you are ready to leave Chief whatever you call yourself you can leave” with that, she stormed upstairs.

“I guess it’s you I have to talk to I cannot blame your mum for acting this way ..can I have a seat please?..I have been standing since I got here..I’m not very young you know”,  Chief Adekoya said smiling.

Dozie was a bit puzzled at Chief’s calmness. I mean he was supposed to be begging for forgiveness but instead, he was smiling and asking for a seat.

He signaled to Emeka to leave them alone.

“Sure…… you can sit down”

“Thank you. First of all I want to apologise for what my son did to you he let his strong will get the better of him”

Dozie did not know how to react. This guy was very calm while he spoke. He began to wonder if he was really understood the gravity of what his son did.


“I’m also aware your mother has pressed charges and I have come to ask her to drop them on my son’s behalf. When he is discharged from the hospital he will come and tender his own apologies.”

“Erm…from what happened some minutes ago, I am sure you are smart enough to realise that my mum is not going to drop the charges.”

“Young man I know my son stabbed you but you should still give me the respect I deserve”.

“Your son stabbed me for crying out loud. Instead of you to be sober, you are here talking to me about respect.”  His anger was rising.

I am sober…If I wasn’t trust me I would not be here. Please tell your mother to drop the charges.

“She will not”

“It’s for her own good because the truth is, she will not win.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because one phone call from me, and the case will be completely wiped out like it never existed….I mean I could have done that without coming here and every single lawyer your mum goes to will turn her down but out of respect I came to speak with her. I know you are a smart guy. Convince your mum to drop the case and let bygones be bygones.

With that, he stood up, dropped his card on the table, and said, “Keep me posted on your mum’s response thank you for your time. I will be waiting for your call. By the way not many people have the number on this particular card… so be wise” .

Dozie was dumb founded and watched him as he left the house.



Bimbo was elated. He was getting better and the pains had drastically reduced. Best news of all was he was going to be discharged soon. He could not wait. He told Eno the good news and he was so happy for him.  One thing that still troubled him was that he needed to see Dozie. He needed to apologise to him. He had learnt a really big lesson from all this drama. He closed his eyes and without wasting time he fell fast asleep.

“I guess Emeka and I sorted out now…we have overstayed our welcome, Dozie said.

“Yes you are my love,” Behi said.

He had just finished booking tickets for their trip back to London.

“So are you still going to see him?”

“Yes I am….will drop you at home before I head over there.”


Dozie had decided that he was going to see Bimbo. That seemed to be the last thing for him to do so that he could put all that had happened behind him. He dropped Behi at home and headed to the hospital where Bimbo was. Osas had told him his room number.

Bimbo was trying to open a bar of chocolate when Dozie knocked and entered the room. Bimbo could not believe his eyes. He just stared at Dozie without saying anything.

“Hope you are getting better?”, Dozie asked.

“Er…er….yes..yes I am…sorry it’s just you are the last person I expected to see”

“I know…I’m happy you are  getting better. Honestly I just want to close this chapter. I…”

“Please …let me talk first. Dozie I am extremely sorry for what I did to you and Behi. Honestly it was not worth it I…. almost lost my life. I did have a good…. chance with Behi some years back but….. I am sure she has told you I was pretty messed up back then. I have always believed that you can get…. anything or in this case any girl… you want but I went about it the wrong way. I should have simply… left her alone. I also…know that….my dad got involved and that’s …why your mother…dropped the charges. Dozie please for all of this…forgive me. I beg you. I think I have been punished enough. You have no idea what the first few weeks were like.

Dozie was touched. It was obvious he had some difficulty in talking which made him a bit slow when doing so but he still pushed himself to say all he did. He also saw from the look on his face that he was sober. It was time for him to do his own part and accept his forgiveness.

“Well spoken….I forgive you.”

As soon as he said those words he knew deep down in his heart that this drama was finally over.

Stay tuned for the Series Finale which comes up on the 24th. Don’t miss it.

Stay in Your Process

Two years ago, I began a journey to obtain a law degree in a foreign university and right now, I can honestly say it’s one of the most challenging things I have ever done but I enjoyed every single moment of it- ish.

Let me explain. There were days I got tired of studying. Days where I just said “come and read book is not come and die” and I tuned off from studying or doing anything remotely academically related. There were nights I kept vigil at the library, battled assignment deadlines and struggled to memorize tons of case law in preparation for exams. There were also days where I battled terrible lows and just disconnected from the world because in the famous words of Erin, “I just can’t do life today.”

I think every student can relate to this. But this post isn’t necessarily about going to school and obtaining a degree. This post is about staying in your process, regardless of what journey you’re undertaking.

I use the phrase ‘stay in your process’ a whole lot. And my close friends are more than familiar with it by now because anytime one of them is going through a rough patch in any endeavor, I remind them that it is all part of arriving at the big picture. Nobody likes unpleasantness, so if we have our way, we would get through storms in a flash and soak in the sun for days unending.

If we had our way, we would not have fights with loved ones, we would not encounter difficulties in business, we would not fail exams or essays, we would not make mistakes… In fact, we would not entertain any bit of difficulty whatsoever.

But here’s what I want to share with you today. On the journey to achieving your dreams, you will go through a breaking and making process. Own it and stay in it. When potential investors bury your proposal under a heap of others gathering dust in their office, stay in your process of building. When you fail that course you studied so hard for, stay in your process of building. When you have that fight with your new lover, stay in your process of building, when you hit that brick wall in that product you’re developing, stay in your process of building, when you get rejected by that publisher, stay in your process of building. When your blog gets very minimal hits in the first few months of running it, stay in your process of building.  When you lose that online or offline competition, stay in your process of building. When you pull a muscle while training for a marathon, stay in your process of building. When you fall off the fitfam train on your weight loss journey, stay in your process of building.

Challenges are an opportunity to build capacity. It’s why I welcome them. But truth remains, some days I am too tired to fight and I just want a smooth sailing. So this is as much for myself as it is for everyone else. And just so we have a permanent reminder, Romans 5:3-4 (NLT)

“We can rejoice too when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation”

I completed my 2 year program and now have a law degree. 

But I don’t in any way think it’s the end of the journey. Naah. I am quite ambitious so there are many more dreams and goals ahead. But I am determined to own my process and stay in it, no matter how rough the roads get. Success is a never ending journey which is why Paul says he forgets those things which he has attained, and keeps reaching forward for something higher ahead of him.

So here’s to you and your journey. Your roads may be rough, but may you remain resilient, steadfast and immoveable, always abounding in your hustle, knowing that your persistence and capacity will be rewarded with sweet, sweet success.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


Blog Update; New Series Alert

Hi guys. So it’s been a really long time off the blog and I have missed writing so much! I have equally missed you guys on here! 

The reason I’ve been away for so many months is because I was tidying up my law degree. God has been faithful and it turned out really well and right now, issa graduate! Yay! There’s still a bit of studying in the horizon but I think I miss writing too much to care. Lol. 

Anyways, I come bearing good tidings. 

One of my wonderful readers here has written a series and has offered to share it here every week. And seeing as the blog has been dormant for a while, I am only too happy to share. 

The title is “Oceans Apart” and the author is Milli. It will run every Friday at 8am. Please read, comment and share. It’s always encouraging to have feedback.

Asides that, I’ve been working on another series which I’ll begin sharing in a few weeks. There’s also a collabo going on behind the scenes. That actually has me most excited. I can’t share details about it yet. But I’ll let you guys know more once I’m able to. 

So see you 6pm tonight with the first episode of Oceans Apart. 

Love and Light! 


Damage Control #9

Before we start lovelies, would you please help me make my baby boo’s dream come true? One click on this link and she’ll be a step closer to getting a scholarship to her dream culinary school. Can I count on you for your vote please? Thank you

Read Previous episode here


Leslie propped the pillows behind Ojiugo, trying to ensure her maximum comfort in bed. The sheets had been changed to bright shades of pink and purple. The room itself had undergone some transformation. Ojiugo had remarked a few times about how dull the place looked so just before she came home, Leslie spent hours redecorating. He changed the position of her bed to give a better view of the window and on the walls, he put up colourful wallpapers, landscape paintings and some of Ojiugo’s favourite quotes. For all his hardwork, he had been rewarded with eyes that shone bright and a warm smile the second she walked into the room.

“You transformed it!” she had said with child-like delight and Leslie found pure contentment in that moment.

“Can I get you anything?” Leslie asked once he stepped away from the bed.

“Some water please.”

Leslie stepped out of the room and returned momentarily with a bottle and glass in tow. He placed the bottle on the table by her side, right next to a monochrome picture of them sitting side by side on an extensive patch of grass. Ojiugo took the glass he offered with a smile and sipped from. As she set it down, she noticed the picture and she smiled.

“I liked it there you know. I know I gave you such a hard time on that trip, but I really liked it.”

Leslie smiled in return.

“True confessions. I wonder how many more of those I’m going to get in the coming weeks.”

Ojiugo grinned widely.

“Look who’s making jokes now.”

Leslie swallowed hard and turned away.

“I know I don’t have that much time left Leslie. Thank you for not making it tough.”

With his back still to her, Leslie shrugged and focused on smoothening the sheets at the end of the bed.

“Have you heard anything about Belema yet? Did you ask Ikem about her?”

Leslie sighed and he turned to face Ojiugo again.

“No darling. I didn’t. And you must stop worrying about her too. It’s how we landed in the hospital again. Stop doing this to yourself please. It’s hurting me too.”

Ojiugo’s face fell.

“Sorry. I’m just wondering how she’s doing and something about her has me really drawn to her. I can’t get her out of my mind.”

Leslie smiled mischievously.

“I’m getting replaced by a woman. So that’s how you choose to swing in the latter days?”

Ojiugo laughed softly but soon began to cough. Leslie’s face was overcome with concern as she held her head tenderly.

“Sorry love.”

Ojiugo nodded and once the coughing subsided, she was wearing a smile.

“Made wants to come by and spend next weekend with us. That woman will be the death of me Les. And she wouldn’t let me say no.”

Leslie snorted in an attempt to keep from laughing but failed.

“One weekend honey. Let her come and stay. Please.”

Ojiugo turned away. Made was her best friend. When Ojiugo lost both parents in a plane crash at 6, Made’s parents took her in and the two girls grew together like sisters. Work kept them in different cities but they stayed in touch often. Made cried her eyes out when she found out about the cancer. Ojiugo kept it hidden from her for over two months and when Leslie got tired of the cover up, he told Made the truth. As much as Made was always busy with work, she created time the very weekend Leslie told her and flew down from Calabar. Made was such a worrier. And that was the major problem Ojiugo had with her. It was why Ojiugo kept the issue with her health a secret and it was also why she didn’t want Made coming over now. Because Made would worry and fuss and probably burst into tears at random occasions without warning. It would stress her and she did not feel up to it.

“If you say so. But she’ll be your headache when she starts with the drama. I love her but even you know she can be more than a handful.”

Leslie smiled and rubbed her hands.

“I’ll take care of her darling. Not to worry.”

Ojiugo smiled and shut her eyes, falling asleep almost immediately. Leslie observed her for a few minutes before getting up and leaving the room. Once outside, he took in a really deep breath then exhaled slowly. Just before leaving the hospital, he had another talk with Dr. Ikem who encouraged him some more to give Ojiugo as much support as he could emotionally. He spent a few hours surfing the internet, trying to look for clues on how to deal with a loved one who was nearing their death and he did find some helpful information. It was why he easily flowed with Ojiugo’s jokes today. Usually, whenever she attempted to make some light hearted comment on the topic of her limited time left, Leslie would take it to heart and get in a mood. But he was gradually understanding and accepting that it was part of her coping mechanism, a way to find her peace and he was not going to stand in the way of that anymore.

He also knew Made would be better off not coming by the house but he had no means of keeping her away. She loved Ojiugo too much to not visit her in her final days. He sighed as he contemplated what to do in the one week before she turned up then he suddenly remembered Ojiugo’s comments about Belema. He decided he would try the house one more time and probably set up camp there till someone came to tell him where Belema was. But that would have to be tomorrow. He was tired and needed to get some rest himself.

He went into the kitchen and took some beans from the freezer to microwave. Ojiugo would likely be asleep for a long time. He would use the opportunity to get some shut eye before he had to cater to her again.


Mrs. Ochoga looked like she had just been hit by a truck. Belema would had laughed had the circumstances been different but she knew there was no room for humour. She had come to the end of herself. She was tired of bottling things up. She needed her mother and as she sat there holding her gaze and waiting with bated breath, Belema hoped that her mother would prove an ally and come through as a mother would, just this once.

“Is it Seun’s?” Mrs. Ochoga finally asked

“Yes. But I can’t tell him and I can’t keep it either.” Belema said.

Mrs. Ochoga had no words. She stood up and walked to the other end of the room and folded her arms, looking out the window.



“Say something please.”

“Like what? That my first daughter keeps trying to embarrass and disgrace me?”

Belema gasped in shock. Here she was, having just opened up to her mother and the first reaction she got was fear for her mother’s image as opposed to concern for her wellbeing. She cautiously dropped the wine bottle she had been holding and just as quickly as she had opened her heart, she clamped it shut again.

“Well, I’m sorry all I have ever done is embarrass and disgrace you. I’ll take care of this myself. Don’t worry.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Mrs. Ochoga snapped. Even in her anger, she remained passive. She could not bring herself to yell or throw things around the house, even though that was exactly how she felt on the inside.

“First you try to commit suicide, and now you want to commit murder?”

“I never said anything about murder mum.”

“Really? So abortion is what? Life transformation?”

“I didn’t say anything about an abortion either and would you just stop jumping to conclusions? I hate it! This is exactly why I gave up the first time. You don’t listen. You don’t care and you don’t try to protect your children. It’s always about you and what you want or how you feel or what people would think of you. Not a single thought ever goes to your children. But that’s fine. I don’t even care anymore.”

Belema rose and walked out of the room, leaving her mother standing by the window with tears in her eyes.  As she walked to her room, she heard Nengi and Olanna laughing in Nengi’s room and another wave of sadness hit her. She greatly desired a bond with some friend similar to what Nengi had with Olanna but no one in her life came close. The gulf between Seun and herself was widening daily and there was nothing to do about it. She got into her room and slammed the door shut but seconds later, someone was knocking on it.

Belema lay in bed and refused to acknowledge the person. She was certain it was her mother coming either with some other weak apology or to further berate her but she was not in the mood. The knocking soon stopped and the door opened cautiously and Olanna peaked through it with Nengi bearing over her. Belema looked at them and was oddly reminded of cartoon scenes with mice peering to be sure a cat wasn’t about and the image made her laugh. Olanna then opened the door fully and the two girls poured into the room.

“Sorry, we weren’t sure if you were here” Olanna began to say.

“Stop lying jor” Nengi interrupted.

“We heard you come in and slam your door like you were trying to cause an artificial earthquake. Are you okay?”

Belema smiled inspite of herself.

“Yeah. Your mother wears me out, no matter how hard I try. But you already know this.”

Nengi grinned.

“Well try this on for size, I want to put Olanna up for sale for the exact same reason.”

Belema laughed and looked from one girl to the other. Olanna had a twinkle in her eyes and shrugged when Nengi made the remark. It was obvious the girl had no intentions of going anywhere.

“Your sister is being a complete learner. One guy likes her and is making all these romantic gestures but she is forming for him as if good guys are not scarce in the market. Meanwhile Valentine is around the corner.”

Nengi jumped into Belema’s bed, picked up a nail file that was lying on it and began filing her nails.

“Well, since he is so good, why don’t you have him?” she retorted.

“Because he wants you, not me.”

Belema smiled warmly and watched on in silence as they continued their banter. But in her heart, she was grateful for her baby sister who she knew had come to her room to provide comfort without knowing the details of what had her upset. And Nengi never bothered questioning her or pushing to share more than she was willing to per time.

She soon noticed that Nengi had launched into a monologue while Olanna busied herself rummaging through Belema’s book collection.

“You only have romance here.” Olanna remarked suddenly.

“Huh?” Belema looked up.

“Your books. Is it only romance you read?”

Belema smiled.

“Yeah. Those are the ones that interest me the most.”

“Hmmn. Okay. But I think you could try other stuff sha. Maybe you’d find some other thing that appeals to you.”

“Yeah? Like?”

“Non-fiction? Biographies? Self-help books?”

Belema made a face

“Ugh. I hate those.”

Nengi and Olanna burst out laughing.

“I swear. Nengi knows. Bunch of self-absorbed people telling you how they think you should live your life. No thanks. I’ll pass.”

“Save your breath Ola. I have tried and failed with my sister on that one. She won’t budge.”

Belema smacked Nengi with a pillow and the latter laughed some more.

“I get persecuted for the truth. But issokay. Jesus was killed for the truth.”

Belema shook her head and got off the bed.

“Why don’t you bring me one of your most favourite non-fictions books and I’ll give it a shot.” She said to Olanna.

Olanna smiled brightly.

“Sure thing. Tomorrow.”

“I need some fresh air. You guys fancy some pizza? Maybe we can go to Dominos?”

“Yessssss!” Nengi yelled excitedly, jumping off the bed in seconds.

“Food will kill you.” Olanna teased.

“Then I shall die happy.”

Belema smiled and shook her head. So maybe she did not have a friendship like Nengi had with Olanna but she at least had both girls and occasionally shared in their friendship. In the interim, that would most certainly do.


Mrs. Ochoga woke up the following morning with a nagging pain in her chest. No matter how hard she tried with Belema, she always ended up failing. They did not have the special bond most mothers had with their first daughters and it made her sad to know that Belema thought her selfish and uncaring. She wondered what she could have done differently. Belema was 30 and responsible for her choices but there was no doubt that those choices would always reflect on her one way or another. And why did Belema not want to tell Seun?

Someone knocked softly on the door and she turned on her side and invited them in. The door opened and Nengi walked with a smile as radiant as the sun. The girl was always so bubbly and energetic.

“Hi mum!” Nengi called out cheerily.

“Hello dear.”

Nengi walked to the bedroom windows and pulled the drapes apart. Sunlight came pouring in, forcing Mrs. Ochoga to shield her eyes.

“I didn’t see you last night and you haven’t gotten out of bed this morning. Was the fight with Belema that bad?”

“What did she tell you?” Mrs. Ochoga asked tiredly.

“I haven’t asked her yet. At least not directly. If she didn’t tell me with all the hints I was dropping, I take it she’s not ready. So I’m here asking you instead.”

“Go and ask your sister Nengi, because I am tired.”

Nengi went and sat beside her mother in bed.

“Mum, she’s still recovering and I think we should handle her with care. I don’t want us to do anything that will send her back to that depressed place where she tried to commit suicide.”

“Nengi, your sister is an adult and I will not walk on egg shells around her just because I’m afraid of doing something that will make her want to kill herself again. So somehow that’s my fault too?”

“I didn’t say that mum.”

“Then what are you saying? Because Belema blamed me yesterday for her suicide attempt.”

Nengi sighed

“Mummy, I’m very certain she didn’t mean that. Maybe she just got really upset over whatever it was you guys were fighting over and she said that because she was angry. I don’t think she meant it at all.”

Mrs. Ochoga remained adamant.

“Just tell your sister not to do anything stupid again. I need some peace and sanity in my life.”

She got out of bed immediately and went into her bathroom. Nengi sighed again. Who had cursed her with this unending charade that was her family?

She stood up and walked out of her mother’s room. She honestly did not want to know what the fight was about. She just wanted Belema to be happy again and for her home front to not be chaotic. But that was apparently too much to ask for.

As she walked into the living room, she was surprised to see a tall guy in glasses sitting with Belema. Something about the young man was vaguely familiar but Nengi could not place it. They both looked up as she walked in.

“Hello,” Leslie said with a smile

“Hi.” Nengi returned the smile.

“Nengi, this is Leslie. He’s the boyfriend to the woman who rescued me on New Year’s Day.”

Nengi’s smile warmed up some more.

“Oh hi, it’s nice to see you again. But why are you here so early in the morning though. Everything okay?”

Belema stared at Nengi in shock and tried to make subtle faces to keep her from making further tactless comments and Leslie laughed.

“We were just concerned. Actually, Ojiugo is. She hadn’t heard from your sister here in weeks and each time we came here, we never met anyone at home so I promised her I would come and check one more time, really early, in the hope that I would at least find someone here.”

“Ohh. Right. Well, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Same here.” Leslie responded warmly.

To Belema, Nengi said

“Belz, can we talk later? I’ll be in my room.”

“Sure.” Belema responded and Nengi walked out.

Belema turned her attention back to Leslie.

“Sorry, you were saying?”

“Ojiugo would like to see you again. She’s actually been worried about you.”

“Well, that’s sweet of her but I don’t think seeing her again would be necessary. I mean, you could just tell her I’m fine and won’t be taking another dive anytime soon. My family has been supportive and I’m on medication.” Belema said politely.

Leslie’s tone was urgent when he responded.

“But you need to. I’m begging. It would mean so much to her.”

Belema shook her head.

“I’m sorry. And I know this might come off as rude, but I don’t think we have any further business with each other. She rescued me, I’m grateful for that. But I don’t want to force a friendship. It’ll be awkward for me. I’m really trying to forget what happened that day and I don’t see how visiting her will help.”

Belema stood up to indicate she was done with the conversation but Leslie remained seated. He took off his glasses and looked her straight in the eye.

“Ojiugo is dying. She’s got cancer. The least you can do for the woman who saved your life is grant her dying wish.”

Belema gasped and promptly sat down again.

“Jesus! I had no idea.”

“Of course you didn’t. But please, this is important. She got so worried about your disappearance, she landed in the hospital again a few days ago. She’s got a limited amount of time left Belema. Please. One dinner. Come by the house, talk to her, listen to her talk. A couple of hours at most.”

“Yeah, sure. Sure.”

She stretched out a hand and took Leslie’s.

“I’m so sorry. Honestly. This must be so hard for you.”

Leslie shrugged and pulled his hand back then put on his glasses.

“I’m alright. I’m crazy in love with her and will do any and everything possible to ensure she transits peacefully. There’s nothing else to be done.”

“What kind of cancer please? If you don’t mind my asking that is.”

“A tumour in her brain. We discovered it late and surgery was not an option.”

Belema swallowed hard and fought the tears that were pooling in her eyes.

“When do you want me to come? I can come with you right away if you like.”

Leslie shook his head.

“No. Tomorrow night. Valentine’s Day. If you don’t already have plans. She can’t leave the house so I’m making dinner and having one or two of our mutual friends over. She needs as much cheerful company as she can get.”

“Alright then. Send me the address and time please. I’ll be there.”

Leslie nodded and stood up.

“Thank you for your time.”

He walked out of the house and into his car, all the while thinking how he did not like Belema. He thought she was a selfish ingrate. He had not wanted the cancer to be a bargaining chip. He had hoped that she would be willing to come see Ojiugo just at the mention of her worry and concern but her reluctance had annoyed him. But he reminded himself that this was for Ojiugo and the mild irritation Belema brought him was a small price to pay for the peace of mind of the woman he loved.


Hunter’s Game Season 2: Coming Soon


Hi guys!

It feels so great to be back here and my fingers are giddy with excitement as I type this.

I have been away but not without reason.

As usual, been working on multiple projects at a time but also on season 2 of this amazing series we enjoyed early in the year.

From October 1st 2016, we begin the second season of Hunter’s Game.

Some old characters, some new ones and a whole lot more drama and intrigue.

So tell a friend to tell a friend.

Ijeoma, Uzo and Leela will be back to you every Saturday at noon from October 1st. Great way to enjoy the independence eh?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.