Oma’s story: Final

In case you missed the first two episodes of Oma’s story, you can find them here and here.

Josh and Oma walked down the stairs and back to the dining room; Oma excitedly chattering about how she loved that she had thrown him off balance but Josh was a little subdued. Now he felt bad for getting upset with her over her work schedule. Oma was a sweetheart but still whenever the issue of her work came up, he was quick to forget how sweet she was. To think she had skipped work today and taken that much time to clean up his place and prepare a decent meal for him. Josh sighed. They were at the dining by then and Oma looked at him “everything okay baby?”

“Yeah, I guess…. I just couldn’t help thinking how sweet you are and how lucky I am to have you.”

“Awwww. You’re sweet too baby and I’m also lucky to have you.”

“I’m sorry for getting mad at you. I guess I could be a tad bit more patient. It really isn’t your doing.”

Oma thought her heart would burst! She wanted to cry.

“Don’t be sorry baby! You had every reason to be mad. I really pushed you this time!”

Josh laughed softly. “You really did huh? Isn’t it weird how you make me mad and I end up the one apologizing?”

Oma laughed with him. “Yeah yeah. Let’s just eat”

The two sat and enjoyed a most wonderful meal. Oma was pretty skilled in the kitchen, no kidding! By the time they were done, it was almost 8:00pm. Oma cleared the dishes and washed them up in the kitchen. Even that part of the house was sparkling. Josh leaned on the doorframe and admired her as she worked. She was not drop-dead gorgeous but she was pretty with a most beautiful heart.

“Is there any part of this house your magical hands didn’t get to?” He asked, his tone teasing.

“Well, no actually. I did everywhere. It didn’t take too long. The house wasn’t all that messy!”

He walked up to her and placed his arms around her waist. She relaxed as she felt his arms around her and she tilted her head backward, letting it rest on his chest, a plate still in her hand. He kissed her neck and said softly “you really do take the chaos out of my house…” and just as she smiled warmly, he continued “…but for the most past, you bring it into my life” and then he tickled her and she squealed.

“Josh?!” He quickly let go just as she scooped some water in her hands and splashed it on him. Josh laughed and ran out of the kitchen but Oma wasn’t done with him. She scooped more water in a bowl this time and pursued him into the living room. Josh wasn’t sure whether to keep running and in the split second it took him to make up his mind, she threw the bowl of water all over him.

“Whoa!!! Babe!” Josh was laughing as he stood there drenched a little and Oma also stood a few feet away from him laughing hard.

“Well, you said I bring chaos into your life, I had to make that statement true!” Oma had tears in her eyes and she wouldn’t stop laughing. Josh chased her around the living room for a few seconds and eventually caught her and carried her in his arms. She still wouldn’t stop laughing. He spun her a little and she yelled for him to put her down. By the time he did, she was breathless. They laughed at each other and Josh guided her to a seat. He turned on the TV and she curled up beside him. He looked at her lovingly and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“You’re the craziest girl I ever met babe and I am so glad I’ve got you!”

Oma smiled contentedly. “I’m glad I’ve got u too boo. You make me so happy.”

The two remained curled up together as they settled into a movie that was just beginning, the remainder of the dishes temporarily forgotten. In that moment, nothing else mattered and Oma knew in her heart that she would always belong to Josh for all time…


11 thoughts on “Oma’s story: Final

  1. Wow! Wish I could find a Damsel like Oma. “Sigh”…. Unlike the girls we seee around. All of them rushing to u just to eat up your present status. I really sucks u know?


    • Lol. Lucky, Oma isn’t perfect as it were. If u read the first two parts of Oma’s story, you would see that. I suggest u do actually.
      And yeah, it sucks to know that a lot of girls around just want to eat the guy’s pockets up but I’m sure ur Oma is out there somewhere. Keep searching, you’ll find her pretty soon. Thanks for reading and commenting dear. Cheers 🙂


    • The issue is that a lot of guys have had oma at different points even with a less crazy work schedule sef. But they took her for granted. If u search ur hear well darling, u may have had several omas.


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