Escape From Bamako by Ghandi

I still remember the day Ghandi said “I have something I want you to read.” That something turned out to be the first draft of his novel that completely blew my mind. The story held me spellbound from the beginning until the end and I doubt I have read anything that intriguing in a while. So because I am nice and I don’t sell fish, I am here to share the goodness that is Ghandi’s writing with you guys.

Escape from Bamako contains all the right amounts of adrenaline pumping action and plot twists to keep you glued to each page until the story ends. And best believe when it ends, you’ll be begging for more. Now this is the plot:

There’s a rebel uprising in Bamako, Mali and the international community gets really antsy and pressures the Nigerian President to intervene and settle both parties.
He gets there and after what everyone considers to be successful peace talks, he stays back for a state dinner organised in his honour.

The rebel leader is also invited but declines the invitation, citing fatigue. He drives out of the Malian presidential palace supposedly to go rest.

While the Nigerian President and his Malian counterpart are still at the state dinner, the rebel leader launches a full scale attack on the capital in a bid to take over the government.
News filters into the palace and back home in Nigeria and everyone is in a race to get the Nigerian President out of Bamako before the rebel leader takes over Mali.

This story really features some Hollywood action type stuff. Guns, aircrafts, espionage, fast and furious driving, explosions, the whole works.

Now that you have read the plot, I am fairly certain you are itching to read the book. It’s quite simple to make that happen, really. If you wish to purchase the ebook with your Nigerian account, you can visit the website and click on the “buy from our store” button. It’s N1,100.

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Don’t hesitate to get your copy now.

You’re welcome!

Ps. I have been working on something interesting and I really can’t wait to share it with you guys. I am back to blogging now and I am so grateful to you guys for sticking around. But bear with me a little. It won’t be much longer now.

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Oceans Apart (20) by Milli

Behi lay on her bed reflecting on all that had happened in the last few weeks. It had been a rollercoaster of events and it had taught her a really big lesson. All because she wanted to get back at her ex she had almost lost the love of her life. Bimbo had almost lost his life to. She had been putting up pictures and captions about forgiveness on her social media platforms. She hoped it would minister to someone out there. She also thought about how her revenge plan had put a strain on her and Osas’s relationship. She had been her best friend for such a long time and had always been there for her in the good times and the bad. She could have lost her as well and all for what, all for nothing. In all of this, she was glad the drama was over and things had settled down.

Bimbo silently got dressed in his hospital ward. He was going to be discharged soon. He had packed up all his things and could not wait to leave. He was not exactly the praying type but he knew deep down that it was God who had saved him from that terrible accident. He had another chance to live as a better person which he was going to do. He was a different person now. Although he was still going to be using crutches for some time he was so grateful to be alive.  He said a prayer of thanks to God and asked that He help him live a better life. He thanked God that Behi and Dozie had forgiven him as well. He finished dressing up and went down to the reception to wait for his dad. He was walking of these hospital doors a new man.

Dozie was packing up his bags and other things for his journey. He and Emeka were leaving the next day. He was glad the days of drama were over. He had no idea all of this was going to happen when he came. He just wanted to surprise his girlfriend but lo and behold he got stabbed. Sometimes he still could not believe all of this had happened. He was glad Behi had learnt her lesson. He had seen a different side of her he had never seen before. The anger in her eyes when she slapped Bimbo that day at the restaurant was something he never wanted to see again. He felt bad she had not told him about Bimbo in the early days of their relationship but he could not blame her. It was not easy for one to start talking about all that. He folded his last piece of clothing and put it in his box.


“Hmmm….some people are not crying…or should I say wailing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”, Behi asked giving Osas a puzzled look.

“Er…it’s just that the last time somebody was leaving for London I did not hear word. Some people’s tears could fill a bucket”

“Go away jo”, Behi said picking a throw pillow and hurling it at Osas.

“It’s true now”…Osas, said laughing.

“Yes, you are right.”

“So are you following him to the airport?”

“Yea I am”

“You know the last time you couldn’t go because you could not bear it…..chai…me to I will love o”

Behi shook her head, This girl was just a clown.

“What about you though…I mean you haven’t dated anyone in a while”

“Abeg ….I’m not ready jare. Just leave that one. I know you just want to change the subject. Don’t bother because I will not let you rest today.”

Behi laughed. This girl knew her so well. She would meet up with Dozie later that day. He would be gone for about six months after which he would return finally. Osas decided to come stay with her until it was time for her to leave. Osas was truly the best friend ever.

Eno had missed his friend. He was glad he was finally coming back. He was also happy that Bimbo had been discharged. The past few weeks had been something else. Bimbo had really gone through a lot of pain. He actually shed a few tears when Chuki had sent him pictures of Bimbo and the car. He was in a terrible state and the car was a complete write off. A guy who was so jovial and vibrant had been reduced to almost nothing. He had prayed every single day for his two friends and God had answered. He was glad that Bimbo had apologised to Dozie. This accident had really humbled him. He couldn’t wait to now see the new Bimbo. However that will be till Christmas as he planned to go back to Nigeria then. He wondered how things would have turned out if he had told Dozie what had been going on form the start maybe things would not have gotten this bad.  He was glad it had all come to an end.

“Hey boo”, Behi said giving Dozie a hug.

“Hey, how are you doing?”

“Very well my love, I am really happy.”

“You should be sad…I’m leaving”.

“Yea but you are coming back…..or aren’t you?”

“Er…I don’t know…might stay and marry some Bri-ish lady”….. Dozie said in a funny accent

“Okay o…..I will just pretend as if I didn’t hear what you just said”

“Hehehehe….you know I can never leave you, he said pulling her into his arms”


“I am so glad we were able to get through this boo….I am sorry for everything again.”

“It’s all in the past now baby you don’t have to apologise”

With that, he gave her a kiss. At that point Emeka walked in

“Hey, please o…I don’t want to spoil” , he said laughing.

“Are you all set?”

“Yes, I have put all the boxes in the car.”

“Alright guess we are good to go. Let’s go in and see mum one last time”

They all went into the house and their mum prayed for them and blessed them.

The drive to the airport was fun as they relived the good times they had had in their relationship and teased Emeka about not having a girlfriend. He told them he still was not ready to get into a serious relationship but said that he really loved what they had and was very happy they were able to get through the whole ordeal.  When they got to the airport Behi helped the brothers with their bags and waited with them a bit.

“So tell me something, were you afraid or should I say jealous when I said I would stay back and marry a British lady?”

“No…I wasn’t”


“Okay…maybe a little”

“Hehehe…I knew it. Six months isn’t a long time baby. I’ll be back and we will take our relationship to a whole new level. Please don’t just hide anything from me again alright?”

“I promise I won’t”

“I love you very much”

“I love you too baby”

He hugged her tight and gave her a quick kiss.

“Dozie…we need to go o…we cannot miss this flight again”, Emeka said tapping Dozie’s shoulder.

“Take care Behi we will miss you”, said Emeka giving her a hug.

“Bye loves”

She watched them walk away until she couldn’t see them anymore. She walked out of the airport back to where her car was packed enjoying the cool breeze of the evening on her face.  As she entered her car she said a prayer for the boys. Everything was fine and everything will even be better when Dozie got back. She was one lucky girl. She drove home as happy as ever thinking about the wonderful days she and Dozie had ahead of them.

Yes!!!! Ocean Apart has finally come to an end. However I want to say a very big thankyou to God Almighty for giving me the strength to write this series trust me it was not easy but He was faithful. Thank you to Ogechi Nwobia, who used her blog as a platform for me to share this series. We have never met but she is an amazing person and an amazing writer as well. Thank you to every single person who has read this series and has encouraged me in one way or the other. To those who leave comments as well I say thank you for taking time out to do so. To those who give me constructive feedback I say thank you as well. I promise I won’t stop writing. I hope you all were able to learn something from this.

God bless you all.

Oseremen ‘Milli’ Okpere

Oceans Apart (18) by Milli

“Wow, all this happened in the space of two hours?”, Amara asked.

“Hmmm, yes o. In fact I don’t even have the full details. I have tried to get the info from him but it’s so obvious he does not want to tell me.” Vivian said

“Most important thing is that he is fine and hopefully he gets back in good time before school resumes.”


They both talked for a little while before Amara hung up. Vivian went to the kitchen to make herself some cereal to eat. She had spoken to Dozie a couple of times after he had been discharged but every time she brought up the topic of them seeing, he always gave her some sort of excuse. The same thing happened when she asked about details about what happened the night he was stabbed. She sighed as she carried her bowl of the cereal to the sitting room. It was obvious he did not want to get close to her. As she put the TV on she decided that she would give him his space. She was done trying to reconnect with him.

Chief Adekoya had gotten all the information he needed too about Dozie. Apparently his mum had gone ahead to press charges for attempted murder. He had to put a stop to this because there was no way his child was going to appear in a court room much more go to prison. He decided that he would visit the mum over the weekend. He had told Bimbo the news and the poor lad was extremely scared. It took him sometime to calm him down. He was going to do whatever he had to put a stop to this.

“I really do hope he’s getting better”, Behi said to Osas as she drove to the hospital where Bimbo was.

“Well he is much better than he was first brought into the hospital.”


As they walked inside the hospital, Behi was a bit nervous. The last she remembered of Bimbo was when he had threatened her not to tell anyone he had stabbed Dozie.

“Are you okay?”, Osas asked.

“Yes I am.”

On getting to the door of his room, Behi was so nervous she did not want to go in.

Osas calmed her down and told her that everything would be fine.

She finally calmed down and they went in. She was horrified when she saw him. He was a shadow of himself. She put her hand over her mouth. He was in this state because of her. Bimbo at the other end of the room could not believe who he was seeing. It was Behi. She had actually come to see him. He really wanted to hug her and apologise for all the things he had done but he couldn’t. Before he knew what was happening, she had put her hands around him and hugged him. Pain shot through his body as she did but he didn’t care because she probably would never hug him again. So he decided to “enjoy” this moment.

“You came…you actually came.”

“Yes…yes…I did….she began to cry.

“Please don’t cry….I have caused you enough pain already.”

Osas silently left the room.

“It’s my fault as well that you are here…you don’t know how happy I am that you survived this accident I would have never forgiven myself if you didn’t make it.”

She finally let go of him and sat down. She looked around the room which was filled cards, some flowers and stuff to nibble.

“You are loved o….see cards everywhere.”

“Yea…literally everyone has been here except for Eno and you of course.”

“I am so sorry Bimbo…I cannot believe things went this far….I have learnt my lesson”

“Same here…I mean I have been in this hospital for almost two and a half weeks and all because of what…”

“It was not worth at all”.

“I am so sorry Behi…I know I hurt you in the past but this time I admit I went too far. I am sorry for hurting you and your boyfriend….please I beg you for the bottom of my heart for everything I have done to you please forgive me.”

“I forgive you and I am sorry as well for lying to you and leading you on just to hurt you. Please forgive me Bimbo.

“I forgive you too. I intend to visit your boyfriend when I am out of here. I want to ask for his forgiveness as well.

Hearing that, Behi sighed. That morning, Dozie had told her that his mum was being stubborn and refused to drop the charges even though the lawyer was not being so responsive. She did not know if it would be appropriate to tell Bimbo about it.

“Why are you sighing?”


“Is he going to punch me in the face?…..because I actually do deserve it. “ He said, laughing.

Behi did not smile.

“What’s wrong?”’s just that…it’s Dozie’s mum….she…

“She has pressed charges for attempted murder.”

“You know already?”`

“Yes pops told me”


“He’s handling it….I don’t blame his mum though…I went too far”

“Your dad should be able to handle it.”

“Yea…fingers crossed.”

She stayed for a little while and she called Osas to come back into the room.

Getting back into the room, Osas knew from their demeanor that they had ironed things out. She said a silent prayer thanking God for getting her friend through all this.


Chief Adekoya called his driver for the umpteenth time.

“Kayode….where are you for God’s sake?”

“Ma bi nu sir traffic dey too much for here.”

“If you had just gone to drop these things yesterday we will not be in this mess.”

“E jo sir….no vex”

“I am waiting”.

“Okay sir”.

Chief Adekoya waited patiently for his driver and hoped that his visit to Dozie’s house would be a productive one. He hoped his mother was even around. He had gotten in touch with the lawyer Dozie’s mum had hired and had cajoled him to stall the case until he had spoken to Dozie’s mum. Kayode finally arrived and he made his way to the car. It was a smooth ride to the house. When he got there he knocked on the gate and a young lad opened it.

Good evening Oga sir…who you wan see?”

“Good evening please I would like to see Mrs Okechukwu the madam of the house.”

At the point Emeka came out of the house. He saw chief and the gateman talking and went to find out what was going on. Chief Adekoya introduced himself and Emeka ushered him into the house.

“Mum there is someone here to see you.”

“Who?…tell the person I am coming”.

She came and Chief Adekoya stood up, introduced himself and shook her hand.

“You are welcome chief but why have you come here?”

“I am actually the father of the young man who stabbed your son with a screwdriver.”

Oceans Apart (17) by Milli 

Bimbo sat on his hospital bed scrolling through the phone Tomisin had given him. His own phone was a write off because of the crash so Chuki helped his retrieve his number and Tomisin dug out one of his old Samsung phones so he could use it for now. The past week had been something else. It was difficult to do everything. It was difficult to eat, to bath and to move around with the crutches it was even difficult to sleep.

As he scrolled further down the “get well soon” messages, he thought about all the people that had come to see him. Close friends, friends, colleagues even his boss had come as well. The table in the room was filled with cards and chocolates. He really liked chocolates and to be honest he really felt loved. However he could not stop thinking about Osas, Behi and Dozie it was not like he was expecting to see the last two but he thought Osas would have stopped by at least. Chuki had told him how he ran into her at some supermarket Eno had called him a few days back as well and she was the one who had told him he was in the hospital so she was aware of his condition.

He really wanted to know how Dozie was doing and Osas was the only one who could tell him that. Then again, why would she even come he stabbed her best friend’s boyfriend. He lay down on the bed again. Doing that was painful as well. This past week had given him a lot of time to think and he had realised that everything he had done was not worth it. He was in the hospital in pain all because he wanted to get back at Behi. Dozie had done nothing wrong as well. He actually felt bad. Yes he knew that he was quite arrogant to be honest but this experience had made him as humble as ever.

“I have to make things right once I am out of here.” He said out loud. “This was not worth it at all”. With that the door opened and his father walked in and sat down beside him. Bimbo did not bother trying to sit up and he had just laid down a few minutes ago.

“How are you doing today?”

“Well I am still in pain but it’s not as bad as it was last week”

“That’s good. Your mum told me she was here yesterday.”

“Yes she was.”

“Are you ready to talk to me now?”

Bimbo was silent.

“I have told you…I was in a hurry to get somewhere.”

“Bimbo I am not a child…I want the truth.”

“Why…you never really cared about anything going on with me so why now?”

Those words pierced Chief Adekoya’s heart like a sharp knife because they were actually true.

“I know I haven’t been the best dad but I am ready to make amends. When I got a call that you were here as any normal parent should be I was worried and then when I came and actually saw you I couldn’t believe my eyes son. My heart sunk. You looked terrible. The cuts on your body seemed uncountable. You looked lifeless but I just had to comport myself. After I went home, I sat to think about a lot of things and I realised that I have not been a good father to you my son. I know it’s not too late. I know we can build that relationship we used to have when you were much younger before your mum and I started having issues. Please son, give me another chance.”

Tears welled up in Bimbo’s eyes. He could not believe that his dad had just said those to words to him. He wanted to make amends. These last few years they had hardly said anything to each other. All he did was send cash even when he had told him he didn’t want his money anymore. Despite the pain he was in, he sat up and reached out to give his dad a hug.

“I am so sorry son”, Chief Adekoya said.

It’s okay dad. I am sorry too.”

When they left each other his father said. “Are you ready to tell me everything now?”


Bimbo told every single thing that had happened. When he finished the first thing Chief Adekoya did was laugh. Bimbo was surprised.

“What is funny?”, Bimbo said rather annoyed this time.

“So technically you are in the hospital because of a woman”, he laughed again.

Bimbo frowned. ‘Please tell me something I don’t know”.

Bimbo’s father said he would get someone to track Dozie’s family down and would go and apologise by himself. He knew the boy was definitely alive. Also form the way he son had spoken, he knew he was sober and had learnt his lesson and he was grateful that his son had given him a second chance.


“He was discharged two days ago”, Behi said. Osas took another slice of pizza and asked, “ That’s great so when are you going to do the needful.”

“Tomorrow…I don’t even know what to expect”.

“I don’t know either.”

“I am just happy that Dozie is back home.”

“Me too”.

“I mean if someone had told me all this was going to happen I wouldn’t have believed it. Like I have so learnt my lesson. This will never repeat itself .”

“I am glad you have….so ..erm…Bimbo is in the hospital.”

“Ah ah…what happened….is he sick?”

“No he had an accident the same day he stabbed Dozie.”

“Oh no…no…no…all this is because of me………two of them are hurt because of me.”

“Is he alright…please tell me….I need to know.”

“I haven’t seen him yet but he’s recovering little by little.”

At this point Behi was angry with herself. “I was so stupid and heartless…I am a terrible person Osas.”

“No you are not, the most important thing is that you have realised your mistake and you need to make amends. Trust me everything would be fine okay”

“Okay but Osas we need to see him…I need to see him…I need to apologise for what I did.”

“I know babe…we will but deal with Dozie’s mum and brother first.”

“Okay”. Behi said cleaning the tears that were forming in her eyes.

Next Day

As she drove to Dozie’s house, so many things were running through her mind. What if they don’t take things well and tell Dozie to end things with her? His family was wonderful and they had accepted her just the way she was. It was really wrong for her to have lied to them. Even when Dozie was away his mum used to call her to check up on her. She was really afraid and at some point she felt like turning back and heading home. She said a silent prayer to God to give her strength to do what she had to. She felt better when she had prayed and then felt a sudden urge to stop at church to pray as well. She didn’t know where this feeling had come from but she decided to follow through with it. She stopped by and went into the prayer room of the church. It will be the first time because she had never entered the room before. It was a small room with a really big bible on a stand that was in the middle of the room. The bible was opened. She walked towards the bible and her eye fell on a particular verse. It was Psalm 28:7

“The Lord is my strength and my shield. He helps me and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving”

The words made her drop to her knees and she thanked God for leading her here and asked for forgiveness. She prayed for Bimbo as well and finally prayed that God strengthens her and gives her the words to speak when she gets to Dozie’s house. She knew God had definitely led her here. When she was done praying and she stood up, she felt some sort of calmness. The feeling of fear and uncertainty were gone and she felt more confident. When she got to Dozie’s house, she knocked and Emeka came to open the door.

“Hey Behi”

“Hi dear…hope you are fine”

“Hmm…I am o…just happy to have my brother back home”.

“Emeka!!! Who is that?”, his mum shouted form the kitchen.

Behi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard her voice

“It’s Behi”

“Hey….my Edo princess”, she said as she came out of the kitchen

“Good afternoon ma.”

“My dear…God will bless you…Dozie told me how you always came to visit him every single day. I couldn’t have asked for another girl for my son. God will bless you for the amount of time you sacrificed to go to that hospital everyday Chineke ga-agozi ma na – edebe gi. I know it was not easy for you to sacrifice all that time. In fact, I don’t know why he has not asked you to marry him….”

She went on and on and Behi could feel her eyes getting wet already. How was she supposed to start explaining to this woman that she had lied to her and besides she had not seen Dozie anywhere. As if Emeka knew what she was thinking he said “Let me get Dozie…he’s upstairs”. Behi nodded.

Few minutes later Dozie joined them on the dining table and his mum went on and on about how Dozie should make sure he treats Behi well and vice versa. They both sat across each other and kept glancing at each other as she spoke. Dozie could see the sadness in Behi’s eyes. They gave her away all the time. She needed reassurance. Few minutes later they both excused themselves and went out of the house to talk for a while. He reassured her that everything would eventually be alright and that she shouldn’t worry. They went into the house and Dozie said “Mum Behi would like to tell you something”.

“Ah ah….I hope all is well.”

“Yes it is.”

All three sat and down and Behi told Dozie’s mum every single thing that had happened and the person that stabbed Dozie adding that he was still in the hospital. She finished by asking for forgiveness. Dozie’s mum was speechless at first she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. After a while she said “Revenge is never the answer…you allowed your hurt push you to do unthinkable things but I am glad you have learnt your lesson but as for that Bimbo he is not going scot free I am going to press charges. He cannot hurt my son and get away with it.”


Chineke ga-agozi ma na – edebe gi. – God will bless and keep you.



Oceans Apart (16) by Milli

Three Days Later

Behi was devastated. She had not heard from Dozie since their last conversation at the hospital. She slowly recalled everything that had happened.

It was about 9:00am the day after the incident when Dozie opened his eyes. Behi had gone to freshen up and had gotten back to the hospital around 8:00am. Osas had said she will come in much later. She was actually drifting off to sleep when Dozie called her name.


She sat up and looked at him. Seeing that his eyes were opened, she ran to his side and said

“My love!!! you are finally awake”, she said, giving him a forehead kiss

“Why am I in the hospital…what happened…how….”, his voice was quite low.

“Sssh….sssh…baby don’t say anything…just relax”

“I don’t understand…how….

“Dozie…please relax”

It took him a while to sit up and that was when he felt the pain in his back. In a flash he remembered everything that had happened the day before. He knew someone had done something to his back that made him cry out in pain before he fell to the floor.

“Who did this to me..Behi…who hit me from behind?”

Behi did not know what to say. She had already lied to his mother and brother. She could not imagine lying to Dozie again.

“Dozie let me go and call the nurse you must be probably hungry…..”

“Behi please who attacked me?”

Behi took a deep breath before she answered him

“Bimbo…it was Bimbo

“What!….no….I want to believe you are joking”

“He stabbed you with a screw driver…I am so sorry baby…this is all my fault”

Dozie stared into space processing what Behi had just told him. This Bimbo dude had gone too far. What if the injury had been so bad and had damaged some tissue in his body or something? He said a silent to God for saving him. However this time he was really angry with Behi. This revenge frenzy had caused a lot to happen. He just wanted her to leave. He wanted to be alone.



“What…Dozie please”, Behi said and dropped to her knees by his bed side

“Please..Behi…I just want to be alone right now.”

Behi didn’t move

Seeing she didn’t move, Dozie laid down on the bed and turned so that his back was facing her.

Behi felt terrible. He was giving her the silent treatment. This would not be the first time. Whenever he did this, it meant he was really angry. She got up and walked to the door. When she opened it, she looked back at him and said, “I love you Dozie, I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen”. With that, she left his room.


Present Day 5:00pm

Osas called Behi for the umpteenth time but she still did not pick her phone. She wanted to tell her she was leaving the house to the hospital. It had been difficult to get through to her these past few days Dozie had been in the hospital. She had not had time to visit him since Sunday because of work and made up her mind to do so today.

She hoped Dozie was alright. While driving out of her house she decided to stop by and get a card and probably some red grapes for Dozie at a nearby super market. Less than five minutes after she had entered the supermarket, she heard her name.


She turned to see who was calling her. It was Chuki, Bimbo’s friend.

They exchanged pleasantries and after talking about their lives for a while, Chuki asked her if she had gone to visit Bimbo at the hospital.

“I don’t understand…why is Bimbo in the hospital”

“Osas he had a terrible accident like three days ago”

“No way….I…is he alright?” Osas asked, she actually became worried because she knew it was the same night he stabbed Dozie.

“He’s in a pretty bad shape. He still has to stay in the hospital for a while. “

“What hospital?”

“Reddington at VI”

“Okay…thanks for the info…take care of you”


Osas brought out her phone and dialed Behis number again. Still there was no answer. She assumed she was in the hospital. As she drove, she thought about Bimbo. He had behaved terribly but she knew there was some good in him somewhere. He was not a bad person. When she got to Dozie’s room, Emeka was just about leaving. She was surprised when she saw that Behi was not there.

“How are you feeling Dozie…brought some things for you”

“I’m better…how is your friend?”

“Erm…I thought she has been here and has left

“Well I told her to leave…we have not spoken for a few days”

Osas could not believe her ears and from that she was able to figure out that her friend was really sad.

“No wonder…It has been difficult reaching her these past few days. Dozie, please forgive her I am sure she is regrets this and had learnt her lesson”.

“Why didn’t you stop her? Her silly, immature behaviour made that useless Bimbo guy stab me”, Dozie said raising his voice.

“Dozie please I never expected him to do that….”

“Osas”, Dozie said cutting her off.

“You are going to sit and tell me every single thing that happened between Behi and this Bimbo guy because I am still clueless and yes thank you for lying to my brother and mother.”

At this point Osas felt really hurt.

Dozie…please just relax when you get better we can talk about it

“I’m waiting Osas” Dozie said looking straight into her eyes.

Osas knew from his look that she could not get out of this one.

“Bimbo is her ex boyfriend…..”

Osas told Dozie everything she knew about Bimbo and Behi. He actually felt bad for her. This Bimbo really was not a nice guy at all. However she had gone too far.

“You know at this point Osas I don’t even know what to do. My family could press charges…”

“No Dozie don’t even think about it…Bimbo’s father is a powerful man and has strong connections”

“He stabbed me for crying out…who does he think he is..he just feels he…”

“He’s in the hospital as well”​`


“He had an accident and I am pretty sure it was the same day he stabbed you.”

“Wow…is he getting better?”

“Heard he’s in a pretty bad shape”

“Hmmm two guys in the hospital because of a woman.”

“Well you have to admit that this one is a rare breed”. Osas said smiling.

Dozie laughed a little. Hearing Osas say that made him calm down. Behi was his everything.

“I really love her you know”

“I know you do”

The stared at each other a while and finally Dozie said, “Fine I will call her…Emeka has given me back my phone.”

“Yay!!! Let’s just close this Bimbo chapter in our lives.”

Dozie knew it was the right thing to do but a part of him really wanted to beat the life out of Bimbo. He was a terrible human and had treated his Behi like she was a piece of trash. He did not know if he could ever forgive him for stabbing him.

“I have to go now dear” Osas said standing up. “Please call her…I am sure she’s devastated. She has not picked any of my calls all day”

“I will”

“I apologise for everything that has happened..I know it is hard but please just let it go.”

“Hmmm…..I will try”

“Bye Dozie”

“Bye dear”

Dozie did not want to forgive Bimbo. “You can’t just go away scot free”, he said to himself. ‘I am going to get back at you”

“There is no need for this”

Dozie knew who was talking to him.

“I gave my son for you”

“Lord I know you saved me from this ordeal but I don’t know if I can just let it go”

“If you don’t are doing the exact same thing Behi did”

He was right. It was exactly the same thing Behi did.. just in another way.

“Dear lord please give me the strength to let this go…I beg you…I cannot do it on my own”

With that he picked up his phone and called Behi.

She picked on the first ring


“It’s fine Behi…it’s okay….Osas has told me everything and I forgive you..let’s just try to move past this.

“Thankyou…thank you so much don’t know how much this means to me”.

“However you need to do something.”

“Anything Dozie…just tell me and I will do it.”

“You have to tell my mum and Emeka the truth. They deserve to know.”

Behi’s heart sank when she heard those words.

“Are you there?”

“Yes….yes I am”.

“So you will do the needful”



“I will”

“Fine…I will talk to you later…bye”